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My Theory On Who JC Is

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posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 08:48 AM
I'm not sure if which forum this should go to, so mods feel free to move this. I just put in general because I think it is.

Okay so I was listening to a Art Bell old show today where he had the infamous 10 Star General of God's Army JC on the show for over a half hour and had him answer calls. It was hilarious. However since JC was on for so long I was able to follow his voice a bit more than I normally do. Now call me crazy but I think there's multiple JCs out there. One is a ranting lunatic who's more loud than funny. The other one is a ranting one but a really quick funny one. Now I think JC came to exist because when Art Bell started he probably got a ton of crazed religious callers like JC and either one of his fans or Bell himself created or helped to created an insane and hilarious parody of these callers. I personally think Bell had a hand in creating the character either intentionally or unintentionally because it seems to fit his humor style perfectly and he gives so much time and attention to JC on his show. But any way to reveal who I think one of the JCs are. This is going to be pretty far out there but I was listening to JC in some of his calmer moments and when he was responding to callers and Art Bell and I thought to myself... that sounds a lot like Jim Cornette... the famous wrestling manager who's famous for ranting and his quick wit. Cornette is also southern. JC and Cornette seriously have similar speaking rhythm, timing, and speech style. Now I have no idea how Jim Cornette wound up on Art Bell or what the deal is with all that, but here's some youtube's to illustrate what I'm saying. Now Cornette's voice is a little deeper than JC's but I think they might manipulate his voice while on air.

Jim Cornette (
He's way more funnier than this, I just use this clip because you can follow his voice better through this than in other clips. Definitely check him out though, he does probably the funniest interviews I've heard.

Art Bell's JC (

I don't know, just came to me

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posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 08:52 AM
reply to post by CuriousSkeptic

When I first heard JC (the rant master)

I thought it was Ross (there stalking me !!!!) Perot

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