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UFO videos and assigning probabilities

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posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 01:46 PM
When you see a new UFO video, what's going through your mind before you view it? Are you assigning a real/hoax percentage before you even view the clip?

Lets see how this mindset works in quantum physics. I'll quote something I said in the Schrodinger's Cat thread.

The cat is neither alive nor dead until observed. The observer decides whether the cat is alive or dead, typically based on preconceptions the observer has as to how long he/she thinks a cat is likely to survive in a box. That is to say, the fate of the cat is calculated by the observer (usually unconsciously) based on the beliefs of the observer.

Replace "Cat in a box" with "UFO video on the internet".
Replace "alive or dead" with "real or hoax".

Get it?

It's apparent now due to recent experiments and advances in science that we live in a quantum world, not a linear world where everything is set in stone. So next time a clip comes out, why not assign it a 50/50 probability instead of something horribly skewed?

It's obvious that most of you have been let down for so long that you don't want to even consider the possibility that a clip may be real, for fear of being let down again. And no doubt there are hoaxes out there, but how many real ones have slipped through the cracks due to a pre-quantum way of thinking?

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