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How to not improve the quality of a thread...

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posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 05:49 PM


Bush and McCain Responsible for Midwest Flooding

By now, i assume you've all heard about the floods that are devistating the midwest right now. Indiana, Illinois, and Iowa are all caught in the Deluge that many attribute to failing levies and the mighty Mississippi River. ( Source )

Most call this a natural disaster, but a few see it otherwise.....
To see why, we must take a trip back in time.

August 29, 2005

Republican POTUS George W. Bush is winding down yet another one his vacations. This time he's at his Ranch, taking off a much needed month long vacation.

But don't expect him to end his vacation for just anything!

Enter, Stage left: Hurricane Katrina.
Exit, Stage Right: President Bush.

Katrina happened while Bush was on vacation. ( source )

While nobody can be sure why the POTUS would want to ravage an entire town with the onslaught of flood waters, its undeniable that Mr. Bush was solely responsible. We get this from numerous testimonies of widely-recognized, and credible sources like:


Former VICE President of the United States Al Gore

Even the very famous rapper who almost made the final cut for the bible, Kayne West tells us why Bush is to blame for the deluge in New Orleans.

And McCain's role? We'll get to that shortly, but keep in mind -- even John McCain blamed George W. Bush for hurricane Katrina.

So whats the tie-in?
Well - its simple.

A few rumors were thrown to the wind when Native Americans paid a visit to the white house a while ago. The rumors were that the Native American chiefs were requested by Bush in order to teach the POTUS how to perform a proper ceremony for the fabled Rain Dance. Picture of N.Americans arriving

Bush's prior attempts of biblical portioned rains were, up until recently, twarted by the ever strengthening Global Warming phenomenon.

Bush chose to hide his dealings with unknowing native americans by asking them to give him An Indian Name which would throw off his future skeptics.

We all know how Katrina Unfolded, and we saw how McCain chose to blame President Bush for its terrorizing disaster.

Insert modern days.

President Bush decides to go on a PityParty Tour that the radical media is calling a "farewell tour", which, once again, so happens to coincide with another "natural disaster". Only this time?

THE Great flood of the midwest

Insert John McCain

Despite McCains seemingly endless critisims of president Bush in years past, one must ponder if it was merely a facade of trickery and deceit, when you read such stories as President Bush shaking the hand of John McCain and giving him His Endorsement ... which McCain humbly accepted.

As if one Jedi Master passing his powers to a Padawan, McCain is no where to be found in the floods of the midwest.

Though his adversary and partner is nothing, Barack Obama, can be seen helping out his own region by volunteering time from his already pressed schedule to help the citizens of the midwest combat the rising flood waters.

Sure, McCain Offers his condolences form his comfy leather chair in Arlington, VA.

There's a little known tactic that teaches business owners how to avoid the blame in the event of a crisis or a natural disaster. Seems as though Mr. McCain may be hiding something here.

Some people in my social life have told me they heard through the grapevine that senator McCain has promised land back to the American Indians, in exchange for knowledge of this - now infamous - proper traditional rain dance.

Though it may sound odd, historical changes of opinion from the Native Americans themselves add fuel to the fire that speculates there may be some credibility to this accusation.

With the president out of the country
and the midwest wiped clean by *cough* natural flooding *cough*
perhaps some of the land stolen from the tribes of 200 years ago, could be rightfully returned?
Could this be a conspiracy of the republican party to sway Native American votes, which are primarily democratic, into republican votes, in such a heated and historical 2008 presidential election?

I've laid the facts out before you

you be the judge.

[edit] I changed the name of the thread. More fitting this way.

[edit on 18-6-2008 by Andrew E. Wiggin]

[edit on 18-6-2008 by Andrew E. Wiggin]

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