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'Steven Wood', CERN and 'CERNand2012'

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 05:32 AM
Hi guys,

One month ago a youtube user by the name 'CERNand2012' released a series of two videos. One of which was allegedly a picture of a telescope built by CERN to observe obscure solar activity. The second video was also allegedly a transcript between CERN and NASA. The first video was 'debunked' within 2 weeks by a youtube user by the name 'ProjectStorm' who provided evidence that the telescope was actually a picture of the 'Hale Telescope'.

Within an hour of ProjectStorms video being released, an account under the name 'CathersNew' was subsequently released. Within 4 hour this account uploaded well over 200 videos, none of which had any relation to each other. Among those was ProjectStorms debunk video. It is speculated that this was a 'fake' account, and was a joint effort when the amount of video's uploaded is considered.

Soon after, CERNand2012 dismissed his previous videos and like many before him, he dissapeared.

That is until yesterday, when he resurfaced. This time with a much different story. His new account 'StevenWoodCern' claims that following his released he was dismised from CERN. He also claims that he is now 'on the run'.

I feel I should add at this point he released a genuine name as well as a genuine picture of himself.

What are the right questions to ask, to confirm this?


The video:

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 06:40 AM
reply to post by bigmoose

What was he? The resident janitor?

Snide remarks aside ( sorry ) I've been trying to find the original videos, do you have any links?

The right questions to ask I don't know..Recently lots of questions were asked of BoulderMd ( who I personally believed ) which Ihwere good questions, but there was so much negativity on this forum that he never came back to answer them.

How are you in a position to ask him any questions ? Lots of very smart people at ATS who are pros at asking the right questions.

I guess if it was me I'd like to see some evidence that he actually worked at CERN.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 08:36 AM

I personally don't have contact with him no. Although I feel I should mention claim to have done, and also claim that their phone calls were being tapped. This was part of the reason YOWUSA also ceased any further disclosure reports about a month ago (before this video was released).

I cant find any of CERNand2012's original videos on the net, but I know someone who might have downloaded them, and will try and re-upload them within a few days.

I checked which is a directory of all CURRENT CERN employees across the globe. There are no records of a steve or Steven Woods working at their currently. When I asked a CERN receptionist directly over the phone whether or not they could tell me anything about Steven Woods they claimed that they weren't allowed to release any information publically about their employees. Which I find funny, as I have just shown how you can find a CERN employees phone number.

Nether the less, this is a classic case of to many questions and not enough answers.

Hypothetically, if everything he claimed was true then he is doing exactly the right thing. If you are 'on the run' from 'the man' it's best to get your name out there. Let yourself start the story, so the story doesn't take control over you.

Further down the rabbit hole we go..


posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 01:03 AM

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 07:21 PM
I have to say I am very confused. I have found bits and pieces of this story around the net and really have no idea what it's all about. It was just enough to really spark my interest, but it seems no matter how much digging I do, I can't seem to find out what any of it means. I've been on a slow connection at work offshore and I am unable to watch the vids from here, so I'll have to wait till I get home but....

What was in these original vids?
What exactly is the danger of "planet x"
What is this Niribu book and how does it relate to planet x?
Where does this "two suns" idea come from?

I can't find any answers. It's like I've walked in at the end of a conversation and no one is willing to fill me in! LOL


posted on Jun, 25 2008 @ 07:15 PM
reply to post by Anonymous ATS

hey emerex,

certainly was/is a wierd one. you have a man who's appeared out of nowhere, and then dissapeared.

to answer your questions..

there were 2 original videos.
-the first was basically a picture of a telescope. he only claimed that the telescope was being kept secret, and that due to obscure discussion around CERN about 'planet x' he put 2 and 2 together and claimed the telescope was to observe Planet X.
-He then posted what he claimed was a transcript of a conversation between CERN and NASA concerning staffing problems.

the danger of planet x is a very, very tricky question. This has quickly become a topic absolutely packed with lies/disinfo as well as an equal amount of truth. this dangerous imbalance means the debunkers have as much fuel as the 'truthers' have to support their claims. No one will win this one for a while!

not sure what you mean by nibiru book?

not exactly sure where you got two suns from, but I assume you're refering to the following. according to some, if nibiru does make an appearence, it will give the appearance of two suns. or are you refering to the sun dog phenomena? lense flair? :p

ill do a seperate post concerning mr woods for anyone curious about developments..


posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 01:01 AM
To further expand on bigmooses Answer (and appoligies for my spelling, I'm smart but dyslexic) - Planet X (X refering to 10) or Niribu (The name given to it by the Mayans) is believed/rumored/said to be a partner brown dwarf star to our own sun. More than half of all stars out there have a twin although many of these twins are brown dwarfs (Stars that did not have quite enough mass to sustain fusion) so consequently don't have very much visable light comming off of them. They tend to have a mass around 1-3 times that of Jupiter. Much bigger than that and they become regular stars. Niribu/X is said to have an orbit of around 3600 years and is believed to have been responsible for past near extinction events on earth - The exodus of egypt, The great flood mentioned in the bible, and the fall of the mayans themselves. Many people believe that this will happen again soon, on or around 2012. As the planet/dwarf star comes through our solar system again it is said that it will cause major changes to our sun due to the interaction of EM (electromagnetic) forces between it and our own sun, As well as causing potential gravitational havoc when it passes between us and the sun (think of an extra large spring tide - a phenonom caused by the interaction of the sun and the moon working toether on tidal actions) coupled with Electical havoc (Telecoms and TV going down, Compasses going nuts, Power outages ect) as well as metor and asteriod inpacts due to the debris trail from this stars own satilites if they exist. In addition to temperatue changes of an extreme nature due to increases in solar activites. I myself believe there maybe some truth to this - It's odds on that our sun does have a twin, And Brown dwarfs are harder to see without an IR infered telescopes. There are a lot of these going into orbit at the moment, As well as the US bringing in one to the south pole (At massive expence) These IR telescopes are perfect for seing brown dwarfs as well as looking at solar activites. My advice - Do some of your own research - Don't belive that CERN will be that involved in it directly - Buy the time it can be seen in the northern hemespere it will be to little to late to tell us much more! And last of all - Keep an open mind, Be warey of conspiracy nuts and disinformation, There are a lot of attention seekers, Religious loons, as well as well meaning misinformed people out there all telling there own stories. There are some descrepencies and blank outs in Google sky's and microsoft telescope's star maps (You can find a few sources of infomation online about where to look for this) so somthing is amiss there. Live life, Love life What will be will be. Hoax, Rumor, fact or fiction we are all in the same boat. If red object apears in the sky in 2009-2010 in the southern hemesphere take it seriously and either build a deeo bunker, or party like theres no tommorrow, And do all you can before you die, If nothing shows up then just shrug it off and enjoy a mild sence of relief.

posted on Sep, 16 2008 @ 02:23 AM
why would people on the run make a youtube video anyways. there on the run for christ sake.

tho after seeing this video i all of a sudden i got teriffied... and this doesnt happen to me (so that condfuses me a bit).

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