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What is the strangest thing you've ever experienced?

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posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 10:38 PM
reply to post by Static Sky

When my grandmother passed away last year i was at work. My mother text messaged me. I went outside to call her back and when i did the phone made a weird static noise and i swear i heard my grandmothers voice say "dont worry everything is ok, they have really good choclate here". She had been in hospital for a while and couldnt eat choclate which she loved.........weird. Probably the weirdest but ive got a few more stories.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 12:16 AM
About 20 years ago, I was 10, sleeping in the basement of my grandparents house in a isolated, spooky room. Suddenly, I saw a glowing 'something' come inside the room from outside the window, floating through the air before entering their bedroom closet! Needless to say, I was scared out of my wits so badly I just covered myself head to toe with my blanket like I was in a cocoon, trying to conjure up an psychic force field to protect myself from this ghost.

It was the first and only time I saw something truly frightening in the real world.

Even now, I wonder what was in that closet.

Another stranger experience I had when I was a bit younger, maybe about 8, when on Christmas Eve when I was awake/sleeping, I was being strangled by an extremely 'heavy' presence that weighted down on me, not like a fat ghost or anything but an suffocating envelope of what can only be described as an heavy gravity constricting situation, Like being squeezed by an boa constrictor, more mentally than physically. It lasted almost the whole night.

I don't know If I was tripping on something, but it was an freaky experience.

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 12:21 AM
Well i have a few that i could tell

1. we had just moved in to our new house when i was pretty young and we had all gone to sleep and i had awoken in the middle of the night and in the corner of my room was what i can only describe as giovanni from pokemon (i was young and i really liked pokemon then) but it looked to real and i screamed for my parents and i never saw that thing again but i always remember it

2. one time while i was dreaming i started dreaming that i was abducted being operated on and and then all of a sudden i started telling myself to wake just wake up and i did wake up but it seemed like i woke up 20 minutes later or something. that always happens when i dream of aliens like the fear in me starts telling me to wake up

3. before we got new phones in my house we used to have a phone ghost that would annoyingly end calls on my end but would stay on the other line some people have told me that an old woman talked to them, and sometimes it would turn the speakerphone on or it would sounded like but then when it would end the call there would be what sounded like morse code we haven't heard it since we got the new phones and we never figured out what the morse code like thing or why there was a phone ghost

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 12:35 AM
I'll tell you about my Close Encounter when I was in my late 20's. I was living as a roommate in a nice house in Boulder Colorado in the winter of 1988. I had the master bedroom which was rather large, maybe 20 x 30' with a bed loft above, up about 15 stairs. This house was a beautiful mountain "cabin", 4 or 5 bedrooms, maybe 3000 square feet, passive solar heat and vaulted beamed ceilings. Nice place, about 3 miles up one of the canyons from Boulder. The family I rented from was a recently divorced mother of three boys, age 17, 12, and 5 or 6. They had one pleasant lap dog that barked at everything. This is important.

You can imagine, 3 miles up a canyon near the Flatirons in Boulder is pretty quiet. The house was on the western slope of the first ridge of hills that made up the front range. I couldn't see Boulder or Denver because of the hill that we lived near the top of, but at night there was a slight glow that would eminate over the hill from the lights of the city, and there were always deer and varmints running around, leaving tracks in the snow.

I had been living there a couple of months and was busy working during the day in Denver, or reading in cafes or bookstores about spirituality and mysticism. I had little to no real interest in ET (except the movie) and was very low tech in my view of the paranormal, and in fact "close encounters or UFO's" were not the trendy everyday subject it is today. I had gone to bed round 11 that night, laying quietly, waiting to doze off but wide awake. The kids were usually asleep by then and the family was always very quiet, except for their pooch that would bark at animals outside when they would walk by the large picture windows. There were no curtains on my windows simply because you couldn't see any other houses.

