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Recent Groom Lake and Nellis range scanner audio

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posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 01:25 AM
This scanner audio is courtesy from a Nellis range visitor that wishes to be anonymous.

Ogg format files require winamp, videolan VLC player, or Irfanview.

With a bit of hacking, you can make itunes and quicktime play ogg, but please don't clog up the forum asking me how. Here is your clue:

Now for the scanner audio. This is Groom Lake tower, approach/departure, and ground all mixed in one file. The recording was done 5/14/2008. The callsign of the month was Raven. That is, the Janet aircraft use the Janet callsign when under civilian ATC, but use the Raven under military ATC. Slow movers are other Janets. Fast movers are fighter type aircraft. Company traffic means another Janet aircraft, generally the 737s

This file is a combination of Nellis ATC, Groom Lake tower, and Groom Lake approach/departure. The Beech Janets use the military callsign plus a single digit that is the last number in the tail number. That is, Raven 3 is N623RA. Southwest 7373 is a charter plane landing at Nellis AFB.
Groom Tower, Groom approach/departure, Nellis control
The Southwest charter can be seen here:
Southwest 7373

This is Nellis weapons school audio. I skipped the air to air fighting and limited the audio to just the ground action.
Nellis weapons school
There is a reference to "terror", which may be "Terrorist Canyon." I created a Google KMZ overlay file that places the Nellis "Terrorist Canyon" map over Google Earth.
Terrorist Canyon Google Earth overlay

This audio is of a non-janet aircraft (callsign sounds like Boke 11) receiving the navigation fix SHOWW. SHOWW is a fix that is not published, but reserved by Nellis AFB.

This audio is of Nellis weapons school. It verifies some new frequencies including on using lowband FM.
Nellis weapons school calling out frequencies

This audio is of a mystery plane that landed at both the Tonopah civilian airport (KTPH) and Tonopah Test Range (KTNX):
mystery plane

I'm embedding this audio links just to be sure they come through. I'm not sure if the forum hyperlink scheme will handle the links. To be clear, these are duplicates.


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