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Rhyming posts, Kinda like freestyle.

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posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 08:02 PM
I'll attempt to make a rap out of this post that I'm writing,
my name is not important although it would be enlightening,
if I told you, but I prefer to remain anonymous,
although I created an account so I could be someone else, like a lot of us
I used to believe in everything, like the driver shot JFK,
now i realise it is attempts at fame,from the things they say,
and they attempt to make a fool of you by getting you to believe,
and thats not the kinda thing that real truthseekers need,
people with greed are the ones who makes us all look bad,
talking about aliens and or experiences that they claim to have had,
making money off of people just looking for answers,
"Mrs Smith this quartzide crystal will cure your cancer",
Sure lady why don't you just do it for free ?
Instead of robbing a dying woman for your crappy cd,
instead of charging money for what you know is just lies,
before someone comes and attacks you, maybe cut out your eyes,
then throws you a crystal so you can save your own life,
this is ending soon, I'm feeling kinda bored,
Post a rhyme below and I'll post some more!

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 10:33 PM
At abovetopsecret, info's hard to find
It takes time to unwind the lies at times
But hey, all you gotta do is clear your mind
Sit back and rewind, and work at the grind
If you do it my friend, truth's not hard to find
Its held self evident, the constitutional line

But I digress, back to the topic at hand
Intelligent posting is in high demand,
What with the flooding of fakeness,
New members that can't get
Better things to do instead of crap they're creatin

"Hey, I saw a UFO,"
"Man that's a bird or a plane
Looks like John Titors back, intentionally misleading again"
"Man, I know what I saw" then proceed with the flames

Now everyone gather round and watch the battle begin
2000 views and posts later, but not a star or a flag and
no useful information to be found within
But oh look, the new member's been banned again

Wait a week, repeat the cycle like a laundromat
Like a glitch in the system it's hard to catch
Good thing we got Springer, Crakeur and Bill
To tote the ban hammer, separatin fake from the real!

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 12:10 AM
I like the idea of this thread
ATS has me seeing red
Not from degrading quality of some posts,
from knowing the PTB see us as jokes

Freedoms being lost, not enough standing for the cause,
we whine and complain about all we've lost
Or haven't if you listen to some
telling us we're nothing but dumb.

I'd rather be prepared for the worst to not happen
then twiddle my thumbs, doing nothing but yappin'
Call me paranoid, or whatever you want
I hope they are right, and that I am not

Maybe I'm just a negative person
wasting my time on paranoid diversion
but all I see from my little corner
is that the idiots have taken over

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 11:13 PM
GOD!!! AAGGGHHH!! :bnghd: :bnghd: :bnghd:

You all better read a book, like the song say
I'm gettin smarter everyday I gotta get the cake
My momma asks me, can I do right? I tell her yes.
I'm your only son, you know I gotta be the best

I read the newspaper still seein dumb sh**
Shakin my head, readin thinkin, eatin bacon and grits
It gets hard off in this sh**, I'm a f***in misfit
Gotta get my brain straight, gotta get my bread legit

But as I flip the page, I got way more to say
Murder rate's gettin higher every mother*****in day
Or every mother****in month, but it feels like a day
Life feels like a joint, cuz life I'm smokin away
I got dues to pay

It's hot off in these streets, it feels like a blaze
Sm***in on purple h* get my mind straight
Gotta get paid, have faith and watch me fade
I ain't gonna lie, I'm mad....cake's gotta bake...

Cuz I been tired
(Of bein' trapped in the ghetto)
And though I hustle
(For money I gotta tell ya)
That I can't seem to get ahead
Of the struggles in my life
But I can't stop...won't stop...will not stop...until I make it right....

I was 17 tryin to come up on a perfect lick
Get in, get out, grab all you can get
5:30 came around, we was in 'bout 6
Me and my n**** Nukey had a two man clique

Now the people came home
so we're off up in a tussle
Ready to give my life cuz that's my mother****in brother
Man I'm tired
Of bein' off in the struggle
But in order to eat
you know I gotta hustle

I can't stop, won't stop, feelin like a young gun
Had to f****in get it ever since I was a young gun
Bust guns, streets first, can't trust my loved ones
Can't talk about fun...cuz I never had none

It's so hard to survive,
with n****z politickin in my life
It's so hard to survive,
all these n****z politickin in my life, cuz

I been tired
(Of bein' trapped in the ghetto)
And though I hustle
(For money I gotta tell ya)
That I can't seem to get ahead
Of the struggles in my life
But I can't stop...won't stop...will not stop...until I make it right....

