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The timeline of the world and the Great Terran War

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posted on Mar, 5 2004 @ 01:02 AM
often, you'll find what you're looking for where you least expect it.

from a cultish document, I see profound information about the world's history from their own perspective. because I know these cults sprung from the main source of occultism, that is Babylon Mystery School, I am relatively sure that the majority of the information presented is accurate. This ideaology's prime directive is to screw with the people's minds as to how things happened and to hide the truth from those not initiated into their societies.

this is from a "white wolf" document, which I suspect to be something similar to ADD or something designed for you-know-who's but the information it contains is incredibly accurate and informative. within this post, I will attempt to decode some of the information it presents into how it may have truly happend with external involvement (aka God, aliens, watchers, etc). (good luck to that, man)
anyway, my additions are written in bold following the original text.

*note* the end gets kinda... well.. delerious and probably overly metaphorical, but I think the events it described happened to some extent. you tell me, for those of you who are older than I.

Also, because I dont know WHO the aliens were in some of the instances, for now, I will identify them as "draconians". Sometimes it means those from Gamma Draconis, and others it means aliens from other starsystems such as Sirius and Betelgeuse, etc. Other alien races are mentioned, possible under the terms "Tremere", "Adepts", "Technocracy" and many others. This document shows that there was a lot of external involvement in our history, under guise of occult themes that can be transliterated into scientifically identifiable events.

Time Line
* - Nobody really knows when all this began. Let's suppose there are Antediluvians out there.

-13000 - The followers of Set arrive in Africa. Undoubtedly, this marks the arrival of aliens probably loyal to Draconian regimes
-12000 - The First City is built. It took some time for the aliens to gather the human population as well as decimate any of the stiff opposition that they may provide. This time is also known as "Zep Tepi"
-10000 - The First City falls. Lemuria didn't last forever, apparently, and probably battled Atlantis in a war that would end both civilizations. This was the start and the end of the first and only Great Terran War. The results of the GTW include the massive desertification of several continents, namely North America, Eurasia, Africa, and Australia. Other happenstances of this major war include the massive canyons of Australia which could not have been forged by anything other than an airborne particle beam or laser or other directed energy weapon
-10000 - The Great Flood. After facing rebellion from humans and/or other alien factions, the Draconian aliens try to destroy their creations out of frustraion. the flood may also have been a result of the loss of stability within Earth's geographical systems due to the catastrophic GTW
-8300 - The Second City is built. this may have been Sumeria or Babylon
-8000 - In the Jordan Vally a Neolithic culture comes into being. This leads to the Israelite tribes evolving.
-7000 - Set was born. This entity may have been the first generation born to the Draconian leadership on Earth and it is very likely this is the same entity known as EA or Jehova
-6000 - Agriculture in the Nile valley
-6000 - The Second City falls.
-5000 - Baba Yaga is embraced by Absimiliard of clan Nosferatu.
-5000 - Sutekh (Set) settles around the Nile. He will spawn the Setites as his clan. The Sumerians wrote about genetic experimentation headed by Enki/Set. There is no doubt that this is the beginning of the new creations formed within his laboratories. This is also the beginning of occultism and the hiding of information like this through Babylon Mystery School, Sons of Belial, etc. This also marks the foundation of today's conventional religions
-4500 - Ashur Embraces Shaitan at this time. He is the Second to be Embraced by Ashur. He lives in the Second City for a time. He meets Ba'al and becomes his first follower.
-4245 - Lower Egypt conquers Upper Egypt.
-4000 - Farming to to the British Isles. This may be the start of the Phonecian empire, which probably came as a result of the split of the families that ruled Atlantis and Lemuria
-3500 - Tiamat is embraced by Arakura. Urlon of Urek is slain by Tiamat.
-3300 - Sutekh was being worshiped by some mortals as the God of Night and Darkness. And started to call himself Set. [WW2206, p122]
* - Osiris takes control of Egypt and banishes his brother Set. Set is probably another word for Ea or Enki, whereas Osiris is likely another term for Enlil who were both higherups in the Draconian leadership
* - Set returns and imprisions Osiris. Later Osiris escapes and is torn limb from limb. [WW2221, p60-61]
* - Meshta is turned into a Mummy [WW2221, p61]
* - Horus is turned into a Mummy [WW2221, p61]
* - Isis restores Osiris to life. Set kills him again. [WW2221, p62]
* - Khetamon flees as the last of the Osiris' progeny. He doesn't stop until he reaches india. [WW2221, p64]
* - Khetamon perfects his discipline of Bardo and returns from hiding to create the children of Osiris. this geek speak is tough to translate, but I think it's referring to the continuation of Ea/Enki's genetic experiments
-3028 - Tiamat is embraced by Arakur of Ur. [WW2010, p19]
-3000 - Set's power is weakened by Horus' actions. [WW2221, p63]
-3000 - Athens and Troy are built at this time. Humans begin abstract mathematics. Now that the aliens realized direct intervention isnt the best idea, they decided to only interact with the humans in secrecy thus giving rise to Greek mythology
-3000 Upper Egypt fights Lower Egypt.
