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The unborn (if you were a think-tank)

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posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 10:42 AM
Be a think-tank for a moment of your time to what might be catchy...

What are all the unborn conspiracies that have been thought out and yet to hatch?

So far everybody who accomplished their conspiracy came to know it could have only been a one-time thing anyway since the conspiracy would surely be comprimised to have a go at it again if there was no evidence pointing to someone outside who in all actually was involved. Best way to avoid a damning conspiracy complication is to operate alone so that there is no conspiracy bound to become evident.

How many of you were in a conspiracy that did or didnt go through before against the crooked? And how many of you were involved in your own plan alone that did or didnt go though against the crooked?

With 9-11 you learned a whole bunch was done at once so that a need to go at it again, which would be comprimised then, would be avoided.


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