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posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 01:48 AM
Does the sequences of 380 come up for anyone? I see those 3 numbers in that order ALL THE TIME. I'm not kidding, there's a 380 somewhere in my life everyday. When I travel I see them too - not just in my immediate area. Anyone have any ideas? Thanks!

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 01:57 AM
reply to post by awakened sleeper

This is really weird. For almost 4 years I have had this thing with 11:11 on my digital clock where If I see it I have to look away otherwise it would be bad luck. I this 11:11 is an unlucky number. I have the same problem with 111. I just feel that its unlucky or something. There is also this song from my favorite band named Team Sleep called 11/11 that has this special sound to it. Its actually my favorite song. But I didn't know this number had any special meaning until I read this thread.

What is the problem with this with everyone else? What does it mean exactly?

I sometimes feel that I have this special ability of some sort. I can see things happen before they happen but to me its like normal or something. Sometimes this whole thing scares me. Maybe I'm in denial and I don't know it. Then again it could just be our very talented imagination.

Great Post

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 01:59 AM
reply to post by awakened sleeper

That could be true, or it might simply be that 11:11, when viewed from the periphery, is eye-catching as it doesn't look like a number, but a bunch of bars. The fact that you might notice it once, and then assign greater importance to each time you see it (but neglect to assign equal importance to when you look at a clock and don't see it, thereby abandoning objectivity) means you might think it something special.

If it IS something special, why doesn't it take into account clocks that are incorrectly set, and why does it honour time zones, leap-minutes, and our arbitrary time units?

If something or someone wants to communicate with us, 11:11 seems awfully lazy and sloppy.

I'm sick and tired of people gumming up this board with baseless assertions plucked out of thin air and presented as fact. Far too many people read this stuff and think it's the truth, thereby spreading the madness even further.

Can we PLEASE keep this board for actual study, and not new-age mystic wishful thinking.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 02:05 AM
reply to post by pretty_vacant

alls i do is i just think the words give it to her/him/everyone in the store but on a deeper level i say it because youre not really supposed to talk about it except i can but it seems to affect other people when i talk about it i can awaken other people to it but its up to other people towork on themselves not me. kind of like jesus and his apostles because anyone i give it to im connected with them they can here my thoughts but i can block it so they cant here my thoughts

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 02:06 AM
I also found this just now on Wiki. Sounds the same . I find it intriguing. I would like to see how this thread turns out.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 02:09 AM
im not trying to say im jesus but im more connected to everything around me i more like to think im just really special

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 02:12 AM
reply to post by scottr.

That's a great demonstration on how superstition begins. You assume it has some power, yet you have no actual evidence it does, but because you attribute random events that would have occured anyway with this discrete happening, you mentally tie them together.

You're going to have to do better than that to explain this "phenomenon", as so far it looks like wishful thinking and an overactive imagination, and nothing more.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 02:17 AM
reply to post by awakened sleeper

its interesting, i can relate

May be corney and stupid but, me and my ex-girlfriend still talk quite often, and one thing we noticed is it seemed we would call or bump into eachother or meet up at 11:11 am or pm. as well as many other. now, since she moved away 1 1/2 years ago, i started looking into all of "this."

just saying its something...

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 02:21 AM
reply to post by UnitedSatesofFreemasons

And objectivity says it's just a coincidence. Because it seem important to you doesn't make it important - you are ascribing significance after the fact.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 02:22 AM
oh sorry what i was talking about had to do with awakening not numbers but when awakening you learn what time is which has something to do with numbers but sorry bout that i just read something about awakening on this thread

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 02:25 AM
reply to post by dave420

no, i am simply saying that the numbers 11:11 are important to me.

That is what this thread is about, how the numbers 11:11 are in some way or another important to everyone, and the food for thought is why?

