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Buddhist Conspiracy For World Perversion

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posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 01:53 AM
Aeon, the problems you cite, such as gender bias are from the culture. There are different sects of Buddhism that have developed. Many superstitions and other biases have become incorporated depending on where you live. Buddha laid out the plan very simply. You need to start with the 4 noble truths. This is the essence of Buddhism. Everything else is unimportant. I woke up 1 day and realized I was Buddhist without knowing what it was about. I used to think Buddhists worshiped Buddha and never looked into it. Nothing has to be believed. All the truths are self discoverable.

Basically people suffer because they want, desire, crave, and need. This comes from your understanding of you as a "self". There is a cure and pathway to get there. Your noting gender bias shows this. Society has created this need of equality in you. If you reached Nirvana, even the Dali Lama would recognize you but you wouldn't care because you don't need it.
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posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 02:25 AM
link is written somewhere that the devil has transformed himself into an 'angel of light'....and just because people have been trained to believe in an evil bad looking representation of evil or the devil doesnt mean its true that that is what the devil 'looks like'.

i dont know..i just know i went off all things buddah when I read their history...skinning people alive..strining up their skins in temples...the royalist lama's and their opression of the tibetan peoples minds spirits bodies and hearts so bad that today they dont even know themselves or what and who they were before the buhdists came along in what ammonts to the ultimate stockholme syndrome..

..its not conspiracy..its history...anyone can read about it...educate themselves.

The desire to overcome desire is still desire...however you twist it....and wasnt it buddah that said 'dont form a religion' ...especiallky not one around him and he asked people not to believe him or in him - but to go research for themselves?

I dont get how people can say they respect a mans teachings yet do everything contrary to those it is a reglion and has a billion 'followers'.

no worse or better than any other religion really...

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posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 02:43 AM
reply to post by Rosha

..its not conspiracy..its history...anyone can read about it...educate themselves.

Considering you don't even spell the words "Buddha" and "Buddhist" correctly I will assume you should take your own advice.

Also, Jesus said "Let no one be your master, but God, even Jesus." however Christians do not follow his advice here, nor on many other topics. So ultimately this is the tendency of the human mind, across the board, not just of one group. No point in criticizing one group, when humanity as a whole suffers from these problems. And to do so is ignorant at best, deceitful at average, hateful at worst.

If you are not apart of the solution, you are apart of the problem.

posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 04:02 AM
these dont sound like buddhist regardless of their legion. before budda found his way he forsook paths that he accepted as roles in his life as shakyamuni. who is to deny the paths a person has to take to attain the state of god? and is a staement or act of aligning oneself with a principle necessary? im sure in the initiationary levels a person who wills to be treated like god have to make certain alliances with people who in their own time were not respected as the gods they so self desired to be respected. and while this is occurring budda is consciously unconscious in the wilderness partaking of a path that he will disagree as being the 8 fold way; and as 8 unfolds the entropy of his desire and the desire of others will be the state of affairs.

if you call/ed yourself a buddist and you havent started walking in motion to a spinning cross this "way" will always be met with a return tip as you embark. but sexual perversion/perversion is an observation of ones own nature versus ones own.

posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 04:38 AM
reply to post by rileytardell

