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Way Too Little way too late Gentalmen, here is why..!

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 09:28 AM
Every system in almost every country on earth is under strain of bankruptcy. The UN's IMF pockets the diffence between cost of pumping oil and the market price of oil....
oil has been draining national treasuries across the Globe. and we typically think, one thing goes up another thing goes down to maintain a balance... this is not so with OIL. it is gone once used.
and at $150 a barrel of oil equals all the money in the world and you see the IMF is the only entity with money left.
Our Money is worthless, it represents debt from its existance and as soon as something is bought on Debt it looses real value.
a car is worthless if there is no energy to make it move... so a 30K could sell for $5 in Iron and Parts if there is no Gasoline.. its sort of simple if you think of it in Raw Materials. it takes energy to create tangible commodities...

My Anal - IS - SYS is they are going to reduce the world population by 6.3 or 6.4 billion people. they are going too take your money through Inflation. and devaluation on a global basis. they have successfully, took all self sustaining city's, and made them dependant... on all fronts of survival of their system. its their system that is going to kill the population.
food - with no money for fuel to transport. things will rot and so will the people of planet earth. you should make every effort to Live - plan a garden, trade for what you want without involving currencies.
store and stock all essentials to survive 5 years with out a global system. when this NEW WORLD Emerges from the Depression in 2013 we will be one world under the Anti-Christ system... and there should only be isolated pockets of humans like Island people - they will be dealt with by other means. but if you are in a civilized nation this could be your future if you let it happen. and as Bush Sr. said They Will Be Successful...

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 09:54 AM
reply to post by 888LetsRoll

Whether or not this will happen is a matter for speculation and debate. What is not debatable is that this procedure HAS been done before. One example is the “War” that the Spartans would declare on their Helots (slaves). This was done to cull the population when the Spartans considered the Helots were too weighty in numbers. Other examples abound throughout history where the ruling class decided to depopulate the serfs/slaves so that they could be more easily controlled. I am doubtful if the numbers of liquidated would reach over six-billion, however. Still, it’s not unprecedented.


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