At the foot of my bed, above the bedroom in the loft was a clock radio and a small B+W TV. Maybe 19" with rabbit ears. I never watched it, and in fact had unplugged it because I plugged in a lamp to read by. As I laid in bed I remember noticing a glow outside. Kinda like a full moon glow but because there was snow a full moon can be especially bright. I don't remember if there was a moon or not. So I notice this glow, but its kinda erie, and its MOVING, like a helicopter searchlight. Now I notice a strange auditory buzzing unlike anything I'd heard before. It was gutteral, deep, vibrating, AND in my head. And there was no Helicopter noise, and in fact it was quiet, except for the buzzing, oh, and the dog barking like he was protecting his family from the devil himself. I remember this like it was yesterday, my eyes became like saucers (ha ha) as I realized the buzzing was resonating at the same "tone" as the tingling I was feeling all over my entire when a limb goes to sleep. I then realized that I was scared sh-tless and was completely stiff as a board and couldn't move. Rigid from fear I suppose. I tried to scream, to make any noise but could only make a MMMMM sound, kinda like a groan but my jaw was locked tight. The TV at my feet was glowing a bright white, like "TV snow" but only white...but it was unplugged, remember? This whole thing lasted maybe 2 minutes. I was completely silent and unmoving as the glow from outside, the tingling, the buzzing and the dog barking switched off like a switch. The TV's glow faded slowly. I passed out a few minutes later from what must have been an adrenalin overload, waking up the next morning remembering absolutely everything.

The next morning I went downstairs and asked the family if they had noticed anything strange the night before. I didn't lead them at all, just if they had seen any lights or heard the dog barking wildly. They all looked at me, they hadn't heard a thing. We went on with breakfast like nothing had happened. The next week, while in a bookstore on Pearl Street in Boulder, Whitley Streibers book "Communion" literally fell off a bookshelf at my feet. Hello ET.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 12:37 AM
I have had a few strange experiences, however, the strangest are the ones my mum has told me that have happened to her.

My mum comes from a family of ten children and one year my mum decided to get my grandma (now deceased) a family ring for her birthday, this was back in the 80s. The only thing is my mum couldn't find a ring that had twelve stones (ten for the children and two for her parents) on it so she went to a jeweller to get one designed.

The strange occurences began when one of my mum's brother's was killed in a car accident. At the exact time of his death, his picture fell off the wall at my grandma's house. The next day my grandma noticed that my uncles birthstone was no longer in the ring, it had fallen out somewhere. No matter how many jewellers and how many stones my grandma bought, not one would stay in the ring for long, she would always see his missing. And this has happened to ALL of my mum's siblings who have passed away, shortly after their deaths, she would notice all of their stones have fallen out of the family ring (my mum got it when my grandma passed away in '99) and even stranger still, one of my uncles was dying from cancer and was on his death bed in the hospital when my grandma noticed that his stone was not in the ring, then his wife noticed something on the waiting room floor - it was his birthstone!!! it had fallen out, well my grandma somehow put it back in the ring and he lived for a lot longer.

It is extremely strange because my mum designed the ring in a way that only she and my grandma could read whose stone was whose as some of them had the same birthstone. Not to mention both my grandparents stones are not there either as they've both passed away. My mum has the ring in her jewellery box it just looks so strange with more than half the stones missing.

And just something else to add, this happened to my aunt who lives in a small village in Scotland. One night a few years back she was driving alone in the middle of the night along a desolate back road in the highlands. The only light was that from the moon and her headlights. Well all of a sudden something darted into the middle of the road and she swears on her life it was a unicorn. She described it as pure white with a horn, she got a good look at it before it ran off into the forest. She is not someone who drinks or does drugs and I completely believe her.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 12:38 AM
I don't really think any of my strange experiences can compete with the multitude presented here I do still have some oddities worth mentioning in their own right.

When I was about 11, I was surfing the internet at my moms work looking at the new mario game pictures and more info. I got to a really wierd fan site and when i entered the site it gave me a littl epop up window greeting saying to have fun looking around. I then tryed to save a picture off the site to print out for myself and the pop up box came up again and the guy was like "How dare you try and steal from me" at that poont something called the "Internet Explorer Prompt Response" thingee popped up giving me a choice of semi-insults. I think i chose screw you or something, I dont remember i was scared and didnt know what was going on. After I did that i got a pop up saying something along the lines of "fine than, take this!!" and at that point my whole computer screen was hit by tons of pop up ads etc and i had to unhook the computer.