-3000 ish - Development of Osiran mythology
-2834 - The sword of Nul is forged by Tiamat
-2800 - Stonehenge is built.
-2650-2190 - The Pyramids(?)
-2620 - Birth of Queen Hetephras [WW2221, p69]
-2610 - Birth of Sahura during the reign of Pharaoh Khufu, aka. Cheops [WW2221, p11]
-2500 - Mesannepadda's Dynasty of Ur, worshipping Innana and Dumuzi (aka Tammuz, a mythical king mythologized as a dead-and-risen god, in Book of Nod a vampire)
-2350-2300 - Sargon of Akkad conquers the Fertile Crescent
-2300 - The Persians first write about Gulfora.
-2100 - Popularity of the Osiris cult; royalty promotes Amon-Ra cult
-2000 - The start of the bronze age.
* - Improvements in agriculture occure.
* - The rise of the Egyptian pharaohs. The middle kingdom of egypt florishes.
* - Nearly all of the British Isles were under cultivation. The phonecians were taking off
-1728-1686 - Hammurabi rules in Babylon this is the beginning of totalitarianism and the acceptance of laws that were designed to keep the aliens in power
-1650 - The middle kingdom starts to decline due to the efforts of the mummies and the children of Osiris.
* - And the invasion of the Semitic, Baal-worshipping Hyksos. Seth becomes identified with Baal in the mythology.
* - Also around this time, the Aryan invaders, previously a minor presence, wipe out the Indus Valley culture. The aborigines are destined to become Dravidian untouchables and gypsies. Guess: Veddhartha leads the Arya to victory, Sara Kali leads her followers, mortal and otherwise, away to safety. the Aryans are, no doubt, another term for this alien race
-1523 - The first HIT Mark I's are made. This seems to be a classification for Vimanas, or airships
-1500 - Agriculture improves to the point that human populations start increasing steadily.
-1380 - Akhenaton and Nefertiti rule Egypt.
-1300 - (15th dynasty, under Seti I) Kemintiri is embraced by Set. [WW2230, p91]
-1273 - Birth of Amen Khal [WW2221, p68]
-1258 - Mithras is embraced by Veddartha of clan Ventrue. [WW2220, p32]
-1235 - Mithras is born. [WW2220, p32] [It's in the book! Ed.]
-1223 - Sethnakht becomes the pharaoh of Egypt. He upsets the Setites' control of Egypt during his reign. [WW2220, p70]
-1207 - Helena is embraced by Minos [WW2203, p111]
-1200 - Meneleus is embraced by Troile [WW2203, p64]
-1200 - The inscription known as 'Voices from the Shadows' seems to orignate from this era, due to its script and language. [WW2060, p15]
-1200 - Trojan War occurs.
-1200 - Shaitan arrives in North America.
-1200 - Enkidu is embraced by Gangrel in Sumer. [WW2230, p36] The Gangrels live in Ur until its destruction by the Setites.
-1000 - The Dionysian walks the earth. Probably another term for a different alien race
-1000 - The Iron Age begins.
-1000 - The greek city stats begin to flourish.
-1000 - Tristan & Travis are ghouled.
-1000 - Iteration X (know as the Artificers at this time) influences both Greece and China more than any other Tradition.
-1000 - The Brujah's Influence over the Greeks begin to increase.
* - Egypt loses control over the Near-Eastern provinces.
-950 - Horus forces Set from Egypt. [WW2221, p64]
-900 - "A being known as Heru-Behutet and his warriors defeated Set and his allies in a great battle. Set was exiled and his followers slaughtered. In his anguish, Set vowed that if he were to be exiled into the darkness, then that darkness would become all-powerful." And guess what? he was right. Religions proliferated as a result and served to futher obscure the truths of existence
-900 - Himalayan Wars begin between the Akashic Brotherhood and the Handura. The Handura are later subsumed into the Euthanatos. The Ahl-i-Batin are formed. The verdant plain is reduced to the Afghanistan desert in a battle between the Celestial Chorus and the Handura. Celestial Chorus has to be a term for a type of brigade or division of the alien military
-900 - Mesopotamia gains control over Assyria.
-814 - Carthage is founded by the Phoenicians. Although it only mentions this civilization now, I strongly believe it was taking place long before this time period. Phonecia is likely to have formed from the ashes of Atlantis after the end of the Great Terran War
-800 - The Ahl-i-Batin begin their Plan of Unity.
