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Official witness reports: scheme to sabotage humankind

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 12:59 AM
A recent report by former CIA employee Sue Arrigo adds disturbing eyewitness background to reports about direct operatives of the abducting alien alignment working to sabotage humankind. Arrigo writes:

Ex-CIA operative Al Martin's book The Conspirators: Secrets of an Iran-Contra Insider details the many financial scams he wrote for the Robber Barons. He quotes Col. Ollie North as being shocked that only 3% of the illicit profits from the Savings and Loan Scandal and related CIA swindles went to fund the Contras. Al Martin says 97% went into the pockets of politicians. Al Martin cites Bush, Sr. as saying, "If the public ever finds out about this, they will lynch us." Al Martin also exposed Operation Orpheus, a contingency plan to install martial law, if the public did find out. That operation was to cause a limited nuclear exchange between the US and another country to have an excuse to impose martial law. Ollie North briefed him on it. Al Martin asked him how many US citizens the US Administration (Reagan and Bush, Sr.) intended to kill that way. Ollie North said, “50 to 70 million.”

Whoa! Wait a minute: former Republican White House employee Al Martin says that Bush Sr. was so intent on corruption and sabotage of humankind that if discovered, the plan was to cause a nuclear exchange with another nation to cover the crime up. Remember, this isn’t my allegation---it’s a report by a career insider. If true, it’s alarming. Is there other information to back it up?

In her book Access Denied, another former CIA and military operative, Cathy O’Brien wrote:

Mass genocide of so-called “undesirables” was high on Bush (Senior’s) agenda. “We’ll annihilate the 'n-word's at their source, beginning in South and East Africa and Haiti…” Having heard Bush say those words is by far one of the most torturous things I ever endured. Equally as torturous to my being were the discussions on genetic engineering, human cloning, and depletion of earth’s natural resources for profit. Cheney remarked that no one would be able to think to stop technology’s plan. “I’ll destroy the planet first,” Bush had vowed. (p. 168)

Doesn’t that sound like a betrayal of humankind? If so, what kind of mind makes such statements—is it even one of us? Reports about Bush family involvement in the finance that founded Nazism were bad enough, but this seems to represent a new, if not desperate threshold. Just what is going on?

Two books by Phillip Krapf, a Pulitzer prize winning former LA Times editor, say that hundreds of prominent humans were enlisted as ambassadors for a gray alien alignment opening to humankind. Krapf says a Times Mirror corp. executive admitted being part of the plan. In addition, numerous human abductees have reported that a breeding program has created hybrid operatives who easily slip in and out of human society, in some cases undetected. Col. Phillip Corso wrote that the US military was alarmed about the dangers that posed—going so far as to suggest that a hybrid could occupy the Oval Office and work against us, possibly undetected. That was decades ago. Now we have more advanced methods for checking such a case, and the human public is better informed about alien subjects.

Phillip Krapf reported that after he was taken onboard a gray alignment craft owned by “Verdants,” a larger alien population who seem to be the alignment’s dominant members, Verdants told Krapf that Verdant sabotage has led to manipulated warfare on some planets, the destruction of others. One Verdant told Krapf that Verdants infiltrated some 10,000 of their operatives onto one planet, allowing them to become “heads of military units, key scientists, government leaders, and chief executives of industrial complexes, including armament manufacturers. Through sabotage, subterfuge, misdirection, persuasion over great masses of the host populations, and careful manipulation of government policy,” Verdants achieved their ends on the given planet. (The Challenge of Contact, p. 76-77)

Is that what’s happening here, now, with the abduction and breeding program? Various researchers note that the gray aliens’ alignment has abducted humans as part of a breeding program to create human-alien hybrids. David Jacobs PhD writes that humans are combined once with an alien genotype, then bred back with humans twice again to look nearly human. One further breeding and the hybrid can’t be distinguished from a human. Meanwhile, the hybrids’ loyalties are with the grays’ alignment, not humankind.

The operation reportedly involves many thousands of abductions and hybridization for what David Jacobs describes as an “infiltration” phase. Jacobs’ second book on the subject, The Threat, asked whether the program has by now proceeded to a potentially planet-threatening threshold.

Let’s pull back some and try to put this into larger perspective. Various sources say that an alien alignment that manipulated the deaths of planets elsewhere is now here, trying to sneak this planet into its ranks. The aliens didn’t bother to ask us about it, nor do they seek permission. Instead, they appear to assume that their judgement trumps ours. Worse yet, a variety of whistleblowers say the same aliens have posted human-alien hybrids and other, subordinate aliens in a number of previously uninhabited star systems in our vicinity. The question is: at what point does the alien alignment decide that its dependents’ positions are more important than we are? Once that occurs, it’s relatively easy for them to infiltrate and sabotage us, possibly killing our planet yet profiting by possession of our surroundings. All they would need is a human crony population to rubberstamp the effort. When planet-killing colonizers take up in our vicinity, they’ll favor their dependents, and from such perspective, may see them as desirable while we look relatively primitive.