My parents had something wierd happen to them as well. They were sitting at our house along watching a movie when a ballon from my sisters birthday party a few days ago, just floated into the living room. There were no fans or anything on and the ballon proceeds to travel around the house going into pretty much every room. My parents were freaked out.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 12:56 AM
A few years ago I put my front door key on the keyrack. It swung like it normally does, but normally it only swings a few times before it comes to a stop, but this time it kept on swinging. I was seriously freaked out and at first thought it was a ghost, but then thought that I've somehow set a perpetual motion in progress. It swung like that (the same distance, not diminishing) for like a minute or 2 before it eventually slowed down and stopped.

I've also have a few entities in my house. I don't know if they're ghosts or something else. They are all benevolent even though they scare the living daylights out of me on occasion. Once I was busy on my PC and I saw a reflection in my glasses of someone walking past my doorway. It happened too quick for me to see any detail, but it was definitely an adult (based on height). There was noone else in the house at the time except my son (who is 6 now). I also saw a shadow walking down my stairs, but only for a split second. Adult as well. I have a boarder and she said the other night she felt someone sit down on her bed. My ex-wife says she has 2 "gaurdian angels" and one of them is a little American Indian girl (who she was in a previous life). She felt this girl walking on her bed and many other "visititations".

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 01:08 AM
My names Donald and here is my long story short . . . . .

My freshmen year of college I had a 2 hour gap between two classes. What I usually did was go to the mall. On this particular day I just got done walking around the mall and was walking out to my car. As i got into the car I had a very fleeting thought that my shoes looked kinda dirty. I didn't think anything about it untill as I was getting on the highway I noticed a large oil/water storage type thing (about 5 stories tall and the same meaasurment wide) with the following statement written in huge letters: DONALD YOUR SHOES ARE FILTHY! What made this so bizare (otherthen the obvious was that I drove this exact route everyday for weeks and this was NOT written there untill the day I noticed my shoes were dirty. I regret never taking a picture of if cause it stayed there for a long time!

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 01:19 AM
Ill tell ya a strange story I experienced about a year ago.

I was doing that online relationship thing with a woman from Alabama on Yahoo.
One night we were talking on the phone together, we both had our yahoo chat client up and running with the webcam and all. We were talking about ETs, paranormal, and gov conspiracy stuff when all the sudden both our power was cut at the exact same time. It was almost like we were lamps being unplugged from the wall.

After the power came back 20+ mins later I called her back and told her what had happened on my end, and she confirmed that the same thing happened to her.

She was in Alabama and I was in Texas

I forgot to add one detail....there were no weather storms in both our areas.

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 01:50 AM
reply to post by Static Sky

Those are well told stories and I have no trouble believing them. Children have "pretend friends", but I think they're special companions. I just wish they could keep all the little children safe.
I've had my share of experiences, but my favorite goes as follows: My Mom and I had just returned from a memorable cruise when one evening our beagle was asleep on my bed while I was reading a magazine. Suddenly, he was airborne and landed on the floor. He was instantly dead. An autopsy showed that he had ingested something that had "heavy metal" poison in his stomach. My Mom and I were devastated and after taking care of our little dog, "Amos", my Mom thought we should get another to help us recover.
As we drove out to pick up the new puppy, we had a flat tire right in the middle of nowhere. We got out and looked at the flat tire. This happened in 1978, so there were no cellphones. Out of the blue a scruffy young man came down the road and stopped and offered to change the tire. We jumped on the generous offer and while he finished up, my Mom and I stepped aside and decided to pay him with the cash we both were carrying. We turned around to pay him and he was gone.
Again, this was a flat country area with no trees or valleys for him to be hidden. We figured that this man stepped out of another dimension to help us. We were stunned, but it wasn't scary, just very comforting.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 02:42 AM
Personally my strangest experiences are those in which I experience complete déjà vu. I mean it’s perplexing; it’s as if you know what exactly is going to happen for the next 5 seconds. You then stop and look back and tell yourself holy **** I just had a déjà vu. But to me those are the oddest experiences in my life and will probably always continue to be. I mean it’s so insane I can’t really explain in words the feelings that go through me after the fact. You simply can’t comprehend the vastness of it I suppose.

Best regards,

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 03:29 AM
reply to post by Static Sky

The strange story that I have is what I would call the ultimate coincidence. About 5 years ago I was attending college and I was a commuter, so i had a 35-40 min drive to class. And like many times before while i was driving I would entertain myself with random thoughts or whatever popped into my head, or whatever was around me.

