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Vibration of the body in sleep..

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posted on Jul, 15 2010 @ 11:17 AM
May I please state something that is going on with my mother? Maybe someone can help me with this. She's been complaining for quite some time about vibrations that just shake her all over and it makes her hurt all over. Now this is a 91 year old woman who can neither see nor hear.

She first insisted that it was the furnace or something beneath her under the house. We've had plumbers and electricians out but to no avail.

She complains of this every night, says it goes on for a couple of hours, happens 2 or 3 times per night. She's driving me crazy for answers, which I don't have. There have been people there and she wakes them up in the middle of the night to come feel this, but no one can. I'm thinking something on the metaphysical line, but it's been going on for quite a while. Any answers, please???

posted on Aug, 5 2010 @ 04:03 PM
I've been having the vibration thing for years, now, myself. Had one just this morning. And this morning was pretty typical. I was in a nice relaxed state, and had drifted off to a catnap. Dreamed a black fly was about to land on my face, and woke fast, vibrating briefly. Both parts of the situation were things I've gotten used to over the years.

The black fly dream was a variation of the whole "insect/arachnid" dream thing that I've dealt with. It's what I've come to call "shadow dreams". Basically, what we're calling shadows have gotten into my dreams and hassle me. Sometimes I wake from the dreams and found a black blob on my bed trying to get away from me, or a gigantic centipede-shape crawling up into a corner to disappear, or an enormous spider-shape crawling up a wall to disappear behind a curtain. The things hate me. Anyway, that's another story.

So waking up to the vibrating/buzzing sensation is also pretty common to me. Since it happens so often with the shadow dreams, I figured them to be related. And since I have to put everything in kind of a pseudoscientific framework, here's what I worked out.

It seems to be what is called a beat phenomenon. The guitarist above is probably familiar with it. Two different frequencies, two different wavelengths, superimposed on eath other, produce a beat or beats in time. The greater the difference in frequency, the more beats per minute.

What causes it? I'm gonna say it's the shadows in my dreams, and their frequencies are causing an interference pattern in my own personal frequency. The vibration/buzzing varies in how fast or slow it beats because of either a variation in my own frequency or a variation in the shadows' frequencies.

Could I be wrong? Well, sure. But it's the only thing that makes any sense to me until something better comes along.

posted on Sep, 23 2010 @ 06:18 PM

Originally posted by Anonymous ATS
I have experienced this sensation twice over the past year. I lie down completely awake and a few moments later dare I say, it feels like my body is being posessed. I can't open my eyes no matter how aware of the fact that I am awake I am. I start to get a buzzing that quickly transforms to a loud vibration in my ears. The only sound and feeling that I can compare it to is a plane taking off inside of my body -- Thats both what it sounds and feels like. Then, my body starts vibrating uncontrolably and I just lay there completely scared and hope for it to be over. Ive tried to research this and all of the scientific explanations just don't cut it for me. Both times I have been convinced that there has been a spirit with me. The first time I felt warm and was convinced that my grandmother was trying to communicate with me. When I sprung out of bed, my entire body was tingling as if the blood had just been returned everywhere and when i looked in the mirror everything from my face to my hands to my feet was very pale.
Maybe it was because I had been thinking about her earlier, but I felt someone saying my name in a non-verbal manner.

The second time this happened was about an hour ago, and I am still shaken up. I had the entire airplane sensation -- the buzzing, the vibrating, the paralysis. I had layed down and this time began to actually drift off into a half-sleep. About half an hour later, I was awoken however my eyes were still closed -- to a "dream" about a man and I in a car. I was scared, and I opened my eyes, but I couldnt move. I was staring at the wall as I was simultaneously in this "dream" he started telling me that he was going to run us into a pole to my death. We were speeding through a night street. I was completely aware of where I was in my bed but I couldnt stop it eventough my eyes were open. As his car sped up, the vibration in my head and heart got so strong that the entire airplane sensation was overwhelming. I was convinced that this man in this dream was a spirit that did have the power to kill me through these vibrations that might stop my heart. With all of my mental power I silently yelled in my head, "No I dont want to die let me out!" at that very moment I felt him in the drivers seat pass from one side of my body to the other and float upwards. I slowly got the sensation back into my legs and arms although my ears were still ringing and just started at the cieling. I saw waves of energy everywhere -- like when its so hot outside you can see the heat coming up from the asphalt. The waves were so clear and present in an entire corner of the room I just watched as they faded out after I sat up in bed for a good 5 minutes.

This unlike the first experience felt evil and scary like something wished something very bad upon me. I swore that the vibrations got so strong that I really thought that my heart ws about to eplode. I believe in the paranormal but I have never been overly interseted or tried to reach spirits or whatever it might be but I am 100% convinced that something very real happened on both occasions.

Ive been reading everyone else posts, and I feel like a freak since mine has been the only one accompanied by a psycho dream/scenario such as this, but is there anyone else that has actually seen a person or spirit or talked to someone while experiencing this? im completely freaked out. It was way to real and I know I'm not .

I know you posted about 2 years ago but I only saw your post today. You are not alone. I have been through this myself. The vibrations develop into something that I can only describe as producing warmth from within coming outward and it feels like there is a huge mass of energy vibrating from within coming outward. My eyes were about half open and I had to fight hard to open them and I pleaded with God to help me as I notonly couldn't fully open my eyes but I couldn't move either. The last time this happened was a couple of nights ago. I was laying face down in my bed agitated because I could not get to sleep. I was about to get up when it happened. My eyes were half open and I could see my bed but at the same time I could also see that I was in another place (but not looking at myself, looking through my own eyes) moving very quickly horizontally through the air as if flying (but not flying high up in a sky). I have never seen anything like what I saw but the place didn't make me feel scared. There were other things that I could see and flew past and which were moving. There was also a head floating in the centre of this place which was facing me but I could not see the facial features even though I tried.

Yes. I know. I sound like a freak and completely nutz. But what you describe is very much likemy own experience.

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