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The Thiaoouba prophecies

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posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 10:20 AM
I know there was another thread about this some time ago but it seemed to be somebody just taking the mickey..

Ive just recently finished reading this book. The thing that caught my eye when i found it was that you didnt actually have to buy it, unlike all other books like this you have to pay like 20 or 30 euros to get them.. They actually give you the option if you cant afford the book you can download the e-book here..

The book is Writen by a french guy called Michel Desmarquet, who was alegedly
Taken to a planet called thiaoouba by these spiratual E.Ts..

It is an amazing story packed full of fasinating revelations, It goes into great detail about the universe, reincarnation, the direction that mankind is heading in, ancient civilisations, and of christ.. It is a truelly amazing story, it makes so much sense. Like i said You can down load the e book for free. Anyone that likes reading should check this out..

There will probably be some people that will laugh at this, Read the book first then you can do all the laughing you want, but i gaurentee you wont be laughing..

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