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Theory for crop circles, transplanting alien implants and intercepting Mars probe data!

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posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 08:54 PM
I've tried to present theories and ask these questions in other mediums with little success. Perhaps its not even topic worthy but you decide.


If space was in fact already weaponized could crops be the paper and the satellite the printer? If I had control of such a device I certainly would toy with it too. Perhaps the crop circles or at least the more complex ones are simply a higher resolution whereas the ones before were nothing more than "calibration pages" printed to crops. Just something to ponder as the ramifications of these devices would be huge if these were mere test patterns and inside jokes.


Has anyone ever discussed the ultimate experiment of transplanting a removed implant into a willing candidate for extended study? Maybe it could be part of "Jackass 3". I have the feeling that Steve-O would be game. Or has it already been done? Would be interesting to see if the device suddenly becomes active in a new host. Although we might not have the capability to detect the activity. Thoughts?


Is it possible to receive transmissions of data from the probes using some sort of scanner / packet system? Would it be legal? Considering that the transmissions are coming from a place where American / World intellectual property laws really don't seem to apply, would there be legal issues with LIVE STREAMING/Netcasting/Broadcasting/distributing video information from said source? Or has the RIAA infiltrated space too? Legal ramifications? Just curious as I have never heard of such a case besides that guy in B.C., Canada recording the NASA STS missions. Though I have no doubt the data is a proprietary format and encrypted several more bits than publicly available encryption. But hey, there's some pretty interesting people on this planet that seem to be able to do anything.

I know this is a three topic in one post but let's pretend it is a party, we are drinking and mashing together topics accordingly. It's a pulp topic let's say.

Whoops! Could someone move this thread to the right area? Seems I posted it to a non related area and can't move it! Very sorry for the boo boo! (My first thread.)

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