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Voice In My House

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posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 10:46 AM
Someone is trying to get your attention. Do not dismiss the door and tv as nothing they are also attempts to get your attention. It is up to you now to figure out why and what they are trying to warn you about.

posted on Jun, 26 2008 @ 11:29 AM
I have had three similar experiences. On each occasion, I was listening to music through the earphones on my mobile phone.

First time - I heard a faint wolf whistle in my right ear. It wasn't very clear and within a matter of seconds, I heard another very loud wolf whistle in the same right ear, as if trying to attract my attention.

This experience didn't bother me so I kept listening to the music and just laughed it off.

Second time - this happened about a month or so after the first experience. This time, somebody STOPPED the music that I was listening to (through the right earphones) and said (in a male voice) three clear words: 'NO MORE SOUND'

At this point, I pulled out the earphone from my right ear, looked at it, and then shouted very loudly to whoever it was, saying: GO AWAY! After this, I just put it back on the earphones.

Just to say that the experience did not scare me. It's just that I couldn't believe what I was hearing - the shock of it. I wasn't going to let it scare me because I know you only die once and shouldn't die before your time, through fear.

Prior to that, I used to hear bangings on the walls of my house in the early mornings. The door handle in my bedroom used to creak as though somebody was trying to open the door for me as I got up from bed to go to the toilet. This was in addition to a very strong smell coming from the toilet (at around 8 o'clock in the evenings), even though nobody had been to the toilet.

My printer being paused, YES, actually being paused and some other document being printed first, (in very strange characters - although deciphered by the computer to make sense of it), before my actual document was printed. This happened twice and I've still got the two strange print-outs up 'til this day.

Anyway, the wolf whistle and utterance was what made me to do a research about ghosts. This led me to take the following actions:

1. Burnt sage in every room of the house - since then, the early morning bangings have completely stopped. I also burn incense in the rooms.

2. Bought the Holy Bible - it's kept under my pillow. I never had one!

2. Learnt how to make my own Holy Water - I use it to sprinkle all over the house.

3. Recite the Lord's Prayer on a daily basis - I have now committed it to memory - I totally forgot it because I never used to pray before.

4. Drawing a demarcation line in every room of the house, using salt.


Everything is quiet and peaceful now. However, the house still creaks now and then but no more banging noise.

When I hear the occassional creak, I go upstairs and shout at them to leave my house and go to the light, in the name of Jesus Christ. I tell them they are dead so must go to the light.

Before going to bed, I always read the Lord's Prayer 'Our Father which art in heaven. Hallowed be thy name.....' St Matthew 6:9

My advice:

Stay strong and NEVER be afraid. Never! Let my own personal expriences be an inspiration for you to remain strong.

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