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What is the strangest thing you've ever experienced?

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 08:05 AM
reply to post by lifeform

I'll tell you one thing - when you said pedestrian bridge over roundabout I had one place in my mind only - it must be Derby roundabout with pedestrian bridge with four exits!
Is that the one you meant?

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 09:25 AM

Originally posted by lifeform
i registered purely because of this thread. ive enjoyed reading peoples experiences whatever the answers are to explain them if they can be.
its good to know we are not alone in experiencing bizarre things or freaky things whatever they are.

Thank you lifeform. I'll take that as a great compliment. Welcome to the board and I'm glad you're enjoying these stories. Thanks for your contribution, too. Happy posting.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 10:10 AM
When i was young, maybe 10 or 11, i was sitting at home playing a computer game. I was completely alone, my brother was at his friends house, and both of my parents were at work. I was sitting with my back to the rest of my living room. On our computer desk we had a cup full of pens and pencils, and today that cup decided to take off and go crashing into the wall, about 10 inches from my head. Obviously this scared me for a few seconds, but then i jumped up thinking that my brother was home and had climbed in through his window, but when i got to his room, the window was closed and locked. I told my parents and brother when they got home, but no one believed me so i have never spoken of this again.

On another occasion at a different house, my father and i were both in the kitchen, he was making a sandwhich for his lunch and i was waiting for him to take me to school, i was around 14 at this time. Our dog was watching him make the sandwhich as dogs often do, and oddly, so was the cat. My mother was at work, and my brother was at school already, when we heard someone with very heavy feet run up the stairs as fast as they could. The stairs were almost right over our heads since we were in the kitchen. I thought it was the dog chasing the cat, but both of them were staring at the ceiling. My father and i looked at each other for a moment, then he said "What the hell was that?", which is when we both ran into the foyer to see if someone was in our home. The odd thing was that the footsteps stopped after they hit the second floor, but that wouldnt be possible with a normal human because everyone makes sound as they walked through the house upstairs, as the floor was very creaky and had very little padding under the carpet. Needless to say, we never found anyone.

I have "Gained" time on many occasions, mostly after i started highschool. The incidents normally went like this, i would wake up, look at my clock which had large, bright LED lights on it and it would be shortly before my alarm goes off, of course i would curse and roll over like anyone else, but when my alarm never went off i would roll over and look again, and the time would be back by several hours. I would normally say something like "YES!" and then go back to sleep, not thinking much of it at the time.

I have had dreams in which i predicted the future, not any major events, just things that i would be doing very soon.

I have "read" my familys thoughts, at one point i thought my father was calling me down for dinner, so i walked out of my room and yelled "What?!" downstairs, only to be returned by silence. I would then go downstairs and ask him what he wanted, he would then say "Hey, i was just about to call you!".

After my grandmother died, my cousins got a call from her cell phone that was turned off and in a desk drawer at their house. I believe service had also been terminated. My father has been able to smell her perfume at certain times in his life, i thought that she whispered my name to me once when i was reading a book in bed.

My grandmother saw the ghost of her mother shortly after she passed away, who said to her "Kathy, everything is going to be ok.", she said she never felt sad about her mother being gone because she knew she was somewhere better.

i thought i saw a person in my apartment bathroom hiding in the shower, but on further investigation with a 9mm handgun, i found no one.

I have had a few more that im sure of, but i cant remember them at the moment, but if i do, i'll come back and post them.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 10:21 AM
I was out of room on my last post, but i remembered a few more.

In the same house as the stair incident, i was just about to go to sleep, with my trusty pet cat lying next to me. A few minutes after i laid down, the bottom right corner of my bed lifted up about 8-10 inches, and then slammed back down. I managed to stammer "What the f***?" before turning on the light to see who was in my room, but no one was there. The bed didn't lift up so much as the corner of the mattress bent backwards towards me. I never told anyone of this, because i thought they wouldn't believe me. Oh, and the cat was staring at the corner of my bed when i turned the light on. I tried to make my bed do the same thing again, but i couldn't make it happen.

once when my brother and i were young, we were sitting in our living room watching cartoons (same house as the pencil cup incident.), when the lights turned off. I thought it was him and he thought it was me. We both jumped up and ran to the light switch in the hallway, only to find it physically turned to the "OFF" position. The funny thing was that we tried looking up the ghost busters in the phonebook after that happened

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 10:58 AM

Originally posted by Static Sky

Originally posted by gate13
i was driving along Princess hwy(major hwy in melbourne)around 1030pm and all of a sudden i saw around 7-10 orange balls flying in the sky in a V shaped formation. They were very high in the atmosphere or possibly in space. all of a sudden they started flying all around each other like dodgem cars. i stoped on the side of the road with another car as we stared at these onjects. No noise or nothing. after around 10min they just disapered and we went on our way. Where i was heading i asked the person who i was meeting if they saw this and they also did .