-8th cent. - 13 Ventrue (led by Tinia) arrived in Italy with the Etruscans. [WW2058, p17]
-753 - Rome is founded.
-668-626 - Assyria ruled by Assurbanipal; destroys Thebes in Egypt
-650 - The Greeks (with Iteration X's help) formulate atomic theory. Because the Greeks constantly sparred with Babylon/Persia, this gives rise to the idea that it wasn't God who destroyed Babylon, but the Greeks. Due to the fact that radiation can still be found in the vitrified walls of certain Babylonian ruins, this notion doesnt seem so impossible
-648 - Assyria conquers Babylon
* - Scythian invaders weaken Assyria
-612 - The captial of Assyria, Nineveh, falls to Nabopalasser of Babylon.
* - Setites stomp on the Baali bloodline.
-600 - The Himalayan Wars end.
-598 - Babylonian occupation of Jerusalem (the 1st Exile)
-587 - Destruction of Jerusalem The first "temple" for the aliens was destroyed... a big slap in the face
-552 - Stalest Coursain is embraced [WW3103, p98]
-540 - Pythagorean theory in invented along with the Laws of Conservation.
-539 - Cyrus II of Persia conquers Babylon. Obviously Mithras was behind this one.
-500 - The British Isles had progressed to tribes of farmers and herders, guarded by a warrior elite. again, hinting towards Phonecian control
-5th cent - Brujah take control of Carthage. [WW2058, p17]
-457 - The age of Pericles starts in Greece. [WW2203, p62]
-450 - The Order of Mercury begins attacks against the Roman Kindred.
-423 - Critias is embraced by Menele [WW2203, p66]
-420 - Possible first appearance of the Gypsies in India. [WW2052, p12]
-400 - Possible fight between a Scandinavian hero (Grettir) and a Gangrel. [WW2052, p12]
-342 - Lyle is embraced [WW3103, p99]
-336 - Alexander the Great begins his conquest.
-330 - Petaniqua is embraced by Cybele the day Alexander the Great assumed the throne of Macedonia. [WW2230, p85]
-331 - Alexander the great conquers Babylon. The world is "destroyed" and a seal is placed on the metaphysical relationship between Earth and surrounding dimensions
-320 - Necross is embraced [WW3103, p92]
-3rd cent. - Ventrue controlled most of Italy. [WW2058, p17]
-292 - Louhi is born. [WW2220, p56]
-256 - The Great Wall is Built. Fearing contamination by those that destroyed Lemuria, this is one grand attempt to keep the aliens they don't want out
-250 - The Chinese invent the binary number system.
-250 - Iteration X invents gunpowder.
-220 - Romans begin to patrol the coast of Macedonia.
* - A celtic Druid creates the Phylacterty of Recorded Memory.
-200 - Louhi is embraced by Lerterimas of clan Malkavian. [WW2220, p56]
-200 - Under Camilla, the Ventrue control all of Italy.
-173 - Brunhilde is born. [WW2220, 55]
-150 - Brunhilde is embraced by a Gangrel. [WW2220, p55]
-149 - The third Punic War begins.
-146 - Carthage is betrayed and sacked. The Brujah face a coalition of the Cappadocians, the Toreador, and the Malkavians all under the control of the Ventrue of Italy. They burn the city for 17 nights. With the aid of Mages, they salt all the Earth around the city to keep the vampires in the ground. The vampires are genetic offshoots of the Draconian elite
-132 - Saatet-ta is mumified (Bane).
-50 - The Setites use Cleopatra to influence the Roman Senate. The secret society crew was never a collection of dolts, let's face it. they are adept at political manipulation, even thousands of years ago
-46 - Caesar is appointed emperor of Rome.
-45 - Caesar was named dictator for life of Rome.
-43 - Claudius undertakes the conquest of Britain. [WW2220, p9]
-33 - Set destroys the cult of Isis. her cult was obviously a follow-up to those who were displeased with Tiamat's murder by Marduk, a follower of Set
* - Set creates the bane mummies. [WW2221, p66]
33 - While Christ is being Crucifixed, a young Gypsie steals one of the nails, and was told by Jesus that his family will be free of the commandment "Thou shault not steal". Gypsie Folklore. [WW2223, p39]
33 - "Set himself vanished from the world (likely to escape being a casualty of the Jyhad). Before he disappeared, Set promised his followers that he would eventually return in all his dark glory." This is proof that the word Jihad does mean Holy War in the most righteous and benevolent of manners. This is also proof that Set is synonymous with the term "Adonai"
37 - Caligula is the new Emperor of Rome. [WW2220, p71]
37 - Setites manipulate the Romans into attacking the Nabataean Kingdom. [WW2220, p71]
43 - Claudius undertakes the conquest of England. [WW2220, p9]
47 - Aine is embraced by Bhallaire of clan Nosferatu. [WW2220, p30]
66 - The Toreador take control of Nero when he visits Greece. The Ventrue try to regain control but cause him to be come insane (unless the Malkavians also tried to control him...)
