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Scientists working on new Invisibility Cloak

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 08:32 PM
I came across this while looking up news ... did a search and found some threads on invisibilty cloaks, but they all seemed to have cameras rather than this:

The superlens he theorised with his colleagues Nicolae Nicorovici and Ross McPhedran cloaks a nearby object by making light behave in an unusual way.

Rather than having a positive refractive index that makes light bend in the same way as it does when passing from air into a medium like glass or water, it has a negative refractive index that in essence causes light to reverse and travel backwards.

The light reflecting off the superlens cancels out the light bouncing off any object placed next to it, and thereby renders the object invisible.


I thought this was pretty seems lately theres a bunch of wierd breakthroughs. In the past week ive found bugs who excrete oil, possibility of literal magic carpets / levitation, and now this.

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