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The Cosmic Conspiracy

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posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 06:14 AM
The purpose of this thread is to discuss the issues raised by Stan Deyo’s book ‘The Cosmic Conspiracy’. I have just read it, and am very interested if other people on here have read it also. I would like to know your thoughts. Anyway, in summary, I have outlined the basic points of the book below.

Point 1.
High voltage engineering including anti gravity research was ‘mastered’ in the 1950’s and 1960’s to a point that now in the 21st century, some 40 to 50 years on, it must be in such a highly developed state that anyone who has witnessed a displayed event by an electric (disc shaped) UAV being tested, and powered by an anti grav force or propulsion system will be taken aback at the seemingly magical properties exhibited by said device, as compared to standard linear methods of flying.
The sheer number of anti gravity patents and Tesla technologies that have been suppressed is tantamount to this point. Again, its only basic electrical and electronic engineering principles, but is left out of text books.
As a side effect of this research, it has also been discovered that by using a combination high voltage and VLF’s, weather patterns can be affected. Apparently this has been majored at various sites around the Earth with VLF transmitters also based in North and South poles. (HAARP also?). Ever wondered why the ozone hole appeared?.
If this research was in the public domain then by all rights, there would, or should be, (currently) no energy crisis. The spin off technologies are numerous, and we would be living in a very advanced environment.
This research though, was quickly suppressed by (certain) governing bodies, entities and corporations as it was seen to be ‘too good’ for public consumption. As a good way of controlling the populous is to control energy resources, the availability of food, financial aspects etc. what would the oil barons think about losing all that money to new technology?.

The beginning of the end…
So here we stand on the brink of doom and gloom & disaster. According to the book, there is soon to be a moment when a great mystery occurs. It was mentioned that the entire Church believing population of many ‘millions’ of people will suddenly ‘disappear’. This rapture of the Church and a great disaster are supposed to strike simultaneously.

The first quarter of tribulation
Following from the brief chaos that has ensued due to the ‘rapture’ and other events, some form of order will be required to stabilise the situation. The format of the ‘Club of Rome’ may well be used due to the worldwide emergency that has happened. A man, from a certain background will head up this operation and will be in fact the antichrist. This format however, will be a dictatorship but on a scale that is much stricter than anything seen before. Every person will have to swear allegiance to the new world order (or become a citizen of the new world). As money will no longer be used, a new form of trade will occur, and this requires every person to be marked, maybe with a bar code or implant?. This ‘marking’ will be mandatory and will be used for point of sale, similar to visa/debit card system?. In other words, you will not be able to purchase anything without this marking. There will be resistance to this mandatory governing and ultimately the masses will rise up against it. War will ensue.
Three of the ten nations will try to wrest power and will fail. Twenty five percent of the human population will perish in this war. The antichrist will prevail (win) at this point. Then, after this, volcanic eruptions along fault lines will occur and meteorites will fall in abundance.

part 2 to follow on...

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 06:16 AM
Second quarter of tribulation
Here will be a pause before the horrible things that are about to happen… A great earthquake starts of which is followed by hail and fire upon which one third of the trees on earth will burn. Then a ‘burning mountain’ is cast into the sea followed by a ‘great star burning like a torch’. This is followed by something unusual of which will go unseen by any earth dweller. An angel will descend from the heavens with a key and will unleash ‘hell on earth’ by unlocking creatures out of a bottomless pit. A five month period will see non-believers (in God) being attacked by these creatures. After this, the Euphrates dries up and four ‘fallen angels’ will slay one third of mankind existing at this time. During this period, all ‘believers’ will be protected because they will have the ‘seal’ on their forehead (not the mark just mentioned). Around fifty percent of the human populus will have perished at this point. But this is only the beginning.

The second half
Here we have the worst of all plagues to hit mankind. At this point, the New World Order will take to arms again and try and destroy Israel. The antichrist (leading the NWO), will receive a fatal wound to the head and appear to die. Satan will then enter this body and perform a mock duplication of the resurrection of Jesus. He will then proceed to destroy the Roman Church and will replace worship to himself. He will then give one lie after another, he will come to destroy and do just that.
With that, he will perform incredible miracles and wonders through super technology (see point 1 above) but will have deceived anyone and everyone.
Boils and sores will break out on those who have the mark of the new world upon them. The believers will be protected because they do not have this on them.
Suddenly, the Sun becomes abnormally hot, the Earth will heat up and man will be scorched and battered by drought and violent storms (sounds like a normal week in Western Australia to me Men will curse the name of the Elohim, and they will blame God for all this trouble.
Following the intense heat, darkness will fall upon the Earth as the Sun appears to darken. During this period, people will develop skin cancers and will want to ‘gnaw there tongues’ in pain.
Then, three ‘frog like’ spirits of evil will go forth and deceive the nations to let the Kings of the East gather together in what is known as the valley of Megiddo. They will gather to form the combatants of what will be called the ‘Battle of Armageddon’, the last battle on Earth during tribulation. The greatest earthquake in all time will strike the entire planet. All of the great cities of the world will fall. Valleys will rise and mountains will be levelled. The Lord Jesus Christ will make his return to save Israel and any remaining believers just before he ‘cleanses’ the Earth for his Kingdom age.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 06:16 AM
Some afterthoughts;-

1. It seems that, ‘most’ UFO sighting are probably human created electric craft with anti-gravity properties. Early designs used flame jet turbines in order to obtain the UHV’s required. This would explain scorch marks left by said devices when they landed somewhere.
2. Later devices used nuclear power systems (over the jet engine) that generated the required voltages, again, this may explain radiation burns on people who have come into close contact with an operational device.
3. The cigar shaped craft are probably ¼ wavelength (for e.g.) tuned systems.
4. It was mentioned, that at some point in time, we will be visited by our cosmic elders who say they are from a nearby star system and are actually our creators. In actual fact these ‘people’, will be nothing of the sort. They will be very well trained actors who have been groomed from birth in some remote place and are in actual fact just a frontage of the NWO. They will ask us for there allegiance and ask us to give our planet and resources to them in order for them to give us ‘their’ technology and ability to control the weather and food supplies.

So don’t forget these are not my words – I have left a lot of points out but once you have read the book, a lot of things will make sense and will become clearer.

So, what do you think?. Cosmic cr*p or time to start stocking up on toilet rolls and toothpaste?.

Either way, just watching the news every night and reading certain posts on here, you can see that the world is in turmoil. The mechanisms of the new world order are in play and are there to be seen. We know that there is no petrol shortage as they say, there is also no food shortage. Its called propaganda and deception on a mass scale so that trade and commerce can enter a new age, of which companies and corporations want more power to vie for complete domination of the worlds resources finance and populus.


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