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The MIND is a POWERFUL thing

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posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 11:28 AM
I thought I'd share with you all my view on just how powerful each of our minds are. To bring an understanding about the changes that are said to come in 2012.

I'm sure you have at one or more times in your life thought about a particular even happenening (along with it's outcome). Maybe you dismissed it, THEN the even happens just as you thought it was going to, if you're like me when you dismissed it and failed to act on the information you were given before the event which could have produced a positive outcfome, you recognize it immediately and think...Hmm I should have done this/that instead of what I did which didn't work out so well.

Or, You have taken a drink (beverage of any kind) and as you're putting it to your lips you have the 'imprint' of what you expect it to taste like...and as you actually take the first sip you discover immediately it's NOT what you expected it to taste like. Because your mind has been conditioned to accept that pepsi doesn't taste like coke but why?

I often wonder, without our 5 senses, could our minds reach beyond where it physically is and give us a detailed picture of our surroundings and places and times beyond the here and now?

I also wonder if A.D.D. is actually an ongoing evolution of our minds to prepare us to be able to accept a flood of information that's all around us all the time, while our previous mindset filtered out soo much of it only to 'see' what we really needed to know.

Can you imagine being soo hightened that driving down the road you perceive everything along the way, not missing one piece of paper in the side of the road, or one animal/insect that is right there in that same space and time with you.

Look at it this way, know what it's like being a passenger in a vehicle? see sooo many more things than you know you would if you were the driver and can appreciate them more.

It wasn't long ago that scientists/astronmers had just discovered 'DARK' matter. it's been there all along, there was MORE of it than anything the hell did we miss that?...PERCEPTION!

It is my belief that we are waking up to the collective conscious and just like that moment of clarity and then the reflection of hindsight when we failed use information about a person/place/thing/time it IS time we open up so that we may understand more, learn more and become BETTER people as a whole.

Because we've all seen what evolution does with the unlucky ones, and I for one see no reason to write myself out of the grand scheme of life without doing all I can with it.

How about you?...........

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