So as I'm driving, I start to come up behind a Dodge Aries. If your not familiar with these cars, they were built by Chrysler in the 80s and they are really ugly. The Aries was part of a series of cars called K cars, they were small cylinder cars that were marketed as a sedan that got good gas mileage. All the cars in the K series had special badges that were on the back and i believe the sides of the car. Much like SS badges or R/T badges on performance cars. The badge is a black square with a silver border and a silver K inside the border. Needless to say you don't see a lot of these cars on the road anymore, and I cant imagine you would even see them at too many junkyards.

As I'm driving behind this car, I'm thinking to myself how funny it is that Chrysler made a whole series of cars based on economy and they made badges for them, just like you would if you were making a performance series of cars. Then I got thinking how funny it would be to get some of those badges and put them on a more modern car creating a clone K car. Just like some do with performance cars, ie. adding SS and the Impala badges to a mid 90s caprice turns it into an Impala. Anyway this line of thinking went on for the rest of my drive to class. Basically, me thinking to myself and cracking myself up as to where you would even find these badges if you wanted to put them on your car, what kind of reactions would you get from people, etc...

So, I get to campus and park my car and go to class for a couple hours. I get out of class and I'm walking through a parking lot back to my car, not even thinking about the silly train of thought i had on my way to class. It was early spring/late winter, so it was kinda warm but there was still piles of snow in the parking lot. As I'm walking, I pass one of those parking sign posts that have the pyramid shaped concrete bases. The base is partially covered with snow and as I'm walking by something shiny catches my eye and I was really going to just keep walking but for some reason I stopped, reached down, pushed the snow aside and believe it or not I picked up a Chrysler K car badge in mint condition. I just stood there in awe of what i have found. I actually looked around as if somehow, someone had read my thoughts and was playing a joke on me.

Never before had I ever even thought about the K series cars in such depth and never before had i just seen a K badge lying on the ground. Now if this had been the late 80s or early 90s, the odds of finding one of these might be more common but even so, to find something like that after pondering where you would get one, it just blew my mind.

I bought a new car last year, (Malibu Maxx) and although I dont have the balls to put the badge on my bumper, I still have it and it is fitted securely on my dashboard, always reminding me of randomness of events and the silliness of coincidence.

Please don't try to find a deeper meaning in this, it will only serve to melt your brain. What a strange universe we live in.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 05:41 AM
Hi guys - I've great stories. I think everyone must have had something unexplainable happen to them at least once. I've got a weird recollection from last year.

I got on the bus one morning and accidentally bumped a man's newspaper that was sitting in front of where I was standing. I apologized to the man, and he looked up at me and said "You're a scorpio" Ok, I chuckled a little and agreed (which is true) and asked him how he knew. He said to me "actually your birthday is November 4th" (which is also true, and at this point I was just confused-I remember looking around thinking-where is he getting this) he went on to tell me that he had some kind of heart surgery on November 4th a number of years ago and he was grateful it was successful.

So that was weird - but after a few days I shrugged it off. A few weeks later I see him on the bus again but I was sitting a few of seats behind him, when a group of school girls got on the bus and sat across from him. At one point he asked one of the girls if her birthday was November 4th - and she looked surprised and agreed.

How he knew - I'll never know. But it was weird.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 06:46 AM
I hate to sound like a user, but..

My weirdest, strangest experience occurred while I was under the influence of .. Lysergic acid diethylamide, and entirely too much of it, but I did not know this whence taking it.

Anyways, I was with 2 friends at a beach city with a massive area of sand dunes for a couple miles, so we were walking around wathing the sun come up. Then, things got really weird.

I'd be walking.. then black out, then come to, and my friends would be 40 feet behind me, when my last memory was that they were right next to me! They'd be standing there , not moving, laughing and pointing at me.

Finally we reached a good spot and sat on a cardboard box we brought, flattened. The Atlantic Ocean became a desolate, dried up valley of sorts with absolutely nothing but brown clay like dirt, off to the horizon, where I could see a plateau, stretching all the way along the visible horizon. This is where the ocean was supposed to be, it decided to dry up I guess.

Considering I was seeing the ocean empty, and plateau's that didnt exist, I realized I was pretty far gone. I looked up into the sky, intermittently blacking out inbetween, and the clouds were all colors and dancing about, as if I was looking at them through a Kaleidoscope, I mean EXACTLY the same. I told my friends, "wow, look at the sky!!" and then they did, and started saying wow! etc.

