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Brainwashing and The Media

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posted on Jul, 29 2004 @ 02:45 AM

There are many good programs on TV, many informative and educational documentaries. I don't really understand the logic of avoiding a media that offers such because of 'the bad things'. The ultimate power is at your fingertips; selective viewing. You can even video any programs and ignore the brain numbing adverts if you so wish.

Since all the stations are controlled by the same massive corporations nothing is free from the brainwashing. Advertisements and "television pop-ups" appear on every single program on every single channel. All information is biased and misrepresented. Television "news" isn't news at all. "Educational" channels such as Discovery and TLC have been sabotaged and now constantly run programs disguised as educational when in fact they are no different than a WWF match (glorifying the primitive aspects of our nature.) There may be many different voices spreading the propaganda but it is still propaganda.

The mute button wont get you anywhere as there are signals outside the frequency range being passed over with mute. Besides, the strobing of images and flashes at certain intervals has enough power on its own. Try muting your TV and turning away from it. You will "feel" when the commercials come on. There is a different, sub-audible signal, that we are registering. The only control you have over your television is to turn it off.

I'm sure people here have seen "They Live". It's a movie that is true figuratively, if not literally.

Truly, it is a Mind War.


posted on Jul, 29 2004 @ 03:54 AM
While I agree that there could be certain aspects of TV braodcasting that have subliminal effects on it's viewers, the premise here seems to be that of when a program is watched, there is no option but to accept all that is offered as unequivocal truth.

I certainly never proffered such a suggestion in my previous post, nor do I subscribe to such a notion. I do believe however that when watching TV with an open yet analytical disposition there is no way that you can be brainwashed into percieving something in a particular context other than that which you choose.

I know such things can be attempted. Allow me to quote from another post I have made in a seperate thread Entitled "How the masses are controlled". It was put forward that:

Another thing that helps is if you can get people into a slightly confused state of mind.

An argumnent which I supported through the following regarding the explanation of techniques employed by Derren Brown, who admits that any tricks that he may show are the effects of the manipulation of a persons mind:

...if you follow links through Derren Brown's page you can find yourself at the page where he states:

If we feel that our brains are being overloaded with information, we panic and start to become confused. In this situation, if we're given a simple instruction, we grasp it like a lifeline. This technique is used in tricks to persuade people to behave in ways that

are completely out of character. When commands are issued at the end of a stream of confusing instructions, people are so relieved they can finally understand what's being said that they will do whatever they're told.

Although uncertain of the above claim, I definately consider it a possibility. It is though a technique that could be used in both cinema and TV.

My understanding and... appreciation of the way in which my government behaves, is far from the desired opinions I presume they would prefer I hold despite watching many TV reports of their actions. Perhaps actually a view arrived at with the help of such a thing.

I don't subscribe wholly to the BBC's interpretation of events, nor any other news channels. Neither do I watch a documentary then set that offering in my mind as a complete and unarguable truth. I do in fact consider it a possibility that no information ever offered can be done so in an entirely unbiased way, whether intentional or not.

So reguarding such I do take into consideration their offerings/interpretations. Can this be a bad thing?

It is surely a more healthy stance to refuse total undoubting faith in an argument offered, and listen to alternate views.

With the correct responsible attitude and awareness assumed I believe TV to be more of a benefit to mankind than a hinderence, and as long as such attitudes prevail I believe it will continue to be so.


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posted on Jul, 30 2004 @ 12:27 PM

Originally posted by JAK
I can't say I agree there pineappleupsidedown. It sounds to me like cutting your nose off to spite your face.


Well, not watching TV was not my choice orginally. My parents are very strict christians and felt too much "evil" was being shown, so they got rid of cable, and from our location, we dont even get the basic satalette channels. However, as i lived without TV, i noticed myself being able to multi-task better, and not be so materialistic. This was not what my parents were hoping to accomplish(they didnt want to expose me to swearing etc...opps, i go to high school) but it was a nice side effect. I got to movies for entertainment, but i also know that this is Hollywood, and like to be critical of their "poetic license" to get details wrong in movies.


posted on Jul, 30 2004 @ 12:35 PM

Originally posted by kinglizard

Thats really impressive. I love TV and would find it very difficult to give-up. ... the hypnotic state it creates in the brain but I cant give it up.

ever think that this "addictive" quality is something you should take a break from? Many ppl do not think they are addicted to something (i.e. smoking) until they try to give it up. I would suggest giving up TV for awhile, and notice how you feel in that hour block of time you regulatly would be sitting on the couch watching the TV. I am not advising you to give up the TV forever, just long enough so you can see how addicted you really are.