Man, I been livin life like I'm trapped in the maze
And I'm tryin to make it through the pain in the last days
And they smile in your face, but wanna give you a case
Two faced, they wanna see you hang your head in disgrace

But before I die, 'fore God can come and take me
Or them people come and lock me up for failin probation
Only God can judge me, or heal my situation
And get me out them thangs I always seem to be facin'

Man I can't give I won't stop..
Got to keep on pushin....till I drop..because

It is... so hard.... so hard to survive
I gotta make it....keep pushin....I got to survive.....

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 07:47 PM
whats with everyone claiming that they know what they don't ?
why do most people even bother coming here to post ?
it seems like 99% of the threads that I read,
are written by people whose only goal is to deceive,
or people seeking attention, "hey theres something I should mention"
"i met up with some aliens and travelled to another dimension"
question them about it and they start to get defensive,
keep going with it and the lies become extensive,
"i had an out of body experience and met up with some greys,
we sat and blazed up some daze and they told me how amazing,
i was, or am, depending on the context",
its like listening to Lies FM, so I wonder what's on next,
will it be that you can actually call down their ships ?
invite them in for some chips, or offer them some coffee and end up having kids,
or hy-brids as they are most commonly known,
or will you brag about the future events that you have been shown,
on a crystal beryllium quartz screen which sits next to your throne,
which is made of another substance which to us is unknown,
but you'll make up excuses that you cannot bring it home,
as it exists on a different vibration,
you talk a lot about physics yet know of no equations,
neither do I but I don't lie and say that I do,
doing that just makes it seem like you're missing a screw,
I'm generalizing here, and its not who I am,
but liars tend to lie because that is their plan,
and people who are stupid are just too stupid to have a conversation with,
they tend to read everything as truth and believe in silly myths,
but I'm a hypocrite cos I myself believe Jesus is the son of the grand creator,
so I apologize for calling you stupid, and I shall see you later.

Those words I typed, I typed out of frustration,
so many people here claiming to know the situation,
reptilians or the Jews or the elite own the news,
keeping secrets from your view,keeping you blind to what is true,
these people claim to be prophets, but all they want is to profit,
from people willing to believe, a man willing to deceive,
and by man I don't mean gender, just that its the main contender,
for our species' name given, from the guy who lives in heaven,
who I believe exists, just not with the magical twist,
more like a master scientist, creating everything from scratch,
or maybe he just came along and added a tiny patch,
to the fabric of space/time, this is an ace rhyme,
decided to write it here, cos this is the right place n time!

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 12:46 AM
I guess I thought I'd try to find a place to fit in,
is what the first mother####er prolly said to his friend
when he pushed on some keys and plugged in the phone cord
and the world in his hands like a god with a longsword
was made in a zip like a drive or a gun
you can learn how to kill or to love or for fun
but its all in the code and its all in this book
just have to count letters, famous words of a crook

when you hook all the minds to the bushel of light
the ones with the spots find their way in the night
to the top of the pile so they stick out like mud
yelling no it aint true, its the end, time to run
saw it all, my own eyes, funny thing, got no proof
got no phone, got no john, but im tellin the truth
man you gotta believe me, saw a "yew FOE" today
and then i spoke to god, and he took it away

man i already knew pshht im psychic, you tool
this is the internet man, here i make my own rules
now when they knock on your door, just open and scream
hope yer ass dont get ganked with the paralyze beam
cuz i know a guy that did once, but we dont talk no more
man i need some more cheat codes, it aint eazy to score
man i hate the damn real world, wheres that pizza guy at?
gonna save the environment, naw man i like the temperature it's at.

posted on Jul, 6 2008 @ 06:55 AM
Sounds to me like a pretty big joke,
gotta be time for me to BOUNCE from these folk.

posted on Jul, 7 2008 @ 11:05 AM
wtf are you lot thinking?

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