We then saw a man walking way off in the distance, leaving little black foot prints... a trail in the sand, and I asked my friend, is that guy real? And he said, I don't know man, he might be? So we left, and this is a massive place of rolling sand dunes, lots of high and low spots, extremely hard to find something you put down in a low place, somewhere out there in the sand. Nevertheless, I found the coke can I had put down on the sand about 10 minutes into our exploration of the dunes, in a low place, I didnt expect to see it again. Was kinda wild to walk RIGHT past the can ... lol

Oh yeah, when we left, I had completely lost it but was maintaining my external calm. My friend had made a U-turn on a side street and in my mind we had ran off the road into a ditch. I ask omg are you okay man?! Like we had gone into the ditch, and he started laughing at me.

We finally got back into town, and I silently thought I had gone insane. I was telling myself, this will never end, I may as well try to get the best grip I can on reality by staying at my friend's house for a day or two, and then I'm going to need to call my Mom and have her call the Psych Ward people to come get me right. This is what I was thinking to myself.. can you imagine the horror of convincing yourself you are insane? 100% convinced?

So anyways, sixteen hours later it finally wained and wore off, and I was incredibly weak; I slept for 26 hours.

This is my story.

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 06:48 AM
i registered purely because of this thread. ive enjoyed reading peoples experiences whatever the answers are to explain them if they can be.
its good to know we are not alone in experiencing bizarre things or freaky things whatever they are.

ive had a few experiences i tend to try to ignore or forget but will share them in case of simular experinces others have experienced or any meaning in them.

i have had two experiences to do with sleep/near sleep state.

1. about 4-5 years ago i had a very vivid dream, i was a man who i have never seen before but it was me in the dream. the dream was victorian in time period, i could tell from the cloths in the dream. i was in a park of some sort and everything was made of iron, i saw a young boy crying on the otherside of the park so went over to speak to him and see what was wrong, i asked "are you ok" he slowly looked up and said "you killed me" in an angry voice, i was shocked and woke up, or so i thought, i was now back in the room i was sleeping in back in the present and as myself, and was just waking up from the dream, i heard a voice "im going to kill you", i looked to the side of the bed from where the voice came from and there was the boy in the dream, he started to strangle me. i was still dreaming at this point but it felt real.

i then did start to wake up for real, i could'nt breathe and was finding it really hard to catch my breathe, i had to struggle to pull myself up from the bed and gasp for air. luckily i managed to catch my breathe again and realised it was all a dream. however a sense washed over me that something bad had happened to me in the distant past or maybe past life.

2. the other one was when i was 15, i was in bed asleep and started to hear a banging noise in my dream, at which point i started to wake up but the banging noise was'nt going away, half awake i could tell the banging noise was footstep coming up the stairs(like when you send you kid to their room as punishment but they have to do that stomping thing on the way up), the door to my room opened, at this point i was almost fully awake but could'nt move even though i was trying to inorder to see who was coming into my room in the middle of the night, i then felt wind rush up my bed and gently ripple my bed covers and a cold object press on my chest(felt like a hand), i jumped forward at this point suddenly able to move, i went very very cold and my hair stood up on end and witnessed the covers just settling down from the rippling. no windows were open.
i was freaked out but decided to go into denial and ignore and forget about it.

after ferther thought of the second inccident rather than thinking a ghost i went with the possibility that i was rentering my own body, as that was less scary, but i have no idea.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 06:54 AM
okay so talk about strange things...last night i had a really crap sleep.

First of all, I always keep a memo pad by my bed to make "To Do" lists, etc, and in my dream I dreamt that I was ripping as much papers as I could out of the notebook. I then woke up to the sound of either my closet door or my bedroom door being opened and slammed shut (no wind or anything, this has happened to me before) and when I opened my eyes there was a piece of my memo pad paper infront of me. Sure enough I roll over to my night stand and there is my memo pad, neatly placed where it usually is, and ontop of it, about 20 sheets of the paper ripped from the binding, placed ontop. It was around 3:00 am as well..I was so creeped out. I didn't fall back to sleep until 4 ish/4:30.