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This sounds like a lot of ufo videos I've seen on youtube and in various threads around this site. Have you seen any videos like these? Anything that reminded you of what you saw?

to tell you te truth i only found this forum last week and it didnt even cross my mind to look around here.

i have done a few google searchs and i found one account of some one seeing the same thing in berwick 5 months earlier and a few other things.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 11:53 AM
reply to post by FIFIGI

yes thats the one. i past on the way to my mums house when i first moved to derby, it was the first time i'd seen it. i later found out once living in derby that some refer to it as the spider bridge.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 02:06 PM
The spring of 1973 was my last semester of high school. There were five of us who had been really tight all through out junior and senior high but Danny and I were going into the military after graduation and we all knew this was about the end of our good times together. We tried to spend at least one night a week as a group and get out and do something together.

This night we were all over at Michaels house and decided to jump in his car and cruise into the west side of Indianapolis to the local Dairy Queen. Mike had a Mercury Montclair, a big old sedan he had inherited from his mom. It was a unique four-door sedan as it had a back window that went up and down like the back window of a station wagon.

It was a warm spring night, we were all in a boisterous mood, the radio was blaring, and of course if Danny was in the car he was loudly entertaining us with some tall tail or other. Five teenagers in a car on a Friday night can be pretty raucous.

Mike lived just off of 56th street so it was logical to take it east into Indianapolis, as it was the shortest route to where we were headed. This is a very rural road that leads into Indianapolis from Hendricks County. Before you cross over into Marion County there is a railroad track crossing that bisects the road at a diagonal.

In this part of the country where all the tracks are located, the rail bed is built up at least 10 feet to bear the weight of the trains, therefore to cross one, you have to go up and over the track rail bed, then come down, and continue on your way. This railroad crossing is well known for being dangerous, we had all grown up in the area and knew it well.

This night we approached the tracks and because of the way it is situated you can see down it a long way to the south as you approach it, but you have to turn your head and look back over your shoulder to the north to see if it is clear. Being in the country there were no streetlights and in Indiana in the country it is dark! The best thing to do is stop, look far down the track for the rotating light on the front of the train, and listen for the horn.

Mike stopped the car, we all looked to the south and then we all looked to the north. We didn’t see or hear anything so Mike drove up and crossed over the tracks. The car had not moved 10 feet away from the track and a freight train went screaming past to the south its horn just a blaring! The wind, from the speeding train and the deafening sound of the loaded freight cars, swirled through the lowered rear window.

Mike slammed on the brakes and we all sat there in silence just shaking. We had all came that close to dying. We all realized that the train had been so close, and because the light is mounted near the top of the locomotive, when we looked to the north, the darkness we thought was nothing was the train.

Because the radio was on and we were all talking we didn’t here the horn. For a very long period, we all sat there in stunned silence, listening to the freight train rumble past, as we all contemplated what had just transpired, and what could have. Some of us, said a prayer of thanks, I know I did.

Finally, Mike’s voice broke the silence. “What is the date today?” Somebody responded it was, Friday, April 20th. Rick, the philosopher of the group, sitting in the back, spoke up. “Actually, today is Good Friday, and it is the first day, of the rest of our lives.” And it was.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 02:06 PM
Hey that was fun. Shame its been buried on the home page

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 02:07 PM
The earliest weird thing I remember is around 4 when I went into the bathroom, locked the door and looked into my own eyes in the mirror thinking whats in there. I knew I did not belong here.

Than later on at 4, I was visiting my dad in the veterans hospital for his heart attack. I saw a large green turtle ouside the visitors room in the shade. I ran in, got my dad out there and it was poof, gone. No one around the yard, no turtle anywhere.

I was visited by beings which I had no clue as to who they were.

Later in my late teens I was having sleep paralysis.

Than bizzaro excursions into a nonsense realm where sounds were beyond understanding. It almost blew my mind.

Starred and flagged with stars going out as I read others encounter with the strange, creepy, unknown and weird experiences in the worldshadow.

