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There are no blind believers in U.F.O.'s

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posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 03:46 PM
There is no such thing as a "blind believer" in ufology.

You have extremes and that's in any field of study.

I have seen extreme theories in physics does that make the field of physics obsolete?

People within ufology have evidence to back their claims.

They have direct, circumstantial, trace evidence and abduction cases to back their claims. So nobody who accepts these things does it blindly.

Again, there are extremes but you have that in Genetics, Biology and other fields of study as well.

The "blind believer" is the pseudoskeptic. They have nothing but there opinion in most cases.

A person accepting every picture or video means nothing because there's underlying evidence to support the claim that these things exist beyond any reasonable doubt.

There's some people who accept every theory in physics, so you will always have extremes.

It's the people who yell fake or hoax on every picture or video who are "blind believers."

You can call any picture a fake, if you don't know what a real extraterrestrial space craft looks like.

It's like looking for counterfeit money and you don't know what real money looks like.

So of course every video or pic can be labled fake without any evidence.

So when I hear the "blind believer" thing, it doesn't make sense.

If I were to say that there flying pink elephants in my backyard and people believed me, then that's blind belief because there's no underlying evidence to support the claim.

You don't have Presidents, pilots, police officers and high ranking government officials who have seen flying pink elephants.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 10:30 PM
There are plenty of blind believers in UFO's.

In case you haven't noticed already - the amount of fake videos and hoaxes in UFOlogy far outnumber the real deal. Anyone who immediately embraces these things without healthy skepticism simply because they so badly want to believe it's true is a blind believer. You may want to call them "extreme" but it's "tomato" vs. "to-MAH-to". The point is these people provide hoaxers with that much more incentive to fake their next video.

And it happens everyday here on ATS - over and over and over again. You may not think this is a big deal but it really says a lot about why UFOlogy is so hard to take seriously at times - especially for people on the outside looking in.

You say there are those who accept every theory in physics...well...possibly...but in physics you have to actually do a lot of research and critical thinking before you can even understand the theory in the first place. This tends to weed a lot of the ignorance out.

In UFOlogy all you have to do is read one thing on the internet and suddenly you're an expert on the matter. The sad part about it is there are a lot of people who actually do very serious research but their voices are too often drowned out by all the yahoo's screaming "SMOKING GUN!!!" every time they see a new video on youtube.

All that accomplishes in the end is to further obfuscate the truth and bury it that much deeper in the bullsh--.

I understand you were just trying to make a point about how blind some skeptics really are, but please do not let blind believers off the hook in doing so -

The ones with their heads in the clouds are just as detrimental to UFOlogy as the ones with their heads in the dirt.


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