I also randomly woke up once screaming my head off like i've never screamed before. I just sat up in bed and started, my mom had to come in and literally lay me back to bed. I was aware I was screaming but i couldn't stop it. x_X

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 06:56 AM

Originally posted by azzllin
Nobody told me they carry the hanta virus as well as a few more deadly diseases

Unless there was a known outbreak of that virus in the area, I think the ranger was being a bit paranoid. They can also carry the bubonic plague, but in either case it is usually worrisome if an adult animal is sick, babies are often orphaned and get weak as a result.

People rescue baby rodents all the time, the likelihood of catching a horrible disease from them is pretty rare, I would worry more about eating at a fast food place and catching Hep A.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 07:09 AM
following on from my last post...... the other experience i had was i dreamt about a pedestrian bridge that went over a round about, and then meeting my mother and my brother there who i had'nt seen for a while or spoke to, they asked me if i wanted to live with them in their flat and they took me to their homes. i thought nothing of the dream at the time, it was just one of those dreams you remember clearly. i had never seen the bridge before in my life and i lived in a house with my partner(at the time) with a daughter and things were all good.

however shortly after this dream the relation started to brake down, and eventually we decided to end the relationship. i called my mum who lived in derby and had'nt seen since she moved to derby, all i had was her phone number, i explained my situation and she arranged for someone to come and get me as i had no where else to go. on my way to stay with her for a while whilst i sorted out other accomadation we passed the bridge i saw in my dream and deja vu washed over me, she then took me to her flat where she lived. the next day i went to my brothers who moved to derby with her and i had'nt seen for some time. he also lived in a flat.

all the places were identical to my dream.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 07:31 AM
so about 6 months ago im leaving work a little past 10 pm and i go over this hill that has a church on it...well as soon as i top the hill its like i pass through a sheet of red...i mean like i top the hill blink and everything is red and fiery. I look around to make sure what im seeing is really real and sure enough everything is red and bright keep in mind this is 10pm. It was so vivid it cant just be a hallucination.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 08:01 AM
Few of my bizarre experiences:

1) When I was 8 or 9 I had a repetitive dream that I am driving a car at night on a narrow road surrounded by woods not far from my grandparent's country house. As I drove in the darkness I lost control over it and drove in bushes at the left side of the road.
On autumn 1994 when I was 17 my mom gave me her car to see grandpa. Because I couldn't have license at my age I went with my friend who was 18. We arrived on Friday evening. On Saturday night we drove to the closest village to show him some local pubs and cool places around there. On our way back I convinced him to change seats to finish off the trip to my grandpa's house. As we got to the house I did not take the turn but instead carried on to the next junction and turned to the narrow lane built to be used by logging transport.

I knew the lane was stretching straight for few miles and the had a turn right and straight again until the exit. I told my friend to fasten his seat belt because we will be driving fast through narrow lane. Bizarrely enough he did not ask any questions and we "took off". As I was driving at 70m/h I noticed the turn too late to stop and tried to take it with my limited skills and in seconds we were in bushes on the left side of the road.

As we got out of the car (no harm luckily) I was struck suddenly by Déjà Vu and told it to my friend what I felt. That scared him a lot and he reached out and touched me to see if I am real and physically present. What a relief we had to see we are not dead (I am actually still not 100% sure about that).

2) This happened about 7 years ago and I did not have a mobile phone for a few days as it got stolen (you'll understand why I am saying this in a moment). I had a friend who was selling a flat and I knew someone who would be interested in buying it. So I went to see it but my friend was not at home but his sister was at home so she could show us around. I had listened to some stories about her psychic abilities, but because I did not believe in such things I did not pay much attention to it.

As we were saying goodbye she asked if we could exchange our mobile numbers. I said that I have not got one to which she replied to not to worry because I will get one with a green screen in few days. I just though this is ridiculous because I had never seen a mobile with a blue green screen in my life and forgot about it instantly. What a surprise it was when I went to see my mom next day when she having found out I am without a mobile gave me her old one - MITSUBISHI - with blue screen. I could not believe it.

3) I had few less strange things going on - like reading people minds and sometimes opposite - they would read mine - my son very often actually.

One day I was driving past one of my mates work at outskirts of city when he rang me from work and asked if I fancy going out for a lunch break with him - all I had to do is take a turn left - and I was there in 15 sec.

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