79 - Mt. Vesuvius erupts and destroys Pompeii. Menele performed a rite to summon elementals of fire. Helena escapes to Egypt.
87 - Gotsdam is embraced by Tiamat [WW2010, p38]
106 - Emperor Trajan finally conquors the Nabataeans. [WW2220, p71]
3rd cent. - Due to the Setties manlipuations the Roman empire starts to tear itself apart. [WW2060, p17]
200 - Mayan Society starts to florish. With the Phonecian empire long gone, the same kind of Draconian-faction aliens returned in an attempt to have another "Zep Tepi"
325 - Ventrue forced Emperor Constantine to call the Nicaean Council, but were unable to influence any of the decisions made. [WW2058, p18]
378 - Siegfried is embraced by Regulus [WW3103, p97]
400 - Doissetep becomes the center for Magickal learning.
410 - Roman influence over England all but dies. [WW2220, p10]
413 - The Cainite Heresy is founded by a Byzantine priest called Procopius. [WW2800, p48]
439 - The Kiasyd bloodline is created and breaks away from the Lasombra clan. more evidence of genetic tampering with the Draconian genepool
476 - Rome falls to attacking barbarians, due to the efforts of the Brujah. who were the same people who ransacked Phonecia; likely to be followers of Set
483 - Inyanga is embraced by Esemkofu [WW2203, p86]
500 - The begining of the dark ages.
510 - The Cult of Enlightenment is formed. The first "Illuminati", possibly
515 - Guillaume is embraced by Hannibal of clan Brujah. [WW2220, p56]
541 - Bubonic Plague hits Europe. Undoubtedly a formulated plague designed as a primitive form of eugenics. This is no coincidence that this happens shortly after the foundation of the predecessors of the Illuminati
565 - First sightings of the Loch Ness Monster, Scotland.
594 - The Bubonic Plague ends after killing 1/2 of Europe's population.
597 - Saint Augustine goes to England to convert the people. [WW2220, p10]
600 - Mayan society suffers a period of decline.
600'ish - Due to the collapse of the Roman Empire, some Toreador elders slip into torpor, hoping to awaken in another time of debauchery and excess. [WW2800, p89]
632 - The prophet Muhammed dies. [WW2220, p68]
800 - The Ahl-i-Batin reveal their Plan of Unity to the other Traditions. They form the first Council of Nine. Iteration X moves their HQ to Arabia. Algoritmi invents our modern 10 decimal math system.
800 - Charlemagne is crowned emperor of all Europe by Pope Leo III. Because the Pope at the time was definitely sanctioned by the Draconian elite, he was basically knighting an ancestor's family member
800 - Doissetep is taken over by usurper Mages. It is moved to Turkey.
806 - The sword of Nul returns. It winds up in Bayt Al-Himah "the house of wisdom" where it sits on a shelf.
812 - Ventrue control of Christianity reaches its height with Charlemagne. [WW2058, p20]
840 - Norwegians in Ireland founded a city which became Dublin. [WW2220, p11]
848 - The Magus Tremere was narrowly prevented from taking control of the entire Order of Hermes. [WW2057, p15]
866 - The Danes take York and begin to colonize north of England. [WW2220, p11]
878 - Alfred the Great of Wessex wins the battle at Edgington and forces the Danes to agree to a frontier. [WW2220, p11]
879 - The Cainite Heresy worship has become formalised. [WW2800, p48]
10th cent. - Only the Akashic Brotherhood, Ahl-i-Batin, and Order of Hermes (which existed as a federation of sparate Houses). [WW2800, p253]
10th cent. - 12th cent. - The Toreador started to lose control of Byzantium to the Brujah, leading to Byzantium collapse. [WW2056, p13]
900 - The Mound-Builder empires centered on Cahokia in the mississippi valley starts to florish.
932 - 'The Ghosts of the Five Tigers' occult group is founded in the Zhejian Providance of China. Despite the great wall, the barbarians have finally infiltrated the great isolationist civilization
963 - Ublo-Satha is embraced by Harlequin [WW2203, p122]
1000 - The Order of Hermes first identifies the loss of magick in the world and realizes that it may have something to do with the Order of Reason. This is acknowledgement of the seal being broken and then replaced with yet another seal
1000 - Entire Viking world accepts Christianity. [WW2220, p11]
1000 - Pueblo Indians withdraw to canyon and cliff communities.