Please forgive the length of this post, as there are many pages of arguments to take on, and I am attempting to do it with one posting.
The main argument that is stated in the posting is that there is a conspiracy for the world perversion, all surrounding Buddhism, and yet there is only one side of the story. The claim that the Buddhist are invading the west coast, yet what the op fails to mention is that many people from Asia, when immigrating tend to end up on the West Coast of the US. And as the freedom of religion is a core value of the United States, as guaranteed in the Constitution, allowing people who are Buddhist to set up temples is legal. Furthermore, if it attracts followers, then that too is legal. You mention Burma in your first article, yet fail to mention that it is a military government, and that it is also a socialist government as well. Now going off of history, military dictatorships are not friends of those who are religious in nature, thus that article does not pan out. Even Sadam Hussein was reported to be Muslim, yet he did not follow throw on the tenants of his faith.
You mention Sri Lanka, and the role to prevent Christianity being allowed, yet have failed to mention, that other countries around the world have similar bans in place. Many of the more oppressive governments do not allow, nor tolerate a foreign religion to come in and convert its population. There are always sex scandals in all religions, funny how in most of the poorer Asian countries, the primary offenders of such are men from other countries, who happen to be Christian.
You mention the Dali Lama, in your posting, funny how you do not mention that all he will admit to is being a monk, and that how he had to flee his country, and how this one man, has gotten under the skin and irritates China, and how he is the biggest promoter of human rights around the world, actively seeking to promote peace, is a noble peace prize winner, is often seen as a leader of peace, and only desires to return home to a free Tibet, leaving the politics of Tibet up to its people, both at home and abroad, how time and time again, he has asked to step down as leader, and time and time again, the people of Tibet have refused this offer.
You mention the Nazi and the Aryan race, yet fail to mention that such does exist to day, it is called Iran, as that is the forerunners of the Persians and the forefathers of the Iranian people. The Nazi’s were interested in many people. And funny how you failed to mention the non involvement of the Christians during the entire holocaust that was happening, and the different church’s stances of non involvement.
The Bushido, is based off of Shinto/Zen practices. Zen, as it is a broken lineage, is not a valid Buddhist practice and thus it is not acceptable to the rest of the practicing Buddhist community.
You mention symbols, yet fail to mention that the Trident was once considered a symbol of power, yet now represents the pitchfork of the devil.
Did it ever occur to you that the reason for the decline of Christianity is that the Christian churches offer nothing more than dogma, and fail to meet the needs of the people? That maybe, people are waking up and seeing that a minister with diamond rings, big house, driving a luxury car, stating poverty and asking for money is just hypocrisy? That people are getting tired of the message of gloom and doom, and for once want to be told and hear, that there is an alternative to the suffering that they are going through? Seems like very church the message is the same, God is all powerful, but needs money. If you misbehave you go someplace horrible, but he loves you.
Yes Sanskirt is from India, but so was Buddhism, at the time, before it moved out of India to other parts of the world.
India is predominately Hindu in religion.
Perhaps you should do a bit of research on the other posting. 1) The civil war was not religious oriented, but of one group wanting to be free of the other group.
2) The Khamer Rouge was a communist government.
3) The Vietnam government is a communist government, it was the Buddhist that were trying to stop the civil war, to include killing themselves to make a point.
4) Hiding like the rest of the population to get out of the line of fire.
5) Hiding or in prison, as Mao did not like religion, and had ancient temples destroyed.
6) Hiding, as a chant can not stop a bullet, and suffering at the hands of Non Buddhist.
7) Most Japanese soldiers during world war II, were Shinto, and most Buddhist at that time frame were imprisoned.
8) See 7
9) Taoism and Buddhism are 2 separate things. Here again it is communism that did it.
10) Laos, Burma are under dictatorships, not a religion.

posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 11:58 AM
Well the OP is not impressed by Buddhism. That is their perogative. I would rather sit down with 20 Buddhists and break bread than 2 Xtians. Buddhist writing is very interesting and has a place in modern life. Read some of the writing of Daniel Goleman and the Dalia Lama and see a modern solution to our times that is non religious.

The OP's authors then cites a chinese communist based newspaper!!!!


posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 12:13 PM

Originally posted by tiger5
Well the OP is not impressed by Buddhism. That is their perogative. I would rather sit down with 20 Buddhists and break bread than 2 Xtians. Buddhist writing is very interesting and has a place in modern life. Read some of the writing of Daniel Goleman and the Dalia Lama and see a modern solution to our times that is non religious.

The OP's authors then cites a chinese communist based newspaper!!!!


Buddhism, and any ideology, is religious, albeit, an atheistic religion.

posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 01:04 PM

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posted on Nov, 27 2010 @ 02:31 PM
The notion of what Buddhism is, is not agreed upon, even among people who think of themselves as Buddhists. In that way Buddhists are much like followers of the other major spiritual traditions. Generally speaking the differences among the various "kinds" of Buddhists are not the subject of much public discussion.

I think the reasons for this are to be found within the Tripitaka, the first collection of Buddhist teachings/writings where there is an injuction against "slander" and where the whole tone and tenor of Buddhist life is portrayed as hors de combat, or outside the world of disputes.

Personally I think that the history of Buddhism shows a meditative path that started out as simply a "method" like the yoga of Patanjali and which gradually evolved, in parts of the world, into a religion.

I personally believe that the Buddhism of Shakyamuni is found in the Tripitaka. Everything else called Buddhism is a development from the Tripitaka. This view is not adhered to by anyone but the so-called Theravadins of Southeast Asia (and their emigrants around the world).

Personally, I am a nominal Vajrayana Buddhist practitioner, so obviously, like the Catholic who disagrees with the Pope, I keep my mouth shut at the dinner table. (Much in life is like that.)

