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The end of ignorance (as we know it)

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posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 11:53 AM
Now- my title may be a little too......wishful thinking. But bare with me.

All too often - when one speaks of ignorance of the issues... those in opposition lash out as if ignorance is meant to be a name-calling attack or a flame of sorts. For me - its quite the contrary. For me, ignorance is lack of knowledge, learning, information, etc.

If you have a different definition, then you should leave this post now

I took part in a radio show today where the topic was about the gay marriages in california. It was an open line, so all listeners were free to call in and express their opinions.
My experiences from these boards is that discussions such as these, always tend to sway towards the gay bashing/ scripture quoting. Nothing wrong with quoting long as you quote the scriptures in their entirety - and not paraphrase to fit your agenda.

So i set and listened as caller after caller was gay bashing.
"Its not right!!!!"
"it defeats american values of raising children."
"God created Adam and Eve, not Adam and Steve!!!!!"

Finally i had enough, and decided to call in and express a difference of opinion.

LONG story short, i quoted several passages of the bible myself, since we're going to debate this in terms of biblical scriptures, ill fight fire with fire.

I was scoffed at by all listeners and even the radio show host (who obviously was against homosexual marriages)

In my frustrations i set down to think things through. I came to the stark realization that every caller that i had listened to, and even the radio show host himself, was elderly. I'm guessing here, but i'd say that nobody aside from myself was under the age of 75.

So...the end of ignorance as we know it?

I believe that ignorance on such issues as homosexual marriage, abortion, etc etc etc dies off with the elder generation.
As society grows and evolves, so does understandings of biblical scripture. I can attest to this. I go to church every sunday, study my bible with my wife, have discussions with my preacher, etc. im no saint. But i have a world of a difference in interpreting the messages of the bible.

Its sort of like when we were growing up, our parents despised the music we listened to, because its not what they are accustomed to.

We despise a majority of these anti-gay notions because this is what our grandparents grew up with. We all know how hard-headed grandparents can be

It was funny, after i hung up the phone, i had to endure an outpour of elderly phone calls that talked about how my scriptures were wrong, and i was misquoting the bible.

I emplore the readers of this column to check out

Matthew 16:19
Jesus said this to Peter & disciples
"and I will give unto thee the keys of the kingdom of heaven: and whatsoever thou shalt bind on earth shall be bound in heaven:
and whatsoever thou shalt loose on earth shall be loosed in heaven."

This was the basis of my argument. Regardless of what else the bible will say, God said believe in my son Jesus Christ. Listen to his teachings and ye will be saved.

The above scripture spells it out for us all (especially if you want to figth with biblical scripture)
What you hold true on earth, ill hold true in heaven. If this were not true, then eating meat on certain days would still be a damable offense.

It just sickens me to no end that people this ignorant can exist and pick up a phone and make a call.

I do not wish death upon anyone, but i can't wait to get past all of this crap thats so anti-gay and anti-equal rights. Because to be anti-gay and anti-equal rights is to be anti-christ.

I also understand that many people will still share these same ideals and beliefs, but i call it the end of ignorance (as we know it) for a reason

The ignorance that has been described in this thread exists in such a commanding way because there are a lot of elderly people in this country that make lots of decisions and have lots of money.

My radio show host, for example. He totally scoffed me on the air, making it out as if i were some sort of crazed gay-lover.

Let me be clear
1.) I have no gay friends (that i know of) Im not saying this to be boastful. I am just saying that i have no bias

2.) Its not my place to tell another human being that they're going to hell. Its God's place.

But the outcry against me this morning on the radio was dispicable.

If you believe in God, why would you want to stand before God on the morning of you death and answer to God why you hated his creations and why you went against the words of his only son Jesus Christ.

Leave the decision to God, and go about your day. Nobody thinks you're noble if you're fighting homosexuality with a bible that preaches tolerance, peace, and love.

I hate ignorance.
I hate idiots.

I hate them both with such a furvor that it ruins my whole day to think about it.

But i feel much better having said all the above

what do you feel about the issue?

Will the world change when the "older" population passes on?

And if so - will it be for the better or worse of society?

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