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Obama and race in for more info..but more in general for america

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 11:04 AM
here is SouljaBoy a well know rapper dancer uses the Nword 50 times in 5 minute's.

if the word was so offensive tot hem ..they wouldn't use it.

do you see Jewish saying what up k___

or Arabians going what up my Sand nword

no we don't.

why because they take real offense to the term.

now to the obama part...

Why other race's mostly white's...lean toward not voting for obama..

the term a term to them to show they was slaves to whitey

now if black's all over America is allowed to say Nword constantly on's they have not even come close to letting go of there hate toward the white americans.

My sisters kid was in public school here in Kentucky.

Her and 2 friends that was was black.

was singing some song had the Nword in it.

they suspended my niece..her friends that was black was allowed to stay in school.

said she could have started a race riot ....

it's a double standard in america.

media music you name it.

can you imagine a white woman singing a country song..about her best friend that was black....and use the word nWord.......

media and black culture throw Nword down our throats 24/7 in America.
it ok for them to say it but no other race is allowed to say it toward them.
radio tv you name it it's there.

look at googles webpage here for elections..

double the stories for obama than mcain...DOUBLE count is the link count them double obama stories vs mcain.

Double the stories for obama vs mcain

if they don't have more obama stories up than mcain..its racism ..mark my words.

same with fox msn ect... they say anything bad about obama omg here come's obama GREAT racism speech.....

We all know he went to 500 or more of those hate rally sermons...against white people...white people started aids to mess with black people ect....
a man brainwashed by 15 + year of them flat out gonna hurt america when he is president.

it wont ease racism at this point it will only make it more powerful...if he follows rev wrights 15+ years of teaching's.

But the list goes on ...

but i am not trying to start a race fight here..that is not my point.

i am only trying to tell you the double standard in America.

95% of white americans know black people hate them...words like Nword they say 500 times in 5 minutes..
to how the media is afraid to give equal media attention to mcain.

obama pulled the race card already..even thought he was solely raised by white people.
Why to get the black votes..and more media attention toward him and it work's.

plz mod's do not delete lol

i am only stating a fact in America toward racism and why obama will not have the major white vote.
when final curtain falls

btw before you flame me im married with kids to a black woman..and im white..

so i aint racist.. ty for reading my sloppy typing

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posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 04:00 PM
I do agree with you on most of your post. The Obama team seem to have certainly kindled the racial fires that once smoldered in America. They have incessantly smeared those who dared call them out on their "CHANGE" campaign by not giving any direct explanation but by branding anyone who dares to do so a racist. My issues are with the way team Obama cheated at the caucuses thereby stealing votes and upping the total of delegates he received. He continuously slandered the Clinton's and doesn't have any idea of the issues which face this country. his wife is another issue which must also be dealt with. She is the more racist of the two and her attendance at Wright's church for years proves this.

Come join us, we are a Hillary forum.


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