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Recurring Visions I Would Get Falling Asleep As A Kid - Anyone Else???

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posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 01:51 AM
So, I would be lying in bed in the dark and as I drifted closer and closer to sleep, in the "grey area" I would have these visions...
First I would see two figures, flashing back-n-forth between the two every couple of seconds I think? But definitely flashing between the two. The images were black and white and took up my entire frame of vision. The first one looked very much like the Marshmallow Man of Ghost Busters fame - also the Michelin Man and to a lesser degree the Pillsbury Dough Boy; you get the idea. Then that image would flash to this other of this EXTREMELY emaciated bony figure with a pointed nose/mouth (kinda like a cartoon rat might be) and pointy ears. And so I would see these alternating, opposing figures.
Then, somehow, the scene would shift.

(this was my favorite experience - I would get so frustrated sometimes trying to get it to happen...).

Now, I'm don't know for sure if my eyes were open or closed. It would generally happen when I was on my stomach (or side) my head (obviously) looking to one side. I'd have the covers pulled up tight to my chin, usually with a few hand-fulls extra (enough to cover my head easily). So you get the picture, my sensory input would be very focused on my sense of touch, up around my head.
Then kind of suddenly, my vision would sort of "super zoom" to a level I can only describe as what I'd imagine a molecular level would be like. My experience of the present would just as suddenly grow VERY InTEnSe. The image was remained black and white, except now I saw either two or three, white, with black shading, orbs - in super-ultra-mega zoom. I could see maybe 35degrees of the edge of each sphere. The sphere were close up against one another.. Somehow i just knew that I was very small and close up, they weren't just huge. I never looked down to see if I had a body, but it did sort of feel like an out of body experience. So I lay there, motionless, taking in this consuming experience. When I do finally attempt to move, I discover that the slightest movement moves the spheres/pushes them around a little bit. Not anymCUTOFF

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posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 04:13 AM
I have had a similar occurrence.

When I was a small child there would be times at night where I would close my eyes and see the all seeing eye. At the time I was just scared and didn't know what it was because I was only a kid. But the freaky thing about it is the stuff I have learned and am still learning about the Illuminati, all seeing eye, and all that stuff makes me think I might have been warning myself about the future.

It boggles my mind that I would have had a premonition about things to come decades later in life. But as children our third eye chakra or pineal gland is completely open. It only calcifies when you hit a certain age. That is the reason that many children see things that aren't there and have a sixth sense about certain things if you will.

Now seeing as I was so scared of this eye as a child and am now perusing as much as I can about it it must mean something. That something very terrible is possible in the near future for us all.

2012 comes to mind.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 07:46 PM
reply to post by CPYKOmega

when you say "saw" the eye, what exactly did you see? was it floating? was there a back ground? did it blink? did it have eyelashes? did it move at all? was it 2d or 3d?
I know this kinda reads sarcastic, but it's not, I'm genuinely asking these questions to better grasp your experience.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 10:42 PM
wow, kinda strange, but I would have this dream sort of like that often. I would see my room, and upon looking at it, there would appear a sort dimension that was a wireframe sphere that was the size of the whole room. Suddenly I would become so small as in "molocule" size, there were 2 figures at opposite ends of the sphere, but they were of normal size, so very huge as compared to my new size. The feeling was very "intense" as you described, I would move closer to either of these figures, and suddenly would be moved away, unable to reach either of them, I would become very frusterated, but the physical feeling of the experience was undescribable it was like this feeling of being able to feel everything that surrounded me but on a whole different level of feeling, almost that the air had a soft thick feeling around me.
Even as writing this and thinking about it is giving me a sort of sick feeling, I would wake up feeling sort of sick, not in my stomach but in my arms, I know that sounds odd, but its like a really heavy, worn out type feeling in the arms.

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 02:08 PM
reply to post by verbal kint

When I saw the eye it appeared first just as the eye looks on the back of an American dollar bill. There was only one eye. It was 2d. And then there were multiple eyes hundreds of them and they changed color to red and all negative colors of the aura spectrum. The background was black. It didn't blink have eyelashes or move at all.

I felt as if it was an evil eye and wanted it to go away. I have just the other day picked up a book of kabbalah and am looking to find out more details on the "evil eye". Will let you know more info about it after I'm finished reading.

When I was a kid I would pretend there was a blue forcefield around me to protect me from evil and what not. After doing this the eye would go away and it would never come back.

posted on Oct, 9 2008 @ 09:09 AM
Don't know if this is related or not but since I was a child and still do see images flashing in my head during that twilight time of sleep (and less frequently during meditation. I'm 40 now. These are generally still pictures, photographs of the most intensely beautiful scenes of nature generally. Pictures from motivational posters come to mind. The strange thing is that they don't seem related in anyway to (or very, very vaguely) to anything I have actually experienced during my waking life. They have a quality about them that seems very disconnected from myself, as if I am merely a conduit, they come instantly and intensely from nowhere. I'd like to share what I'm seeing but visually with others but don't know how. I'm a graphic animator, but not a fine artist and do not have the skills to remember or reproduce what I see in my head, nor the desire to learn. It's somewhat frustrating.

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