Ironically, you may have read allegations about Bush Sr., David Rockefeller, and other so-called New World Order operatives working at cross purposes to humankind. Their corruption, i.e. that cited by Sue Arrigo below, is so destructive to this planet that some observers now ask whether the plan is to sabotage humankind and deprive us of basic freedoms. If such is the case, it would neatly fit the scenario noted by Krapf, Corso and numerous others—including sources in my book Alien Mind ( You may recall movie producer Aaron Russo’s report that Nick Rockefeller, a Council on Foreign Relations member and cousin of David Rockefeller, told Russo that the plan was to microchip the human population yet allow an exception for an elite who participate in the scheme.

Microchip the human population? Doesn’t that sound rather---alien?

I should note that in Alien Mind – a Primer I quote alien reports naming individuals who are “direct operatives” of the abducting gray alignment—here on this planet. The alien(s) who allege this appear to pre-date the aliens of the gray alignment. The list of operatives is most ironic. Named as “direct operatives” are: the French Rothschild, part of the Biderman Du Pont family (chemicals, arms and crimes against humanity), David Rockefeller, Bush Sr., Benjamin Netanyahu, part of the royal Saud family, part of the Shell oil co-owning Dutch royal family, a New York City financial figure named “Gold” or “Gold-something” (Goldman?), Prince Phillip, Gen. Hugh Shelton--former US Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff under Bush Sr., and others. If one were to look for a pattern in the above it would be easy to see.

Named as direct operatives are people who sent J.P. Morgan, a Rothschild agent banker, to the US, which resulted in monopoly finance--including Rockefeller--and effective control of major oil. Rockefeller’s old Standard interests would be part of the strategy, as would Du Ponts’ control of Conoco and the old Phillips oil co. Rothschilds pair with Dutch royals to own Shell, and Rothschilds also own part of BP and probably some French oil interest. The Sauds are obvious, as would be Netanyahu’s finger in tending to such interests. Rothschilds were the economic mainstays of British imperial expansion after 1800---an empire. Also obvious in the list is control of arms and chemicals, plus direct operative ownership via Du Ponts of Rockwell, Boeing, North American Aviation and more. Of course, Laurance Rockefeller was an early investor in Lockheed. Rothschild-intermarried families control much of Lockheed Martin, which has Morgan investments.

Michael Salla describes Nelson Rockefeller’s prime role, years ago, in stealing MJ12 and PI40 committee oversight away from presidential control after Eisenhower asked Nelson to help reorganize his government. Later, Eisenhower bemoaned it as an epic mistake (see “Political Management of the Extraterrestrial Presence” on Michael Salla’s website). See a pattern in any of this?

Again, the witnesses noted above aren’t unreliable fringe characters. They’re mainstream careerists with long histories of respected work. Other black budget whistle blowers cite the murder of potential witnesses to prevent them from talking to the public. If there were only a few murders of the sort it wouldn’t be much to worry about. But it’s much more than that. A witness cited by Dr. Steven Greer said that as of 1997, 2000 men out of an army of 8000 “who did nothing but import drugs under the cover of classified, need-to-know operations” had been murdered to prevent public awareness of the crime. Having done graduate study in US history, I know that about 7000 soldiers died in the battle for American independence (more died of injuries later). In other words, if our sources are correct Bush Sr. and cohorts killed the equivalent of a sizable fraction of the entire Revolutionary War toll. Add to that others killed, i.e. cited by Sue Arrigo below, and you can see the scale of the move against us.

The revolutionaries of 1776 didn’t give their lives to help spread an empire. That’s what they were fighting against.

In her latest report, Sue Arrigo says former CIA director George Tenet told her that if he agreed to help expose Bush’s crimes and the theft of public monies he would be murdered. Arrigo says she was given a title of “Remote Viewing Advisor to the Joint Chiefs of Staff” and a rank of a 2-star general in the US military during her duties. For Arrigo’s report see “The Nearly Unfathomable Depths of Pentagon Corruption” Parts I and II by Bob Chapman June 02, 2008, or see Stephen Lendman’s report on Arrigo in Alex Cockburn’s e-zine Counterpunch.