P.S. If within the first few days you give in, turn it on and say "i could stop if i want, i just dont want to", thats a bad sign.

posted on Feb, 25 2005 @ 03:37 AM
the media , IS ,'s controlled. [ we all know that...right ? ]

if we were truly free , we'd hear the truth. [ not bloody likely , eh ? ]

we hear crap . what they want us to hear.

I've not seen any world news [ my normal replay tv recording ] in more than 6 months, out of frustration, and disgust with the B.S./deceit

bottom line is...the mass media , is a force as formidable as our peers are, while we are growing up...

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posted on Feb, 25 2005 @ 07:26 PM
This is a very informative thread and contains information that is used to manipulate us........ a recent study showed that scary faces used as a visual subliminal(split-second flash) did in fact cause a reaction. The link is a submission that didn't get upgraded and unfortunately, the source link is inactive.......but the information is sound.

The reaction caused by the "scary subliminals" is telling in that it appeals to a base instinct. My question is this........Knowing what is known, who/what is set inplace to prevent the use and abuse of subliminals? Is there a committee or department set up to govern the application of mental/mood management? A bill was presented for approval with references to:

II) through the use of land-based, sea-based, or space-based systems using radiation, electromagnetic, psychotronic, sonic, laser, or other energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations for the purpose of information war, mood management, or mind control of such persons or populations; or

:with regards to the advent of space-based and associated weapons. The references to "energies directed at individual persons or targeted populations" was omitted in the final draft of the passed bill. That leads me to think that there is no official dogma detailing and thus providing a governing of this potential for abuse. This is incredibily important, because as kinglizard pointed out, the effects of the trance induction caused by T.V. is such that the information you are processing and making decisions on are going to be assumed by you as originating from you. People need to be more aware of this!!!!!

Covered up reference to mind

Edit: for spelling

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posted on Mar, 19 2005 @ 07:35 PM
Satellite radio gets rid of most of the commercials- (as well as playing your favorite CD or tape-)

DVD's and VHS- you could always do aerobics,yoga,pilates, or kickboxing! or watch the PBS specials

You could boycott the news- since it's filtered anyways

Advertising is absolutely everywhere- when i get back from the cabin after being ad-free for a week or weekend -it is absolutely hidious-

But if you are going to be an American capitalist- you've gotta take your medicine for perpetual growth- NEW AND IMPROVED

posted on Mar, 19 2005 @ 07:49 PM
The media are a funny lot.

I wonder when we will start getting the right perspective.

Doing ones own research is always better.

posted on Apr, 13 2005 @ 12:39 PM
Elliot’s statement about the media and advertisers also cuts to the heart of one of the great myths of global commercial media (we need to stop pretending that this is an American disease): that members of the public are the primary "clients" for mainstream media output. As any introductory business class will tell you (and as any introductory media class should tell you), your "primary client" is the person or organization providing you with your greatest inflow of revenue. For commercial media outlets, the primary clients are advertisers. Every business sells something, and the business of commercial media is to sell the audience (attracted by the non-advertising content) to advertisers. The audience -- preferably the "right" audience, of course -- is the "product" of commercial media. Not comedies, not drama, and not news. If members of the public do not buy the products advertised in newspapers and on television, there will be no commercial newspapers or television.
The assertion (or was it a Freudian Slip?) that there is a "tension between the media's right to say what they please and marketers' right to advertise where they please" is rather confusing. I’m no constitutional scholar, but while I’m pretty sure that newspapers have certain freedom of speech rights under the First Amendment, I wasn’t aware that marketers actually have the "right" to put ads wherever they please. I can only assume that once something like taking billions of dollars from advertisers becomes so ingrained into corporate journalistic culture, it is easy to confuse a "business decision" with a "right.

