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Democrats care about you?

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posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 04:48 AM
For the benefit of the international reader most of NZ electricity comes from Hydro Power . This is all good and all until a draught comes along. Electricity prices have or will go up in the thirty percent range .

The one ideology that I know for sure is screwing New Zealand for sure is that of the environmentalists. These are the people who in the face of rising electricity are happy to ban log burners that will burn all night and other such regulations that are in place . I am sure that there ultimate aim is to ban log burners all together. These clowns (I am being kind due to the T&C ) answer to everything is to use electricity to heat homes . Well as a Kiwi I am ashamed that middle class people have to send there kids to bed with beanies because the cant afford to heat there whole house. Lets not mention the elderly .

You can your bottom dollar that these clowns also oppose the use of Nuclear Power.

posted on Jul, 5 2008 @ 07:29 AM

Originally posted by semperfortis
reply to post by dgtempe

In 2006 the economy was INCREDIBLE and gas was reasonable. What major change has occurred? The election.


and the bills started rolling in.....
and the "illusion" of prosperity started to evaporate.
and the dollar's value shrank...
and lo and behold!! all of a sudden, everything costs more, gas included!!

why is the dollar worth less....oh, ya, we're a nation in debt, up over our heads in it, and we've spread the risk of this debt across the globe hitting every other country's economy.
why are we in debt like this? well, because, big corps are god, the little people are just the peons, they can work for peanuts...we'll give them things like welfare and credit cards to tide them over no problem. and well, the government can print, or borrow however much money that they wish, no problem....
after 6 or 7 presidents avoiding the IMF and their request to audit our banking system, why did Bush have to finally relent?? could it be...that he's borrowed so much danged money from the world bank, from china, them the right to go nosing around?
don't tell me that the republicans didn't have a part in all this...that's a bunch of crap! the two parties walk hand in hand, one taking our wealth and handing it to the corps, the other taking our wealth and using it to pacify the working class when they become unwealthy enough to afford to put a meal on the table because thier wages have turned to crap.
it's time to send a wake up call to both parties. look around you, find someone who you think could run this country better than the two clowns they have running, and write their danged name on the ballot! maybe if the majority of the american population vote for unknowns and neither party gets even close to the majority of the vote....they'll both go away.

posted on May, 11 2012 @ 03:03 PM
FACT... If you own Rooter Machine Company and you are selling your product at a 10% profit margin then you are out if business in a month or two.
No need to read any further than your first few lines. Econ 101 would teach you that simple fact.
Your hypothetical company went bust because you made a stupid decision right off the bat. You would not need to worry about a windfall tax.

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