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What made you join "ATS"???

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posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 01:28 PM
Hey all,I thought I would start a thread that asks what made you join ATS?For me personally after reading on and off for years(in fact I didn't really like ATS at first) I came across a thread about Lake Vostok while searching the web for 'alternative topics'.This was a massive thread with members constantly monitoring the seismic activity through a online link.There was speculation that they found something in the underground Antarctic lake with magnetic anomalies.Never the less the extreme dedication of members to find the truth and the very wide spectrum of 'alternative topics' on ATS made me join on December 27th of last year(as you can see on my avatar!).

So my question to you all is what made you become a member of ATS???Thanks for your answers!

Thread I am not totally sure if this is it,but maybe some older members would know)

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