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posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 02:27 AM
reply to post by UnitedSatesofFreemasons

Which, as nice as it is, is neither "paranormal" or "study"

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 03:12 AM

Originally posted by awakened sleeper
Well I personally believe [11:11] is a call, a single note, an alarm, a message to One to wake up and smell the coffee.

Then you are sleeping too long. You need to get a job and start waking up before lunch time.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 03:54 AM

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 03:56 AM
hi, ive never heard much about 11:11, however I am on the ascension path too. I think it is to do with whatever you assosciate with ascension. Just when I was reading the fourth post about clocks i checked mine and it was 00:11, 11 mins after I woke up and turned my PC on, this persuaded me to post lol. Why did I read this thread :s Im gonna be seing 11's everywhere now prob lol.

Im reading Ascension Magick by Christopher Penczak, its a really good book for those interested in ascension as it looks at all the ascension stuff from all the different religions and spiritual movements and tries to piece it together, and does a good job.

11:11 is probably a magick symbol of sorts for focusing the minds energy on the ascension path. When you think of 11:11 think of how ascension is making your live better, happier. You are now associating positive energies with ascension in the mental dimension. This should make it easier for you to follow the ascension path in this dimension, the physical plane.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 04:28 AM
I always thought the number 11:11 had a meaning to it, I just wasn't ever sure what is was.. A while back, for a week straight everytime I looked at my clock at night, it was always coincidentally at 11:11PM. I thought it was strange seeing the same time every night, the first few days. But, this went on for a whole week, which I thought was very strange..

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 05:11 AM

Originally posted by royalkingmeaux
im not trying to say im jesus but im more connected to everything around me i more like to think im just really special

Hi I saw you wrote something similar to this in the Are you ready ascension thread, (not to be confused with the Are you really ready ascension thread lol) and I have replied to you there.
This gift you say you have, I assumed you meant you had the gift of giving ascension and I said I really could not accept this, ascension is in all of us, we just wake up to it at different times , its a gift we all have been given. However you talk of something slightly different in this thread you say you've been given the gift of "awakening people" awakening them to ascension, this I can accept. Are you prepared to tell us more of how you achieve this?


posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 05:13 AM
Seriously everyone, calm...deeeeeeeeep breaths, now is good meditation time. 11:11 and all the other master numbers etc are no reason to worry about the end of the world in anti-matter implosion perpetuated by the "evil" repitilian-greys. Geez. It definitely has to do with a global awareness or consciousness though. Someone may say "But I don't believe in a 'global consciousness' that's a bunch of 'new age' hippy-stuff..." Fine you don't have to believe in it, but you're a part of it you always have been, and if you believe in things like education that teach us history...we'll be doing a huge round-and-round in the argument. Because what we'll inevitably come to is perceptions and intentions with this shared existence in this global community that comprises "Us" as humans on this earth. With out that, we can't even just entertain the idea for a second if you're a skeptic.