* - Mayan civilation begins to rise again in the Yucatan.
* - Leif Ericson discovers Finland
11th cent. - For the first time the whole of England was under the control of a single ruler, Cnut the Great who also ruled Noway and Denmark. [WW2220, p11]
1003 - Schism Wars, during which House Diedne was destroyed. [WW2057, p30]
1010 - Caliph Haker renounces the holy city of Jerusalem.
1021 - Goratrix captures an elder of clan Tzimisce, forces him to turn his two apprentices into vampires, and than kills him. He takes his apprentices back to his Chantry to experiment.
1022 - Tremere, Etrius, Goratrix, Meerlinda are turned into Vampires These are all examples of members of the Draconian civilization who were forced through genetic manipulation
1022+ - In fighting among the new vampires grows so high that is it rumored that Tremere himself is forced to Blood Bond the Council of Seven. Still denied by the clan to this day. [WW2057, p17]
1022+ - The Tzimisce form alliances with the Gangrel and Nosferatu in the Eastern Europe areas. Chantry after Chantry fall until Goratrix perfects the Gargoyle and tells them to "...go forth and multiply.". The Tremere vampires destroy the other vampires. [WW2057, p17]
1066 - Edward the confessor dies in England leading to war. [WW2220, p12]
1066 - The battle of Hasting places William the Conqueror on the throne as the first Norman king of England. [WW2220, p12]
1072 - The Crusades begin. With the seal in place again and christianiity filling the void, all that needs to be done for Draconian dominance is the elimination of the predecessors of the Muslim religion
1086 - All of England is subdued under Norman rule. [WW2220, p12]
1096 - The War of the Guilds starts, and last for another 150 years. [WW2800, p257]
1098 - The Sword of Nul is stolen by the thief of Bagdad, a Brujah. Again, this illustrates that barbarians are the same types of people who run things today in secret societis
1099 - The Thief of Bagdad reaches Jerusalem.
1099 - Jerusalem falls to the Christans. No coincidence here because the barbarians and the Draconians are working towards the same goal
1119 - The first Gargoyle is created by the Tremere as shock troops. More evidence of Draconian genetic tampering as gargoyles are most definitely an offshoot of the dragons
1121 - An Army of Gargoyles turns the tide against the Inconnu in the Tremere/Inconnu war.
1128 - The Poor Knights of the Temple of Solomon (called the Templars) are officially recognised by the pope. a VERY big hint here that supports the idea that the Sons of Belial and the Vatican are in league with each other
1133 - Tremere discovers the havens of several sleeping Antediluvians. He chooses and drains Saulot (founder of the Salubri). Tremere also begins to slip in to Torpor lasting weeks or months. He tells the Council to organize the house. They do and divide the world then known among themselves. The sleeping antediluvians are most likely the same aliens who decided that noninterventionism is the way to go
13th cent. - Destruction of the Hermetic Covenant of Mistridge by Artificer Mages. Beginning of the Ascension War. [WW4050]
13th cent. - Inquisition formed. [WW2058, p20]
13th cent. - &14th cent. Inquisition wars. Which the Anarchs kill anyone, the Assamites came into the open and the Tremere Gargoyles started to become stubborn. [WW2057, p18]
13th cent. - The begining of the Sabbat Movement. Started by the Brujah. this is also the same time that marked the formation of "The Knights Templar" which are also predecssors to the present-day Illuminati
13th cent. - The fief of Winchester is the oldest fief in the British Isles. [WW2220, p26]
1201 - Pope Innocent III calls for the Albigensian Crusades.
1205 - Pope Innocent the III instigates the Fourth Crusade. This will eventually lead to the Inquisition. A follow-uup, or aftershock, of the Great Terran War which had the sole purpose of eradicating any kind of enlightened opposition
1205+ - Goratrix infiltrates the Church and takes control of it. He uses it to destroy enemies of the Tremere. The Council decides that Goratrix has overstepped his bounds and calls him before them. Goratrix runs away and hides after his power is taken away and given to Mistridge. [WW2057, p18]
1205+ - First Anarch movement starts due to Inquisition killings. Because of the fact that the Elders sacrificed their childes to save their hides. [WW2057, p18]
1205+ - The Anarchs make peace with the Assamites, and together kill the Lasombra 3rd generation Antedeluvian. [WW5020, p100, p111)
1209 - The Path of Cathari becomes a Path of Enlightenment.
1210 - The Craftsmasons unite to storm the Mistridge Covenant. [WW2800, p253]
1283 - Iteration X loses an ancient Islamic scroll . They watch the man who finds it.