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 02:15 PM
barkei10 look up "lunar halo" i saw one when i was a kid and the pictures ive seen on the net dont do it justice , its much more impressive in person.

ok after reading this thread im going to have to say hands down what im about to say has to be worthy of the lifetime weirdness award, but you have to read the whole thing. Im not making anything up nor am i being a prankster and no i wasnt high or drunk during the event . Anyway some time around 1991 i was still in high school and a buddy of mine and i had just taken his girlfriend home way out in the country. Being teenagers we decided to take a side road that cut off the main road , then circled back around and rejoined the main road after a few miles, just to make our ride a little longer. As we where driving i noticed lights coming thru the corn in fields beside the road. The lights looked like big spotlights you would use at a movie grand opening or something. I just figured it might be someone racoon hunting or something but they seemed a little odd. A mile or so up from that i saw something green glowing fly low over the road , it was so low my buddy tapped his brakes thinking he was going to hit it. Neither one of us said a word and he kept driving like he had been. We didnt say a word for about ten minutes until we where back on the main road. The conversation was something like it was out of an episode of king of the hill, i went like this.

Me: did you see that back there?

Him: yup

( get ready for the weirdness..... )

Me: Was that a green glowing cow that floated over the road?

Him: Looked like one to me.

Me: Thats what it looked like to me too.

End of conversation , we didnt say one word about that , the topic changed to school or something else. About 16 years later him and his wife and me and my wife where sitting around cooking out having a few drinks and somehow the subject of ufo's came up. My wife started telling about her and my experience.

( heres that story )

While my buddy is in the kitchen getting something his wife says she doesnt know what to think about that the whole UFO thing. Thats when i chime in and say you know your husband has seen a UFO , i was with him when it happened. So i told her the story real quick and she started laughing by the time my buddy returned to the table. He said whats so funny?, she said picturing you two seeing a flying glowing cow. He looked at me and got pissed, he said "we had a pact! We where never to speak of that!" Now ive been friends with this guy for almost 30 years and we have never fought or even gotten pissed at each other but that not he got mad as hell. Even weirder is we hadnt spoken of that incident since the night it happened and there was no secrecy pact that i knew about. Now hows that for weird?

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 02:17 PM
reply to post by calcoastseeker

I've had that experience in a similar fashion.

I was coming out of a business driveway on a hot afternoon with my windows down. it was sunny and I stopped to look both ways for vehicles when nothing was in my sites, I began to pull out and looked to my right one more time when errrr. I hit the brakes because a motorcyclist on a loud harley was on top of my right side loud as hell. How could this guy be there when I looked twice before and seen nor heard nothing untill I was pulling out and looked again an there he was.

It happened several times more just recently with people walking on our road out of no where.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 02:43 PM
i was havin a midnight hand shandy, then my mam walked through the door

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 04:04 PM
I've been a member of this place for almost two years, and have never posted, i just always read through everything, enjoying reading through everyone else's stories and ideas. But, I'd figure i'd share my few experiences.

Last year, i was at band practice with two of my friends, we were on a patio at one of the guys grandma's house. We had just put down our instruments because it was storming, and we didn't want to risk them getting damaged from electrical shock. I look at the window, and there is a glowing ball out in the middle of the yard. I yelled at my friends, and they looked, and we saw it explode. THere was a super loud boom, but, noone around besides myself and my two friends heard our seen the ball explode.

Another experience i had i am lucky enough to have got on film. I was staying with one of my friends at my own house(this friend also saw the lightning ball mentioned earlier), and we were just playing some guitar hero in my living room. I looked to my right, because I thought i saw a shadow. My dad has a eagle decoration thing with feathers hanging on the wall, and the feathers were moving by themselves! There was no fan, the feathers were by no vent, and the window was closed. So, i got my camera, and recorded it. Now, when i recorded it, somehow on the video, the feathers don't look to be moving, but, there is a shadowy figure, and if you look closely, you can see what looks like a hand reaching out to the feathers!. WHat is strange, is me and my friend both saw no shadow. I'll post the link to the video at the bottom, and i assure you it is no way edited or fake. I hate it when people fake paranormal activity to try to get hits on youtube, it brings a bad light to the paranormal field.

The third super weird thing that happened to me occured at my friend "D's" house. I was staying there with my friend "K" and everyone in the entire house was asleep except me and K. I really had to go to the bathroom, so i got up, opened D's door, and saw a shadow at the end of the hall. I was a little sleepy, so I thought nothing of it, and just went into the bathroom. I used the facility, and came back out. I looked down the hallway, and found out the "shadow" was a Little Girl! I freaked out, and ran back into D's room. K asked me why i looked scared, and i told him. We both decided to go look again, and we opened the door and looked into the hallway. The little girl had moved closer down the hall! We slammed the door. We decided K should use his phone to take a pic, as mine was dead. We opened the door, and the girl had moved even closer! Kolt pointed his phone at her, and his phone battery went from two bars, to none and died. We freaked out yet again, slammed the door, shut off the lights, and layed down. We sat there talking about how freaky it was, and how insane it was that his phone had died. We heard footsteps during our talk, and eventually started hearing scratching on the door. We just sat there scarred to open the door, and eventually fell asleep.

