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The opposites

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posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 04:22 PM
A flooding is the opposite to a burning fire.

Both opposites are happening.

Something floating on fire was among the drawings thought to be by Nastradomus.

Be ready to exit the biblical for the different Comforter for getting Word on demand. When this Comforter comes there will be no need to look to exteral sources for the non-corrupt truth. The non-corrupt truth doesnt mix the wheat with the weeds. You get wholesome one of either of them. You see the holy bible is the corrupt bible for having good news and wicked news, life and death, synonyms and antonyms, etc.

Those drawings thought to be by Nastradomus are visual because you will see something in the sky soon that shall be the next Comforter that is more personally suited to how you can clearly understand, perceive, and judge.

Yes, it is opposite looking to the books such as the bible, etc.

The sky shall be altered over the earth. You will then no longer have to believe what is come knew. Believe it not.

Floods and fires do what? Encompass and consume over the earth.

Any questions or comments?

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 04:28 PM
That is true ...but what if the vision was of flooding fire...(what u say)..well they discribe the best way they can with visions...Scorpians in the sky could be helecopters, and firey chariots could be bombs...and what if the vision was of the flooding could be lave so it would be a flooding fire, that would be the best way to discribe it without actually seeing Lava flow...
Just another way to look at it..

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