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divide & conquer

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posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 12:20 PM
Hi all this is my first post, after lurking for several years i've decided to join up

I just wanted to say this & see what everyone thinks:

I follow a lot of UFO reports (these days seems like theres a new one every 10 minutes). I think 'UFOlogists' & people in general such as ATS members and other groups/websites would be able to make more sense of this whole deal if they became more focused.

By this I mean instead of been distracted by the numerous storys/events over the years to all focus on ONE AT A TIME and put all the effort into it until it can be tagged 'solved' or 'unsolved'.

For example form some sort of focal point be it a forum or physical location and invite everyone to investigate and put forward what they find to the admin of the group.

choose a very credible story for example Rendelsham/Bentwaters incident and everyone focuses on that. Then onto the next deemed credible incident be it historical or present day.

I'm sure with this approach that all the very intelligent & grounded people around cyberspace could pool their minds & resources and get some very solid evidence in one place.

sorry for any spelling errors i'm talking with my hands

What views suggestions does everyone have on this?

thanks for listening!

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