yeah, and a lot of advertising pays for newspaper and TV content. Along with the Bush strategy to put out bad ecological news only on Friday's and corporate news and what do you get? more of the same......
But what cracks me up is the people who really think the newspaper is telling them the 'truth', the people who like their brain candy given to them on a platter, and unquestionably gulp it down. The same party in the White house who want to do away with 'liberal' teachers because questioning authority is dangerous to a totalitarian regime. 'and while we are at it- kick out those liberal judges too- they weren't elected and they should be following the populist's movement, not interpretation of the law.

posted on Apr, 18 2005 @ 10:31 AM
It might be interesting to note that the US excels in only two businesses: armaments (making the instruments of war, and using them) and media (propaganda, advertising, TV, marketing, software) which drive the entire economy and dictate government policy. To think that only fifty years ago, it was competitive or a leader in almost every field, makes one consider the enormity of the mistakes and malfeasance of its leadership. One of the tasks of a propaganda model is to always create deniability and escape from accountability, and in that it has excelled.

posted on Apr, 18 2005 @ 07:27 PM
Thank you for the research into this. I do find this to be very intersting, but this also explains to a lot of people why I do not watch the news on tv for example. When the tv news media can start producing more than a five minute positive segment about what is going on in the world, then maybe I will start watching it.

posted on Aug, 8 2007 @ 06:16 PM
Giving up t.v., I have also noticed a less materialistic desire. I don't miss it. I did have to move and replace the t.v. a couple times before I left it out and got rid of the box

Just because you give up t.v., doesn't mean you give up the sitcoms! Think about that 50-150/month going to dvd collections ... you get to permanently own the series, no commercials, and you watch the repeats when you choose to ... no more cliffhangers! I use my computer to watch my dvds, and my monitor has a better resolution than my tv did ... don't have a Blu-Ray drive yet ... but only have a screen resolution of 1440x900 at the moment anyway.

One of the factors I noticed right before giving it up was the average of 16+ minutes of commercials EVERY HOUR ... so every 4 hours of television gets you more than 1 hour of advertisement! Crazy considering how much you pay a month ... it would make more sense if you received all your channels free over the air.

A even bigger benefit of the internet, you get to keep up on the shows that are less likely to be on dvd or are more current event through the video hosting sights or through word of mouth in forums such as this.

I agree with the t.v. influence, but, I disagree that a mentally sound person gets influenced by video games. I never played GTA and had a desire to jump a car over a river ... or played Oblivion and want to go and slay trolls with magic. It is more of understanding the difference between reality and fantasy worlds.

I have noticed, when I am around a cable box ... it is the same episodes/shows that were on months ago when I gave it up! So, the brainwashing is also on a repetitive scale when it comes to corrupt programming. Reminds me of an episode of Star Trek TNG ... Picard captured by a cardassian (sp?) was zapped and told how many lights to see over a long period of time ... and as he was rescued he begun to see the number of lights he was told, and no longer what was REAL.

I think there is a lot of great human liberty issues written into TNG, and I watched a lot as a child ... I am thinking it was one of the major factors of me being so idealistic and seeing everyone as equal regardless of the differences other people see. We all wake up, eat, sleep, dream, love ... it is a SHAME some people hold so much hate in their hearts for no reason ... I would suggest that hate is really what they feel towards themselves and being projected out ... or they were brainwashed to believe the lies. Irrespective of the past, today is new and we must live it like it is the only time we ever have ... with love and respect for ourselves and each other. Unconditional love for all is true happiness, not what you have, what you get, where you are ... you can be happy with nothing, anywhere, and without a silver platter being handed to you ... it all has to do with your attitude, nothing else in the world can take its place. Money and things are only a temporary and fleeting replacement. I say this all because of the 'discussion' earlier in the thread ... and TNG I have always felt was a great example of it all ... I could site a ethical, liberty, etc. issue being dealt with in the majority of its episodes ... that were not present in TOS, or the following series of the ST label ... which is one of the reasons I think they couldn't quite be nearly as successful. They tried to use the idea of turmoil and sex appeal, scandal ... to capture people ... which only holds an audience so long, since there is plenty of that on every other channel and show, but, hope ... is a rare thing and because of it, its substance can withstand longer. I know I was sad that TNG ended, I never paid much attention to the other shows.