So what is it? I can't put my finger on it exactly but there are some very interesting "coincidences" if you choose to look at it that way. Me I prefer to call this entire "master number procession" the Grand Synchronicity in a sense. Now I'm going to start referencing a lot of "odd" or "crazy" things here, but they'll all start making sense(hopefully). Since I prefer to jump right into the deep end and then swim to shallow end...then jump back in again with weights on, let's start with a "crazy" guy named; Dan Burisch who is reportedly and admittedly part of the illusive Majestic 12 the people in charge of all things "alien". I know many people judge this group very harshly...but seriously everyone, we all do what we feel is "right" & judgment only gets us so far and without clear unbiased communication it's unjust. So please, hold off on all urges to get very angry at me and call me stupid right now...I know it might feel good, but bare with me I know it's because of all the "scary" & "crazy" stories we've heard, it's cool
So anyways; Dan was a part of this "crazy" conspiracy called Project Looking Glass or Montauk experiment where they used some technology recovered from crashed craft as well as stuff that was "bartered" from EBE's (Extra terrestrial Biological Entity) to do various things of all varieties. To killing things in new ways that are are just super-ultra-"cool", to learning how to control people's minds with "ultra neat" technology, to manifesting material object via this "nifty" chair. Well the other nifty thing this chair could do is open up time portals to where ever you'd want to go by way of your thoughts. On a side note, it's rumored that IBM and Monsanto actually tried to reverse engineer this chair but where unsuccesful. So they played around with time for awhile and noticed they could see into the future obviously, with this chair, a "cube", and a "looking glass" apparatus that was built with alittle help from the ET "buddies" there. In this Dan saw the destructive end of the world everyone is afraid of, having to do with Scalar waves and the harmonics or resonance of the earth. The more this technology was used, the more it offest the balance of life here. If the actions that where being urged by some where pressed forward with the aid of this technology...I guess that would spell massive split of the earth, one that it wouldn't be able to survive. BUT DON'T FEAR
Or friend Dan Burisch has said that this technology was dismantled and out of use since the time he basically showed this people in a manner of speaking: Hey! Check this out, if you go ahead with this plan of yours pretty much everyone's dead. You might just want to think about changing it a bit....maybe. So these people are fairly rational and decided to alter their plans to everyone's relief I'm sure -raises hand- I know I'm one of them if the entire story is true.
Check out these interviews here for more details!

But why does this matter? Well the future seeing technology seems to be essentially a high-tech divination device based on the algorithms of the user's mind. From what Dan has said and "others" or "they" say, everyone saw the same thing at 2012, 11:11....7 seconds of bliss, then whatever the operator expected to see after that, they did. They also noticed that the various "timelines" seem to converge at that point too, and that as they got closer, the possibilities would oscillate on their own no matter what or who was trying to see, and finally converging on the 7 seconds. So there's one "11:11" for you for sure, the "big one", the galactic alignment where the sun's solstice point will be in direct align with the galactic center.

So why does that matter? Well let's talk about a couple of other "crazy" guys named Joseph P. Farrell & everyone's good Mars & Moon-buddy Richard Hoagland and the theory of Hyperdimensional Physics. It's an interesting theory that has a lot to do with torsion fields & angular momentum that are generated by things spinning and/or rotating in relation to each other especially magnetized things...such as big heavenly bodies, sort of like planets and stars.hmmmm So wtf does that mean and who cares? Well anyone who is currently living on this planet might want to, and if you're actually reading this, I'm going to assume in a way you've always cared
What does it mean? -cont.-

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 05:15 AM
reply to post by Shakesbeer

Well in a sense this theory explains that illusive "etheric" force we've been hearing all the other "crazy" people talk about for thousands of years now. That energy that perpetuates the universe pours in from geometrical points within a given field or event horizon. What's ultra cool is this all has to do with sacred geometry too!
The Merkaba appears to the geometrical shape that energy pours into planets (and who knows what else). This is evident everywhere you look within the solar system, a good example would be the "red spot" on Jupiter. It aligns at 19.5 degrees which if you draw the merkaba from the poles, lines up perfecting at 19.5:
. That is just one example, but pretty much ever where you look you will see this "coincidental" placements of large; storms, formations, volcanic activity, and probably a lot more that we don't even know about. More evidence of the sacred geometry involved in this would be the hexagonal shaped storm on Saturn located at the pole. Here's a great image that has shown the fractal geometry within the storm itself.

For more hyper dimensional physics I highly recommend starting here with both Joseph Farrel & Richard Hoaland talking together about the theory on Coast 2 Coast.