People who want to know what monks can and cannot do should look into the Vinaya, which is the part of the Tripitaka which deals with monastic discipline and regulation, but also, keep in mind that the Buddha was not a doctrinaire personality, laying down the law for people. The vinaya, like all Buddha's teaching, is a tool used to achieve a purpose. Once the purpose is achieved, the tool is no longer necessary.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 06:16 AM

Originally posted by LifeIsEnergy
reply to post by Rosha

..its not conspiracy..its history...anyone can read about it...educate themselves.

Considering you don't even spell the words "Buddha" and "Buddhist" correctly I will assume you should take your own advice.

Also, Jesus said "Let no one be your master, but God, even Jesus." however Christians do not follow his advice here, nor on many other topics. So ultimately this is the tendency of the human mind, across the board, not just of one group. No point in criticizing one group, when humanity as a whole suffers from these problems. And to do so is ignorant at best, deceitful at average, hateful at worst.

If you are not apart of the solution, you are apart of the problem.

For what its worth. I can criticise anything or anyone I choose to at my pleasure. Criticism is not the problem and that right I uphold in myself is not up for debate outwardly. I dont bow to peer pressure and word control, I do speak my mind.
Also, and considering it was 3 in the morning when I replied after a late shift and no coffee.. I dont particularly care a word was misspelled either. That was a very shallow dig...I have better spades if you'd like to borrow one.

I wasnt "criticising" though and I find it odd that you would automatically assume the worst of intents without ever once asking first. Its your right to do that I guess, but also, your consequence.
To me, pointing out a large pimple on someone's nose isnt about hating or disparaging an entire being or person...its simply not hiding behind accepted social niceties and pretending the pimple doesnt exist for the sake of pride and ego.

If I was being specifically critical, I'd happily say so. I was though, simply responding to a topical thread..on Buddhists...with my own feelings and view and experience of the same, and yes, I made a comment on the ever present contradiction between teaching and listening - between action and reaction in formed groups of 'followers'.
IF I was responding to a similar thread on Protestants or of any group that gathers under a particular label..I'd have written and focused on that group, topically, as well.

I also didn't offer anyone I am not sure what your intention was in writing that or what you intended to proove in your final comment, which is irony at its best given that the solution to the 'problem' as I view it, isnt to be found in the application of social niceties that contradict conscience and simply apease ego and mask the reality futher.

I suggest if you dont like reading people's open and honest opinions given without said masking, you take responsibility for yourself read elsewhere.

Thanks for your comment.


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posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 06:27 AM
reply to post by rileytardell

Bad apples fall from every tree..

Doesn't mean the tree is trying to take over the world

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 08:17 AM
To put it kindly..

Might I ask you to refine your absurd speculative perspective for a brief moment? A few things I would like to bring to your attention. First and foremost, I'm speechless. As far as sickness and delusions go, I'd advise against spreading them any further on this topic. You honestly do not have a clue as to what you are talking about. The people who would be responsible for such atrocities would not even be considered anywhere close to the realm of true Buddhism. For those that would be so sick, their own karma would surely take full responsibility and needless to say they would pay for their improper ways by means of prolonging their self suffering facing many, many possibly horrific rebirths.

As I recall..

"1. Life as we know it ultimately is or leads to suffering/uneasiness (dukkha) in one way or another.
2. Suffering is caused by craving. This is often expressed as a deluded clinging to a certain sense of existence, to selfhood, or to the things or phenomena that we consider the cause of happiness or unhappiness. Craving also has its negative aspect, i.e. one craves that a certain state of affairs not exist.
3. Suffering ends when craving ends. This is achieved by eliminating delusion, thereby reaching a liberated state of Enlightenment (bodhi);
4. Reaching this liberated state is achieved by following the path laid out by the Buddha."

Exc: Wikipedia.

I might add..

I'm not going to go off and bash the Church because we've all already been made aware here in the Western world of how a living, breathing, walking example of corruptive evil can stain ones 'good' name, thus far (every religion has it's failures, like every rose has it's thorn). Does that speak for all the people? No, it speaks for the sick few who have certainly incorrectly self-selected their "title of belief." (Whom I would think would need to truly find Balance in-between Life & God the most). Which they will be condemned by thy own selves and will have to face the facts on their journey for their own salvation while they seek recourse (and if they're so sick that they have no concept of (and/or) a conscience, then I rest assured proper atonement measures will be followed.

Note: That's why sick people are not allowed to anoint themselves. Just because they have a choice, and a voice to make their choice heard, doesn't mean that what they choose to "call" themselves, is what they are in the eyes of one whom has ascertained a higher understanding.



I do agree with your point about not being overly eager to become so docile though. We're still in the waning years of a hostile age. If I had a $$GOOGLEPLEX$$ amount of money for every. one (1), truly, originally, genuinely aware and understanding person left out there (still pondering all these speculations), I'd be as rich as I am right now. Hopefully that made sense.