It is a shame that we are being attacked by media we pay for, by the companies we buy products from (and some of those companies poison us with addictive additives). while watching tv in the past, I was in turmoil ... I had a disagreement with myself. I don't care about things much, but I wanted them. I don't rate success by toys, money, or power ... but by how you are in your heart and how you treat the people you love. So, part of me was wanting a high paying 'successful' job, expensive house, expensive car, high-class lifestyle ... while my soul care nothing for any of it ... just a humble abode, dependable transportation, and possible one day, someone who looks in my eyes and loves me for who I am and feels that there is much more to life than net worth and social status.

Maybe I am just odd.

The brainwashing keeps getting worse, the commercials keep getting longer and more frequent ... and people keep soaking it in. Never again for me.

posted on Aug, 21 2007 @ 08:01 AM
reply to post by pineappleupsidedown

I canceled my tv service about a month ago

I choose how I want to be brainwashed thank you very much!

posted on Jun, 27 2008 @ 11:20 PM
reply to post by kinglizard

somebody posted a link to this recently and I had some additional thoughts;

to the folks who think the media are just dorks,

not only should you rethink that comment,

but better yet, visit the links I just posted.


the other thing was, I heard a comment by a supertechie, about hidden sub-carrier waves in the broadcast signal.

I can't prove a thing, but anyone who has paid attention, knows something is going on for sure,

and just because "that guy" is paranoid, it don't mean nobody is out to get him...

posted on Aug, 6 2008 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by kinglizard

Well said.
I have done two experiments my self with TV .. this being broadcast media not recorded tapes and dvds of movies. for years I did not watch even one minuet of TV no cable no news no well lets just say noting at all.I have done this twice. once from 1994 to 1997 and most recently from 2005-2008.
during both these times I did however rent dvd's or movies occasionally. mostly I spent my time reading writing creating art and more currently on the internet. also during these times I had others do this with me . the first time with my ex husband who became very productive. he was always working on some project he learned faster and completed more things and he got better jobs and we had more adventures instead of sitting home at night watching TV we would make something (art, inventions,so on) , work on out classic car, or do house hold repairs.
neither of us suffered from depression or apathy or laziness.
with the second run NO TV
i have added internet to it.
this changed things a lot internet is somewhat like tv in the fact that you can alpha out and ignore the world when accessing it .but in a slightly different way . the internet is more absorbing it consumes your time you think your getting something done when really your not. the other person in my experiment no 2 is a video game junkie and instead of tv he turned to the video games these make him irate stressed and aggravated . he does no house work or repairs he sits around eats sleeps and is somehow still in good physical condition. humm. anyway..
my conclusion to this is that TV video games and the internet are similar.
creating APATHY, LAZINESS, agravation or manipulation of your emotions.
I know i get pissed when i have to wait on a page to load. it's like a smoker with out a cigarette fix.
There is a whole other level to the TV thing though that I am not sure is on the internet or the video games but may be as well that is the advertising and the social issues in the media. and potentially subliminal information. as of a month ago the cable has been turned back on in my home. mostly because of better quality internet. but i have found that i missed the home repair shows the science channels and history and animal planet.I rarely watch the news and when i do it is the BBC because it has an entirely different feel to it . less biases.
something i have noticed about both the TV and the computer id the electrical and wave energy that i can feel leave when i turn them off. we are after all beings running on electrical currents no matter how subtle.
it is like a breath of fresh air to turn these off and to sleep with them on alters my dreams.I keep a dream diary and have watched this happen DON'T SLEEP WITH YOUR TV ON..
as of feb. 2009 there is going to be a change in TV to digital and the government is giving grants out for the box that will allow your regular TV non digital to receive the signal..WHY? HOW IS THIS A GOVERNMENT RESPONSIBILITY.?
i think there are two levels to this. one if you don't have the box how can they send you the messages to keep you blinded to what they are actually doing out there.It's prozac for the masses and it keeps you inside off the street not doing to much,so you don't become a problem.
Bored people work harder play harder and those that have the inclination for it get in to more trouble.
the other is it would not be very hard for a TV to contain surveillance equipment. they have cameras the size of pencil erasers now. as well as sound recording devices. SCENARIO:box 3745 is assigned to Joe Blow and his family and lately joe blow has had a lot of extra money in his bank account that cant be explained by his meager job as a welder. lets turn on the box and see if Joe is dealing drugs out of his living room.something to think about?

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