Video of the second story:

Note about the video: Pause the video at 2 seconds, and look at the top left shelf. Looks like a shadow of a horn.

Thanks for reading guys. It's hard around my location to talk about stuff like this, and its cool to have an entire community of like minded people who won't call you crazy.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 04:05 PM
being in two different tubs and two different (but same) person at the same time on different sides of the country.
same as being getting almost killed by some guy and poof he's not there.

don't ask how that happened, it just did.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 04:26 PM
Fun thread.

Remembered another one. Actually, this happens often. Being in the residential construcion biz, we all have different talents we bring to the table, so as to make ourselves more valuable to the company.
Among mine is that I'm mechanically adept. On several occasions, one of the other guys have brought me a (you name it) to fix, and all I do is touch it and the problem has disappeared. This is usually, but not limited to, to electrical issues. For suspension or body work, the old way is the only way. My buddy Tom calls it lo-tech laying on of hands. We then tell the boss it took the rest of the day, so we can hang out at Beefs.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 05:34 PM
I have been watching this site for some time now without joining and finally decided to so I can post here.
A few years ago when I was around 15, I used to see a little girl around my house just looking at me. The first time I saw her, I was looking in a mirror trying to sort out my hair and I saw her in a pink dress standing behind me, looking straight at me. I turned straight round and she had vanished.

Also, around that time, me and my mum both saw this girl running up the stairs. I thought it was my sister so I ran after her to see why she was running, and as soon as we got to the top the girl vanished, and my sister walked out of a room downstairs asking what's wrong. One time, I was in my room watchin TV when I heard a girl's voice call my name, so I was about to go downstairs when my mum walked out the living room asking me if I heard the girl say my name. I asked my sister if it was her and she denied everything.

Another time, I came home from school when no one was home, and when I tried to open my front door, I could see a pair of hands pushing the door, as if they were trying to prevent me from coming inside.

I have always thought that this girl was my cousin, as she died from meningitis at the age of around 7, and this was about 9 years before the event.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 06:31 PM
Im 18 and living in Oakville ON Canada
My bedroom is in the basement of the house, there is one window in the room and instead of blinds i have hung a towel accross it, to stop the morning sun from waking me earling in the morning. Anyways the towel covers most of the window but there are spaces on the side that you can see out from, theyre only about 10cm, inches on each side.
every night as i lay inbed i look at that space that allows me to see out the window, and nearly every night i see someoens face looking at me, they're trying to pear in through the window and they are lining that they can see through the space and watch me. I can see about half of his face and one of his eyes. Its an old man, very grey.
Somenights it scares me and I freeze afraid to move knowing that he's watching me, others i forget abuot it and face the wall until i fall asleep, in the past 2 years that i have been in this room, when ever i look there late at night i've seen him. Sometimes i have heard a knocking or tapping at the window. I've gotten out of bed to attempt to get a better look at him though when i get it up my view gets blocked by the towel.
It wasnt until recently when me and my friends were discussing dreams that I've considered maybe he is someoen ive seen before. As a young child i had recurring dreams of me in my childhood bedroom, on the second floor of the house, watching a man walk by the house below, he would walk by again and again and he would look at when he walked by. Other times i dreamt that he tried to get in the house, he never did though. I dont know who he is specifically but i wonder if he has been following me through my life so far and if he will in the future.

oh also over the past week we have been having very frequent thunder storms and one night i got up at 1 am and couldnt sleep so i went upstairs to watch the lightning, i was looking out my back door when the lighting flashed and i thought there was a man standing on our deck, only for that split second was he there, i went outside and stood in the spot where he was, just now as i wrote the previous section did i think that mayeb he was the man.

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 07:45 PM
There are some great stories here...I enjoy reading all of them.

Thank you Static Sky for starting this thread. I know I feel better about some of my experiences knowing I am not alone in some of them...

Right on!!!