Do you think that such treachery would be allowed? It is difficult to grasp that whatever occurs, or is allowed to proceed (be it deemed 'Good' or 'Evil').. will be indubitably resolved by a Higher Authority with a Higher Understanding?

Basically.. I'm asking you if you think that justice is eternally illusive, and if ill-balance is permanently optional.

..and I would consider that Rhetorical question, wouldn't you?
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posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 10:37 AM
First. I can understand why they would make conversions to Christianuty illegal.

Christians are not exactly the most modest and humble role models.

Even if this is true then the Buddists are only pimpin. What about the people who use the service ?

Mostly western, Christian hypocrites

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 11:32 AM

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posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 02:01 PM
reply to post by BillfromCovina

An ongoing favourite response from all religions - the problem is you don't ACCEPT your place. You'd be much happier if you did.

Fundies - the same the world over.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 03:59 PM
My problem with Buddhism, and THE problem with Buddhism, is its nihilism. It simply cannot escape it, because its intrinsic to its philosophy.

As long as there is no obligation to act, and one has a 'choice' to either do or not do, depending on whether he likes suffering or not, than Buddhism will never ever serve as an antidote to the nihilism, existentialism and perversion of truth rampant in the world today.

This is why i lie Judaism. It solves many questions which Buddhism, simply cannot (being a dharmic religion and all).

An obligator changes the whole face of the question. One doesnt act out of some self serving reason, but he acts because he must. Theres a force beyond himself, and his views, which obligates, and necessitates a response from below - from us.

The book "letters to a Buddhist Jew" was a very enlightening book which touched on this question. I never realized the importance of it until its author, Rabi Akiva Tatz posed the question. The book isnt initself a comparison between Buddhism and Judaism, but rather addresses those many western Jews who have sought spiritual solace in Eastern religions, without having a modicum of understanding of their own, very rich spiritual tradition.

ultimately. A buddhist doesnt have to act. He could, if he so chooses, but theres no obligation at all. So, a philosophy like anarchism, which appeals to so many, would have to be respected by a buddhist. Satanism and all those other self motivated philosophies (gnosticism) have to be respected, because theyre ultimately only following their Dharma. They arent offending or perverting reality; theyre following their own path. So, its nihilism pretty much creates a scenario where ultimately, theres no need to do good; its only beneficial to the person who wants to escape suffering.

Judaism in this way is much more optomistic, and to me, true. G-d is the supreme reality, responsible for the existence of both good and evil, yet, he still desires of us to do Good. To follow the 7 laws of noah, and fullfill them in order to separate the darkness from light, and remove evil, or moreso, our sensitivity to it, from the world. G-d is the obligator, and so he obligates man to act.

This sublime idea is related to the kabbalistic concept of the sefirot, in that the supreme will - the obligation, is Keter, the highest sphere, whereas we live in this lowly world, of malkhut, the lowest sphere. Keter and Malkhut are united by mankind "reflecting" the will of Keter, back up above, by performing actions that respond to the divine obligation to do only good, and reject evil (in accord with the 7 laws). This unites the higher and lower worlds, in a much greater bond than that which exists now.

To me its an amazingly deep and meaningful idea.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 04:24 PM
reply to post by dontreally

Sure you love Judaism so you have a biased view on other religions, predictable. However your assessment of Buddhism is flat out inaccurate.

You continuously state Buddhism is nihilism, but you fail to realize the basic premise of Buddhism which is to respect all life as the same and not to kill or become violent. If you understood the basic concepts of Karma and Samsara you would also know that virtue (helping others) and discipline (not hurting others) is a must.

pain is an effect of ignorance
from ignorance proceeds conceptions
from conceptions proceeds understanding
from understanding name and form name
and form the six senses
from the six senses proceeds contact
from contact sensation
from sensation longing
from longing striving
from striving the pains and sorrows of existence

The enlightenment paths of Buddhism (Vajrayana) are about uncovering the transcendental senses, that is, moving beyond the five aggregates (as implied in Buddha's remarks). Christians, Muslems and Jews are stuck in nihilistic or existence of denying beliefs. The reason Buddhists do not speak of God, one way or another, is because to them it is an irrelevant concept, being that their mission is to find the cessation of suffering for all sentinent beings on earth (something they know how to do), not to ponder upon a supposed creator being or claim they know what that is or wants like say the Hindus/Jews/Christians/Muslims do.

Buddhism is about waking up. One does not awaken to nothing, but everything. The Abrahamic beliefs are about maintaining a belief that sleep or the dream is real.