1289 - An ancient Islamic scroll is found. The contents awaken the reader's Avatar. He then forms a secret cult based on that information. This cult would later become the Sons of Ether.
1290 - The first son of Ether finds an interesting manuscript.
14th cent. - & 13th cent. Inquisition wars. During which the Anarchs kill anyone, the Assamites came into the open and the Tremere Gargoyles started to become stubborn. [WW2057, p18]
14th cent. - The Technocracy is founded at the White Tower.
14th cent. During the middle of this century the Black Death appeared, causing more distrust amongst the kindred as the Tremere had only just arrived. Most of the 9th & 10th generation kindred in London die, due to feeding on tainted kine. Mithras takes advantage of this and capture the head of the Tremere Chantry and makes an example of him, also lots of the Tremere mortal agents disappeared. [WW2220, p19]
1300 - The Mound-builder empire declines.
1300 - Ezuli is embraced by Ghede in Ethiopia. [WW2220, p114]
1312 - The Way of the Ancient Lawgivers is formed.
1314 - Nicolai is embraced by Stromburg. [WW2203, p118]
1314 - The Templars are denounced for heresay, and its last Grand Master (Jacques de Molay) is burned at the stake, he curses those who conspired aginst him. [WW2800, p241]
1321/1325 - The Aztec civilization is on the rise in Mexico.
1325 - Destruction of Mistridge
1325 - The Order of Reason (the Technocracy's foundation) forms. [WW2800, p253]
1325 - Convention of the White Tower. [WW2800, p253]
1325 - The Cabal of Pure Thought, a group of Philosopher-Mages, meets in March in the White Tower. Founding of the future Technocracy. [WW4300]
1331 - The Aztecs begin to build their empire. Shaitan orders the deaths of all shape-shifters found through out Mexico. not surprising that they want to kill the Draconian SHAPESHIFTERS, is it?
1345 - The Anarchs slay the Tzimisce Founder.
1348 - Petrodon, Nosferatu is embraced by Cristo. Now Justicar. [WW2207, p86]
1356 - The first HIT Mark II's are made.
1420's - The seers of Chronos (now cultists of Ecstasy) and Ahl-i-Batin encourage the Houses of Hermes to call a worldwide Tribunal for the good of all Magi. Response is mixed. [WW4006]
1424 - Bryan is embraced. [WW2203, p101]
1435 - The Camarilla/Sabbat/Anarch split.
1438 - The Incan civilization starts to rise in Peru.
1438 - Gutenberg's Bible undermines the oral tradition of the Celestial Chorus. [WW4300]
1440 - Wilhelm Waldburg is embraced by Gustav Breidenstein. [WW2214, p62]
1440 - Mistridge Tribunal - Hermetic Master Baldric [LaSalle, Hermes bani House Tytalus] begins a quest for great Magi. After many adventuers, he meets with Lady Nightshade (founder of the Verbena) and master Valorian (Founder of the Chorus) during the turning of the year. They confer in the ruins of Mistridge, and it is said that faeries visited them there. Reasons for this meeting vary, but all 3 come to an agreement to found a Magickal order of their own. They depart to find other like-minded masters. [WW4006]
1441 - The Tremere find the sword of Nul and store it in a safe place. This sword may be another word for Excalibur
1444, 14/04 - Augustus Giovanni diablerizes Cappadocius.
1450 - The Mayan civilation comes to an end.
1450 - Henri Del gardo is embraced by Ansethe.
* - The Renaissance period begins.
1450 - The Toreador Rafeal de Corazon makes his famous speech which leads to the Camarilla and the Masquerade. [WW2057, p19]
1462 - Constantinople falls to Muslim turks.
1465 - The Council of Nine Mystick Traditions forms. [WW2800, p253]
1466 - Summer Solstice, Council of the Nine Mystick Traditions is formed. [WW4300]
1466 - The Council of Nine include the Solificati, the presecessors to the sons of ether, who fade within a century.
1486 - The Camarilla declare a bloodhunt against the clan Assamite [WW2059, p16]
1492 - Columbus reaches America.
1493 - The 'End' of the first Anarch revolution. [WW2059, p16]
1493 - The signing of the Convension of Thorns. [WW2059, p16]
* - The Signing of the original code of Milan.
* - Most gargoyles flock to Paris. Because these are some of the last-remaining offshoots of the original Draconians, they are probably based on the same race of Shapeshifters and are part of the crew who are currently part of European royalty
1494 - Harzomatuili is claimed by the Wyrm and becomes a Spiral Dancer. He will eventually become the leader of the Sepulchre in Mexico City.
