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Could there be a link between these two events?

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posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 07:11 PM
Hi, I've been a member of this site for some time though I rarely post I felt that this needed to be brought to somebody's attention. While browsing site's I came across an interesting article :

CERN Malfunction

I didn't reallt think much of it until I ran across THIS article and what stood out to me the most was:

This is especially worrisome, these reports continue, due to the North American ‘anchor’ to CERN’s quark based communication system, based at their highly secretive base named Area 51 in Nevada, causing over 5,000 earthquakes in that region in recent weeks.

I immediately recalled a post here on ATS a few months back that dealth with peculiar earthquakes around the Nevada area. After a quick search I came to find this:

Crazy Grid of Earthquakes

I'm not entirely too sure if there is a link between the two but this makes for a pretty good discussion... Fire away.

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posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 09:20 PM
reply to post by ptownb

I wouldn't place too much credence on that article, for a variety of reasons.
For one, it's by Sorcha Faal, which is a name guaranteed to raise blood pressures on ATS. Do a quick search here (or, for that matter, on Google), and you'll find that Faal isn't a highly regarded source. Lest someone accuse me of an ad hominem attack, I'll present a few sources to back up my comments:

TBR News - Sorcha Faal

ATS - Sorcha Faal

ZetaTalk - Sorcha Faal

For another (leaving aside questions about the reliability of the source), the article, supposedly supported by Some of the Smartest People Evar (tm), contains some glaring errors. My personal favorite? The idea that a 'tensor transformation experiment' can destabilize the Earth's orbit. Tensors are mathematical constructs, not physical ones. They can, at best, describe an experiment...they are not, in themselves, experimental subjects.

Wikki - Tensors

The closest a tensor transformation can come to destabilizing the Earth is making a math major decide to slam back a few Irish Coffees after dealing with them...that can certainly destabilize the Earth on a personal scale, but not on a planetary one.
(Don't ask me how I know this...I'll deny everything!).

Then there's this little 'gem':

Most insidious, however, of these Western governments, and their scientists, plans is their creation of the twin Global Warming/Climate Change myth to cover over the many catastrophic affects of their experiments at CERN, and which one of these ‘effects’ has been reported this week is leading to the shifting of our World’s jet streams as they plunge even closer to the poles of our planet. (And which any school child’s science class experiments shows will, indeed, be the consequence of shifting the magnetic alignment of a sphere.)

Oddly enough, while I can't find any link (other than the one in Sorcha Faal's vivid imagination) linking magnetic alignment to the paths of jet streams (or even defining 'magnetic alignment of a sphere' in any relevant context), the very article cited by S.F. places the blame for the shift on global warming. It takes a real leap of faith (and bad science) to not only contradict your own citation, but to blame a phenomenon on an experiment that hasn't happened yet.

In short, we have a questionable source, presenting factual errors, bad science, and bad debating form, seasoned with a heavy glaze of fear-mongering, and marinated in a mixture of buzz-words and bad writing. Let simmer for 2-4 months on the Internet....serves 4.


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