The notion that Buddhism is nihilistic is quite adamantine. It is mistaken, not merely because Buddhism and nihilism are hardly comparable, but because almost every tenet or conclusion of nihilism, the denial of existence, the idea that values are meaningless, the rejection of ethics, the idea that human existence is purposeless, the concept that there isn't any truth, and so forth, is squarely opposed by Buddhism.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 04:43 PM

Originally posted by LifeIsEnergy
reply to post by dontreally

You continuously state Buddhism is nihilism, but you fail to realize the basic premise of Buddhism which is to respect all life as the same and not to kill or become violent. If you understood the basic concepts of Karma and Samsara you would also know that virtue (helping others) and discipline (not hurting others) is a must.

How is it a must? Who is obligating me? If its simply wise and intelligent to choose this, than there is no 'must' there is simply

There seems to be a gross contradiction of terms in buddhist thought. we "must" act, but there is no obligator, or G-d obligating us?

Thats as confusing as positing Karma, and yet in dharmic thought there is no G-d which desires that we do good and reject evil; which would be keeping in line with the concept of Karma (in Judaism this is called Middah K'Neged Middah, measure for measure or lit. measure facing measure. G-d. G-d preserves the balance in the world by giving exactly that which was given out. Whatever measure you gave, you will 'face' later on, whether in this world, or another)

Im not trying to put Judaism on a pedastal. I am genuinely interested in religious philosohpy and ive read a fair bit myself into eastern thought. I just hadnt be faced with the issue that Rabbi Tatz addressed in his book. It seems Buddhism really doesnt have a logical response to this issue.

Who is forcing me to act. Buddah? Am i therefore serving a man?

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 04:50 PM
Buddhism is a dynamic religion as it offers choices all along th epath of full enlightenment. The upper echelons of western QBL lead to Buddhist conclussions. Frankly even Judiasm still has its criminals backsliders and nihilist. Jews also have bad people as to Xtians. The original OP is false.

posted on Nov, 28 2010 @ 04:54 PM
Also, you are very incorrect about Judaism. I will agree that Christianity and Islam are forgeries and mockeries of Judaism, given their mystical dimensions are very akin to the train of thought found in buddhism. But Judaism from the very beginning has maintained that they believe what they do not out of speculation; if that were the case it would indeed be very stupid. But out of a Relationshp forged by the G-d of the universe to make this world, a home for his presence (his shekinah). Judaisms inner dimension, Kabbalah, literally means "recieved". The torah is the whole basis of Judaism. Everything stipulated by the Rabbis is derived from an exegetical analysis of the Torah. This obviously means the Torah is more than simply a book of stories, but a blueprint of reality. Torah means "instruction" in Hebrew, and its purpose and design is ot connect G-d with this world, by teaching Human Beings how to relate with him.

What Buddhism, and other speculative philosophies teach, is very natural, and indeed, relates to a level of consciousness referred to in Kabbalah as "adam Kadmon" (or "Buddah" consciousness, in Buddhism). A boddhisatva is one who has merged with this level of consciousness, and likewise, 'christ consciousness' is this same awareness in gnosticism. Both return to the physical world to help out others. This is a very noble idea and i have nothing but respect for it.

But Judaism believes G-d has a purpose and relevance in this world. This world was created to be a 'home' for him,. Its not to be escaped, as taught in buddhism, but to be refined, and made able to recieve his divine presence more fully (this idea is called olam tikkun in kabbalistic thought. Ive been told theres a comparable buddhist idea). Man is meant to know G-d in all his ways. Every mundane activity in this world is meant to be sublimated by an awareness and connection with the divine. Thus, Judaism teaches a constant, never ending meditative awareness of G-d in all areas of Life. G-d permeates everything, and its not appropriate for him to be left out in anything. The real magical idea behind this belief, which i somewhat alluded to in a earlier post, is the result of our performing his will. In the kabbalistic schema, Keter is divided into two partzufim (personas). The lower one, is called Arich Anpin (long face) and refers to G-ds desire that we perform his will (this is where the will emanates from). Whereas Atik Yomin, which means 'ancient of days', refers to the divine pleasure and bliss that enters the earthly realm AFTER we perform his will. This is the response from G-d AFTER we respond to his obligation, and command, that we perform earthly commandments. This 'pleasure' emenates as a torrent of blessing into this world. This in turn raises the physical world we live in from its low, mundane level, into the spiritual. The implications of this idea are truly enormous. They are related to the holy name, which constitutes all of reality, YHVH, which means "being". Its letters also form the words "was, is and will be".
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