1496 - The signing of the Treaty of Tyre, Assamites vs Camarilla. [WW2059, p16]
1496 - Most Assamites accept the 'Tremere' curse, creating two sections of the clan, the 'cursed' and the 'unconquered'. [WW2059, p16]
16th cent. - Councilor Meerlinda working though Dr John Dee, encouraged British exploration of the new world. [WW2057, p20]
16th cent. - The Ottoman Turks gain control of the Arabian Peninsula, but was only after taxes. [WW2220, p68]
16th cent. - The inscription known as 'Voices from the Shadows' after beeing carbon dated. seems now to orignate from this era. [WW2060, p15]
1500 - Vlad Tepes is embraced by Lambach. [WW2250, p9]
1519 - Cortes arrives in Mexico with 600 men, a cannon, Helena, Quetzalcoatl, Motolina, and Bernardino. Motolina is Blood Bound to Helena and will eventually change his shape to match that of Helena's. Cortes claims Mexico for Spain, with the help of Helena and Quetzalcoatl. Shaitan call to his masters for help. They answer by spawning the Pandemonium. Helena find Shaitan in Torpor and is scared away. She runs north. Helena leaves behind one of her Progeny, Galbraith, who becomes the Prince of Mexico City. Shaitan takes control of Galbraith. This is confirmation that Quetzalcoatl is part of the same elite of the Draconian race and that the politicians of Europe were still in leage with members of this alien race
1520 - A revolt kills 400 Spanish and the Aztec empire is reestablished. Cortes was playing with fire by bringing such powerful aliens with him, as the powerhungry aliens betrayed his mandates and impressed the Aztecs into a form of convincing control
1521 - Hernan Cortes returns and retakes Mexico in 75 days. He brings with him weapons, the Inquisition, and the Sabbat. The Sabbat recruit Galbraith. She will eventually be come the Sabbat Cardinal for all of Mexico.
1526 - Hunedoare Castle falls to the forces of Vlad. [WW2220, p59]
1558 - Elizebeth I ascends the throne in England. The first in the line of the gargoyles or other recent byproducts of the Draconians to rule England
1560 - The Spanish and Portuguese claim much of South and Central America, and kindred flock to the America's including some Settites. [WW2060, p18]
1563 - A general outbreak of Bubonic plague strikes Europe. again, this is no coincidence because the primary directive behind this is to eliminate any stiff opposition
* - The Sabbat make a general blitz on all of Europe. this points to the idea that the plague was not only planned and designed, but also eagerly awaited
1566 - Dr. Mortius is embraced by Mesita. [WW2010, p57]
1571 - Battista Decamerone is embraced by an unknown indian of clan Gangrel. [WW2212, p45]
1571 - Kepler makes his laws of motion.
1579 - Madame Guil is embraced by the Baron Volgirre. [WW2010, p10]
1579 - Sir Francis Drake claims what will be San Francisco for his queen. A massive earthquake shatters the area and forms San Francisco Bay only days latter. The name "Drake" is a subtle clue to his kinship going back to Gamma Draconis. the fact that an earthquake was created was a testament to superior Draconian technology
1585 - The Ottoman Empire comes to an end.
1588 - The Spanish Armada attacks England and is decimated. 1590 - The Roanoke Colony vanishes.
17th cent. - Vampires arrive in Haiti. [WW2220, p113]
17th cent. - Genina is embraced by the Baron Samedi. [WW2230, p31]
17th cent. - Valerius Maior is embraced by Varro? [WW2230, p78]
1604 - Galileo proves the laws of gravity. The Technocracy starts calling itself The Technocracy.
1605 - The Catholic Gunpowder Plot takes place in England. This was supposedly backed by the Tremere. [WW2220, p20]
1609 - Galileo builds the first telescope.
* - The Sabbat retreat to Scandinavia Fearing the telescope's popularity, this offshoot of the original alien race gets prematurely scared and faces stiff opposition from those recovering from The Black Plague
1610 - A coterie of Brujah diabolists rediscover the Path of Evil Revelations due to the influence of the Baali.
1614 - John Napier discovers Logarithms.
1618 - The 30-year war starts in Europe
1620 - Pilgrims come to Cape Cod.
1622 - Richelieu is made a Cardinal.
* - Opechancanough leads his indians against the settlers in Virgina.
1638 - Descartes proposes the existance of Ether. This causes a massive stir in the Technocracy.
1639 - Geoffrey Thorn and Nathaniel Gray form the Order of the Golden Dawn. [WW2212, p25]
1642 - Bainbridge retracts his former superstitions about comets.
1642 - Pascal creates the Pascaline, the first adding machine.
1644 - Geoffrey Thorn discovers the Ur Codex, an old Greek text, about ascend the "stairs of power". [WW2212, p25]
* - Descartes principles of philosophy are published.