Here’s what Arrigo has to say about (alleged “direct operative”) Gen Hugh Shelton:

“This case has to do with a particular kickback scheme that I read three Pentagon documents on. It involved an Air Force general on the JCS and a Defense Contractor, Boeing. He was due to discuss the Air Force's needs for new fighter planes at an upcoming JCS meeting. I went to talk to him after reading the three documents and asked him to recuse himself from giving that presentation. He refused. I then went to the Head of the JCS, General Shelton, and asked him to appoint someone else to give that presentation. It should be remembered that I had no mandate to address the corruption that I came across. I did not initially bring forward the documents when I made the request, but when he refused then I did show him the documents to make my point. He still refused to make the change.”

My note: Boeing is partly owned by (allegedly “direct operative”) Du Pont family members. Worse yet, Gen. Hugh Shelton was head of the US military when the 9-11 twin towers attacks occurred, which led to an Orwellian attempt to eliminate constitutional freedoms plus a disastrous war in the Mideast.

Arrigo writes that when she tried to expose Halliburton thefts of taxpayers’ money and Cheney/Halliburton-ordered murder of CIA officials, she “checked with the Head of CIA building security and he admitted that he knew too. I asked him what he was going to do about it. He said ‘Keep my mouth shut so I can stay alive and I suggest you do the same.’ That sounded like a threat to me, even though indirectly worded. I asked him who would kill me if I talked about it. He hemmed and hawed a bit. I asked him if he would try to kill me if I talked about it. He said no but others would. I went fishing and asked, ‘Do you think Halliburton will kill me for it?’ He didn't say. Then I asked ‘Will the CIA?’ He said, ‘Not likely, you are inside the CIA.’ Then I asked ‘CACI?’ At that he agreed that they would likely try in defense of their sister enterprise Halliburton.”

Arrigo reports that CIA Director George Tenet: “admitted that he had been told to hide from me the adult CIA deaths by the White House. But, he said that he could not in good conscience ignore the deaths of the family members. Thus, he had given me the assignment in the fashion that he did. He refused to say who at the White House had told him to cover up the adult CIA deaths. By then, I already knew. I had run across the tape of the Presidential Briefing at which that had happened. Bush had asked him how things were going over at the CIA. When Tenet started to complain about the number of deaths, Bush (Jr.) stopped him. He had said, ‘We will not discuss the deaths, ever.’”

Again, Bush Jr. is the son of a man described in one highly advanced source’s report as a “direct operative” of the abducting gray alignment. Here we see Bush Junior trying to cover up murders of those whose job it was to report on, and counteract crimes in or against the CIA.

Arrigo writes:

“The CIA had done purges of operatives to cover its guilt the way Stalin had done purges of the KGB in Russia. The only difference was in the numbers killed. Since I had lived through several of those purges in the decades I had been at the CIA, it occurred to me that my friend James might have died in one. He was a member of the (CIA) oversight committee. Four of about 16 members of the oversight of Halliburton's thefts at the CIA had died in under a year; he was the 5th. Two had been tortured to death in precisely this fashion before; James made the 3rd. The members of the oversight committee were terrified. Two members quit shortly thereafter out of fear.

”It was a blatant omission of the facts of the case that Tenet had not informed me of the over 100 adult victims. In retrospect, it appeared that that omission had to have been intentional. Was it to hide the fact that the oversight committee had lost so many of its members? I was concerned at the glaring omission in Tenet's briefing of me. It suggested that the murders of the CIA people and their family members was not 'random violence' by madmen, but targeted violence to achieve a political aim. It appeared that Tenet was witting to the aim and trying to cover it up….

“When I took all of his instructions into account over time, then the hits were uniformly distributed over the targets. That is, there was an excellent correspondence between the actual deaths and the amount of time that the person had been targeted. The oversight people were always on the list to target and so they had the highest death rates.”

If that doesn’t scare you, wait until you read what Arrigo has to say about another alleged “direct operative” family, the Sauds:
“That (Cheney) staffer had a title like White House researcher. But, when I looked into what he actually did by watching his computer screen and emails, he did not research topics. What he did was take the opinions of neo-cons and ‘create the research’ citations to support them. More than half of his inputs were coming from David Rockefeller–about 55%. About 15% were coming from Bush, Jr. and 20% from Cheney. Also disturbing to me from a counter-intelligence point of view was that most of the rest were coming from foreign sources, including the Saudi Ambassador to the US. That meant that even foreign agents were cooking CIA’s Dept. of Intelligence’s reports and thus shaping US foreign policy.
“I then looked into who was overseeing that staffer’s work. That was not encouraging. He was being bribed by the Saudis and two other foreign agents, one from Libya and one from Egypt. The oversight of him had not been sufficient to detect that. It had not even attempted to ensure that most of his work was being done for those whom the taxpayers had purportedly elected.”

