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SCI/TECH: GM crop go-ahead 'irresponsible'

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posted on Mar, 5 2004 @ 07:34 AM
The Environmental Audit Committee have labelled PM Blairs' soon to be confirmed decision to begin commercially growing GM crops in Britain 'irresponsible', claiming that the results from tests so far are extremely flawed. They say the trials on the maize so far are invalid, as the poweful weed killer atrazine, which is about to be banned across Europe, was sprayed on the normal maize that was compared with it's GM counterpart.
The trials sought to assess the GM crops' impact on wildlife, but the committee wants a far more thorough investigation of their possible impact.

It says: "We are very concerned about possible contamination by gene-flow and pollen spread to non-GM crops, and insist that the issue of liability be settled before any GM crops are allowed to be commercially grown in the UK", and says new trials should last at least four years.

The argument is that the supposedly benign GM maize might lose its advantage against the conventional crop if that was treated with something less devastating than atrazine.

The scientists say withdrawing atrazine will lessen the comparative benefits for wildlife of GM maize, but will not cancel them altogether.

Well it seems that Blair has bowed down to big business yet again. I'd be all for GM food if it was proved 100% safe, but unfortunately I have seen nothing to assure me of this so far. No tests have been 100% conclusive in support of GM crops yet(although the government will say there has), but still Blair marches forward with producing them for commercial purposes, despite the fact that most Britons are against the use of GM crops. Does Blair just simply love defying the British public?

Is it fear of the unknown or is there truly something to be worried about concerning GM crops?

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posted on Mar, 5 2004 @ 12:33 PM
I don't know if we'll ever get the facts, with politics excluded, on GM crops. But, I haven't hear much on GM in way of how it's bad.

I have also heard that w/ out GM (and non-organic, not sure if thats one in the same) crops, it would be impossible to feed everyone, not enough land. And, if we're to use cow crap as the fertilizer, there just isn't enough cows, and hello e.coli! and didn't the UK have a problem w/ 'organic' corn, they called it ear rot, or something, which even caused cancer?? Anyone remember that?

The US and Canada uses GM crops - and I don't think we've had any problems with it.

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