So if these "energy points" are fractal expressions of sacred geometrical principles, and we are on a planet that is seemingly getting an influx of energy all of a sudden solar system wide with things like the solar storms that's got some people really worried. Hate to sound like a "fan boy" here but Richard Hoagland beautifully illustrates this on his article Interplanetary Day After Tomorrow, while somewhat fear-mongering in the title, it really isn't all doom-and-gloom. More like "There's a storm headed this way, you might want to get indoors", but I'm sure most of us here are used to that sort of thing, so no sweat. My point is this, energy points that are synced up to the movement of the solar system, ergo the galaxy, we're seeing this increase in energetic activity for some reason and it seems to be accelerating and I've shown how this hyperdimensional theory has physical manifestations that are predictable & repeatable on quiet a few different energetic levels that we are aware of. So if these hyperdimensional 3d dimensional waves can affect all kind of matter from gas to solid rock, why wouldn't it affect us too, or our electricity, water, everything?

So should I take an intermission now so that you can get a tasty beverage from the fridge or cooler? K np, I'll wait....

So here we go, we're see 11:11 everywhere and asking why. Well there's this neat little date & time we talked about before (12-21-2012 @ 11:11) as being the winter solstice where we are going to have this alignment thing going on....and we're seeing 11:11 every where....all of us...for some reason hmm...on clocks...that keep telling us to check out "11:11". Uh oh, sounds like another one of them "weird" & "crazy" "coincidences". Still not convinced? Well of course not, why should you be that sort of came out of no where(unless you are then awesome! enjoy the ride from here on out). This is that point where we're back in the shallow end of the pool again for a bit.

So the skeptic will say: "this is all a bunch of psycho schematic hoo-ha by lonely people who have nothing better to do but think about conspiracy to make their deary lives like their fantasy..." ppsssh :p -insert raspberry sound here- nice scientific argument there buddy. Atleast you could have said "This is all subconscious psychosomatic communication because you wanted to remember that time for some reason....maybe to feel you 'belong' to something... " WELL DUH MR. SKEPTIC..DUUUUHH! That's what we've been saying....HELLO?! An alignment & global consciousness, or syncing if you will to the clock...together, to define "now" that we're all starting to do "coincidentally" at 11:11 once again. Of course we want to be part of something, I know I want to be part of the humanity and earth that is partying it up on 2012 11:11 because it's another day...who cares what else, it's another day to live. If something else happens then awesome....I don't want to be the one who thinks we're all going to die in various odd and/or painful ways...sorry.

So does that mean maybe we're all consciously, subconsciously. & telepathically telling each to sync up together on 11:11? Eeyup, for one reason or another, but I would also offer up that the earth herself is helping us realize this. We(humans) created the idea we know of as the "clock", it's not as precise of an instrument as we might thing as it is still based on perception of the event of the hand moving to it's next second, minute, or hour. Which of course is a relative calculation off of the sun's position relative to ours which is always moving and changing. So in essence "now" is forever relative to the observer no matter how precise the instruments, no matter how synced up there are, it's still only "synced" and "precise" to the that of the observers who are conducting the experiment, not the rest of the world, or the galaxy for that matter. So all of a sudden millions of observers are going to watching for 11:11 no matter what come dec 12 could this all be the universe telling us "Hey it's time we all define 'now', and it will be at 11:11" when balance with the galaxy will be achieve at the solstice.

So why the other numbers? -cont-

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 05:16 AM
reply to post by Shakesbeer

Well look at what they are saying to you numerologically, remember where you mind was and what you where thinking, that is definitely your subconscious telling you something...even if it is that seemingly horribly thing the skeptics hate that you might actually believe that you're part the human race -gasp- We are entering a time of balance it would seem so will our physical bodies want to follow whether we accept it or not. So when you see keep seeing "9:11" too, it's you trying to tell you something. What that is depends greatly on the individual as there is no one answer to that as it is unique to each person what they need to attain balance. I'm not going to preach at you about Evil or Good ETs, evil or good god(s), whatever, but there definitely exists a thing called harmony, and it seem everyone is crying out for it, humans, "other", the Earth, & the Galaxy. 11:11 seem to be part of this cry, this syncing, or Grand Synchronicity.

I can keep going but I would probably be up to post at 11:11am my time...looks like I just missed UK's

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