Readers may recall that mainstream 9-11 reports featured mostly Saudi hijackers, one of whom had been given money directly by Saud royal family members just before 9-11. Worse yet, the Taliban in Afghanistan was founded by Pakistan, a nation that received $21 billion directly from the Sauds to finance creation of a nuclear bomb. And investigative reporter Daniel Hopsicker reports that a Rockefeller foundation paid for part of Mohamed Atta’s “primary school” education in Germany—before Atta moved to Florida to train for 9-11. Hopsicker writes that Atta and cohorts appeared to mix with a CIA network that imported huge quantities of Afghanistan heroin into Florida.

Here’s another Arrigo report about (alleged “direct operative”) David Rockefeller---*who Arrigo also says controlled the US traffic of child sex slaves—Arrigo worked to thwart that and narco traffic. In the segment below, Arrigo says Bush Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld pocketed money overcharged for contracts in Iraq.

“My best guess was that there were at least 2,500 such trailers set up in the war zones, bringing the figure to 25 times as much for at least a $25 million a year profit. He (Rumsfeld) was depositing the cash in the vault in his office. Once a week an armored car picked it up and took it to the Chase Bank, a Rockefeller enterprise.”

Here’s another Arrigo report about (alleged “direct operative”) David Rockefeller. Arrigo describes how a Harvard professor was paid large sums of money to write brief, false reports to be fed to the CIA as though they were true. It was an attempt to warp the CIA’s internal analysis to favor Bush-Cheney hijacking of government into corrupt hands:
(CIA Director George) “Tenet sent a bigwig in Intelligence ‘down to have a talk with me.’ I lambasted the man for running a shoddy dept. He had been the person at the CIA calling the professor the most and paying him the highest rates, up to $200,000 a page for a ‘rush case.’ All of the professor’s articles were rushed through as fast as he could type. He expected me to sit by and idly twiddle my thumbs while he destroyed the integrity of US intelligence. About 40% of his time was spent ‘outsourcing’ CIA intelligence analysis assignments–that is finding who to bribe to write up the US administration’s opinions as academic or well-founded facts. He was the counterpart of the White House Researcher. What they ‘researched’ was how to cook the CIA’s intelligence to make it say what the US Administration wanted to hear. He was the one who had gone to Tenet saying that I had wasted the time of his analysts.When I looked into who he took assignments from it was not primarily Tenet. The pattern was much the same as for the White House researcher. Most of his assignments, about 60% were coming from David Rockefeller.
“The main difference appeared to be that the underworld figures were left off the White House’s list. The CIA’s Intelligence bigwig was having the Mafia write the articles on the Mafia! And he was paying them big bucks to let them write what they wanted about themselves! That ‘professional courtesy’ was extended also to big drug running outfits, big arms traders, and big slavers. I located 10 articles in each of these categories that had been written by ‘the insiders’, the criminals themselves. Then I ‘wasted my time’ reading them. That was a real eye opener. It was not a waste of my time once I understood that the articles were written by the criminals to help the CIA cover-up their crimes.
“I went to the bigwig in Intelligence and showed him my 30 articles and asked him who in his dept. had ‘commissioned them from the criminals’. I already knew the answer. He had been responsible for every one of those articles being written and submitted to the CIA’s analysts.”

Arrigo says Cheney threatened to kill her if she exposed his crimes: “That did not however prevent an attempt on my life the next day that I attributed to Cheney. I sent over to the GAO the evidence of that as well. A CIA car that I drove over towards the Pentagon lost both its brakes and its steering control suddenly. It was a miracle that I survived. The car ran up a grassy embankment and was stopped by a thicket of brush. I was much shaken up but otherwise unhurt except for some scratches and bruises. The car parts and pictures of my injuries went over to the GAO. I then called up Cheney and asked him about my car accident. He did not deny it. He said instead, ‘It could have been worse.’ and ‘Expect worse next time.’”

The above is but a sampling of what Arrigo has to say. For more, see her latest report. And for those who feel intimidated by the money and power of suspects noted above, please remember: We don’t need to fight a war over their crimes. We need merely expose them. That’s beginning to happen now, little by little, but as it increases people see the need to respond more quickly, now, before too much damage is done. And when they can see that, more witnesses will go public with evidence for us to read. Finally, when the majority in this country and elsewhere are adequately informed, the scheme will be disempowered.


posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 03:42 PM
Also see Dr. Sue Arrigo's article: Secrets of the CIA's Global Sex Slave industry at

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 05:44 PM
Wow good research. I had read on another thread on ATS, that someone had heard from Arrigo's sister, saying that Arrigo was a schizophrenic. I don't know if that is true, but from what she's saying, it all makes sense and fits together, so I doubt that she's schizophrenic.

This is all very scary and I don't know what to think, but one thing is very clear: our govt is not at all cncerned with the well-being of America and Americans.


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