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A real OBE challange!

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posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 10:31 AM
I would like to ask for people with the GENUINE ability to OBE to step forward. If you would prefere to remain anonymous then please PM me.

I have a challange set (nothing silly like tell me what lies beneath the great pyramids or what is in hanger 7 at area 51. My challange is more to do with general places. I am doing this as part of research into OBE's that I am writing a paper on (along with other topics concerning the paranormal.

So if you believe that you can do a controlled OBE (with worldly movement) then I ask you to take up this challange.

Only step forward to take this challange if you really beleive you can do this. All results will be posted here ( except for people who have requested to stay anon) with results that are correct added to the paper and maybe more challanges set.

I thank anyone in advance who takes up this challange but so far have found no proven abilities of this to add into this section of my writings.


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