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Hollywood and the New World Order.

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posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 12:22 AM
Exactly what is Hollywood's role within the New World Order? Many people seem to love Hollywood movies. I know that during wartime Hollywood serves as a propaganda agent for the US government. When our government wanted to rally public support for the cold war they called on Hollywood for help. They also seem to like to have the Hollywood movies portray a pro-US attitude. They would not make movies that would take the side of the enemy. You wouldn't see a movie here in the United States that featured Taliban fighters as the heroes or the good guys. My guess is that when the New World Order takes over Hollywood will play a role in getting people to support the New World Order. Hollywood is a brainwashing tool the US government has in its pockets. The US government can use Hollywood to affect people in our nation and all other nations of the world that shows Hollywood movies. Is such an organization as Hollywood legal? I don't see how any organization that can affect people on such a large scale such as Hollywood can be constitutional. In many Hollywood movies there are stereotypes, racial slurs, and subliminal messages meant to impose one point of view onto the viewer. Hollywood has even portrayed the New World Order favorably. That is why I think that Hollywood and the New World Order are intertwined.

The US government can just hire a bunch of actors and actresses that look pretty or handsome and make them make pro-New World Order movies. People will praise these actors and actresses and they will become rich and famous and will be rewarded when the New World Order takes center stage in world affairs. I just think that if anything, that, Hollywood exists solely as a propaganda machine for the New World Order to transmit the views that the people behind the world government would want everyone to have.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 01:23 AM
I`m sure not sticking up for Hollywood, or Washington, but, if we start thinking along those lines, we could say that books are not constitutional, or newspapers. Ok, there may be a few movies or shows that they put out that may be brainwashers, but you could say that about books and newspapers also. Is this the route we want to be going down?

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 02:24 AM
Hey guys, this is my first post because this topic really interests me.

I agree that Pictures do influence people. All media has influences whether intentional or not. Even art influences to a degree, music is a heavy influencer. I think the mind takes all media into the sub conscience.

The best book I ever read on screenwriting was called STORY by Robert Mckee. It goes on to explain how you should use symbolism for your structure. It was very enlightening to see how a screenwriter might think about the most mundane storyline.
I read it because you can't understand something you don't know. That's why I investigate everything I'm interested in thoroughly....which brings me to ATS.

I believe Hollywood delivers truth mixed with dis-information in the pictures produced. It's a game to the elites and they love symbolism in all that they do. Some truth, some not-- without Hollywood we wouldn't get a chance to separate it for ourselves. It's really not Hollywood's fault that some people believe Soap Stars are real people and send crazy letters. We need to get educated and enlightened.

News personalities and anchors on T.V. are to me the most repulsive form of blatant brainwashing formats in my opinion. I still love the good stuff Hollywood has entertained us with over a 100 year span, agenda or not, I feel I owe some of my beliefs today to some really talented artists and cinematographers that opened my imagination and created wonder and even sometimes educated my perspective on life. Contact is such a film. The Color Purple really showed me a slice of history with a really raw storyline I might never would have sympathized with that slice of history without that mental picture.

Unfortunately the NWO has it's hand in Hollywood, just like it has it's hand in religion and everything else. Sucks huh?

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 03:19 AM
Hello Cast and Crew of the World,

I was born and still live in Tinseltown. My brother makes his living making the images you see on the silver screen. It's just art and/or commerce. It doesn't bite and there are no New World Order micro chips implanted in my friends and families heads.

I once saw a classic line of graffiti in a Sunset Strip rock n roll club bathroom in the 1970s. It gave a stern warning to all us sinners:

"Remember, God is watching... so put on a good show!!!"


"All the world's a stage...."

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 02:21 PM
The thing with Tv Movies and Music in terms of mind control or subliminal advertising is to try and counter with your own perception and make it what you want out of it, but sure this stuff gos on unfortnaly.

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