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 08:08 PM
First off, im a rational thinking intelligent person. "I want to believe" but i am highly skeptical. Even through the stuff i seen i still question and debate it till this day.

lived in an old house... just gave me spooks. After i would goto bed i would not leave my room out of some uncertain fear. I was about 11 and had a 6 year old younger brother. Well i guess being an ass of an older brother i got a kick outta scaring him. So my mother would get pissed, then she would tell my father. And in turn he would scare me back.. He did numerous things.. one i remember the most was he came to my bedroom window at night... the window was open and he made a monster noise..."Ahhhhhhhhh" freaked me out..... And he did a lot of jumping out of the dark with "BOO!!" ok scared me.He was trying to teach me a lesson. So one day i scare my brother once AGAIN. My mother says "Oh imma tell yer father just you wait" So i was expecting some retaliation.

The night goes by nothing happens and i goto bed. Now, i still slept with a night light on.. and my door was not allowed to be closed... but it was partially. The night light was next to the door on the left, so cause my door was partially closed it casted a shadow in the corner of the room next to my bed.
I awoke in the middle of the night... like all refreshed like it was morning... i was like what???... i turned over to face the door. I saw a figure standing like 3 feet away from my door.. in that shadow that the night light casted. It looked like a person with a white be sheet over them with two holes cut out for the eyes to see through.
At first i was startled, then i was like its my dad getting me back for scaring my brother. So my "scare" went to comedy... i looked at "it" which i thought was him... ... smiled and laughed... "Hey dad , whats up,,, i know its you... you cant scare me"
It moved closer... seeming to float (this i remembered after the incident).

Then it move slightly closer... and again i said "Dad... whatever i know its you"

it got close to my bed.... then some strange fear came over...... some kinda realization that this wasnt my dad cause it seemed to "float" and not walk.

I laid out a large scream "AHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!!!!" and i heard a thump... my parents bedroom was right next to mine.... the thing i saw was still there and behind it i saw a hand reach through my bedroom door to hit the light switch.. after all it was right being the "thing" i was watching... My dad flipped the light switch on and it just vanished!!!!.... then he comes in and my mom comes in and they say they thought someone was killing me cause of my scream. My scream was SOOOOO loud my father fell outta bed trying to get out.. This is why i heard a "THUMP!!".. they told me i had a nightmare... NOOOO!!! i have had nightmares.. Damn when this event transpired i even pinched myself to make sure i was awake.... I WAS AWAKE. so they left it as that.
Long story short.... while in that house i NEVER again scared my brother...
So fast forward 15 years... we were having a family get together and this subject came up.. and again... you were just dreaming ok... came up... Then my brother says "i felt alot of spooky feelings living in that house.. although i never said anything till today... and i even saw black shadows moving around at night"

This finally confirmed for me... that i wasnt crazy.... i saw what i saw.. And it wanted me to stop scaring my brother.

i have seen a BLOOD RED moon.... and seen a UFO that warbled in the sky... me and a girl watched it cause we were making out by the mountains... we watched it for 15 minutes and then it faded away.... never made sense.

Thanks for listening.. i dont BS.... i dunno what the hell all these thing we, or "i" saw... but i know i saw them

thank you and goodnight

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 08:24 PM
So I have been coming to this site for about a year now (yes I'm a creepy lurker), but this is my first post.

Growing up, I always felt some strange connection to my deceased paternal grandfather. My grandmother had a photos of him in the foyer and I remember being really young and just having some strange fascination towards them. I had heard stories of him and knew he had passed away suddenly from heart disease in the 70's, but knew nothing else about his death.

I started spending the summers at my grandmother's when I was 12, and it was this first year that she insisted I go to a summer camp sponsored by her church. It was then I learned she had a lakeside cabin (which I had never known about) that was located on the property of the summer camp. Well, the first day of camp we drive to the lake and visit the cabin. Keep in mind, I had never even known about this place, much less been there. As I am looking around in the cabin, I notice there is a calendar on the wall. It is showing the month of February, with marks on the 20th and 23rd. I thought for a moment they had it marked because of my birthday (Feb. 23) only to realize the year of the calendar was 1974. I was a bit puzzled so I asked my grandma why the dates were marked and was absolutely shocked to learn my grandfather had died on Feb. 20 and was buried on Feb. 23. 1974 ... ten years to the date I was born.

Another fun fact is that my grandfather apparently had always wanted a little girl, but ended up with two boys (my dad and uncle). Both my father and my uncle have 3 kids each -- all girls.

I have always been a very intuitive person.

Sometimes I see random strangers and get intense feelings from them. For example, I will see someone and just have an overwhelming sense of sadness, even though I have no idea why. I also have very strong deja vu, where I will remember dreaming a moment while it is happening, and know what someone is going to say/do next. Then there are the endless number of times I have been thinking about someone I haven't seen/spoken to in a while and they call/show up randomly.

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