* - The rise of the Manchu Dyasty in China.
* - The Sons of Ether and the Technocracy start feuding.
1645 - Lianna is embraced by Pascoe of clan Toreador. [WW2220, p38]
1645 - The Rotal Order of the Edenic Groundskeppers is formed.
1648 - The 30-years war ends.
1650 - Archbishop James Ussher of Armagh concludes that Creation occured in 4004 BC. non coincidentally, this is also the same time the Phonecians started to spread and was also the same time that the aliens started nonintervention practices
1692 - The start of the Salem Witch Trials. The Ventrue try to destroy the Tremere. They think that they won. Coventry is firmly entrenched in her Salem Chantry.
1710 - Samuel Bridgewater dies, and via a ritual, transfers the spirts of Thorn and Grey to the head Acolyte. [WW2212, p25]
1720 - Tibet becomes a tributary of china. this signals that the aliens who had created Lemuria are no longer in dominant control, at least, not in that region
1743 - An anarch named Rutherford reviels his true nature to a masonic lodge creating a group of hunters.
1745 - The Toreadors try to put Bonnie Prince Charlie on the throne. [WW2220, p21]
* - The word 'vampire' first appears in the oxford dictionary.
1746 - First female Assamite embraced. [WW2059, p21]
1750 - The first mechanical limb is built. Evidence that artificial life-form production was being rediscovered
1750 - The Tremere realised that Goratrix had joined the Sabbat, and was responsible for the defections of young Tremere under the House Goratrix. All have been branded with a sigil on their foreheads visable to any Tremere magus. [WW2057, p20]
1754 - The start of the French-indian war
1755 - Maxwell is embraced by Altamira. [WW2203, p68]
1776 - The start of the American revolution.
1776 - Quentin King III is born. [WW2212, p48]
* - Sabbat influence in America increases. This furhter reinforces the idea that the Sabbat is synonymous with the Illuminati and also reiterates the fact that the revolution was a fabrication of these Draconian elite
1778 - Muricia preforms the ritual that turns her into the first Ahrimane.
1781 - Uranus is discovered.
1783 - The end of the American Revoultion.
1783 - The combined forces of the Brujah, Malkavian and Gangrel take control of Boston from the Ventrue. This illustrates how places like Yale and their Skull and Bones were able to be constructed. This also confirms that the fact that Massachussetts is an important center of American education that is manipulated by followers of Set/ Draconian elte
1788 - The British convict fleet settle in Sydney Cove, Australia. [WW2060, p19]
1789 - The first follower of Set arrives in Australia. As you can see, these bastards are everywhere
1789 - The start of the French Revolution, the first anarch true victory. [WW2207, p15]
1790 - Ezuli (Settite) comes to Haiti, to create a temple. [WW2220, p114]
* - Start of the industrial revolution.
1793 - The reign of Terror begins in France. Many vampires flee.
1795 - The Winchester Chantry in England sends Baladin to find out what happened to the Salem Chantry. He finds a strong Sabbat presence and attempts to take control of it. A huge battle ensues and Conventry retreats to Salem where she falls in to Torpor. [WW2212, p17]
1798 - The Toreador settle in Cairo and Alexandria when Napoleon invades Egypt. [WW2060, p18]
1799 - Napoleon gains control of France. so much for anarchy never giving way to dictatorship...
19th cent. - The Pro-Turkish nationalist army officers force the ruler of Constantinople to restore the Ottoman constitution. They then depose the Sultan (Hamid II) and place his brother (Mehmed V) in power. They then force Mehmed to grant self-rule over the Ottoman subjects. [WW2220, p68]
1800 - The library of congress is founded by a Toreador
1800 - The Order of Reason, the Technocracy's former name, discovers a Net of Quintessence linking Nodes all over the world to the Middle East. The Void Seekers discover the Realm of Mt. Qaf. They set the Adepts on this new Realm. These nodes may be the same as the Earth grid lines, or ley lines
1803 - Britain and france go to war.
* - The US makes the Lousiana Purchase.
* - Napoleon is revield to the Camarilla as a Sabbat pawn.
1804 - Napoleon becomes Emperior of France.
* - The Sabbat inquisition is founded by Gustav Mallenhous.
1808 - The Sabbat consolidate their hold over NYC and intensify their efforts on Washington DC. It falls within 3 months. No it doesnt. This is complete BS as it was a complete success as the capital was moved to DC within the same time period. The US Capital was Philadelphia before this.
1810 - The sabbat Organize the construction of the Erie canal to help with transporting troops up into the rest of NY state.
1812 - The war of 1812 begins.
1812 - The sabbat reaches it's all time high. Not a big coincidence considering its success with taking over US policy
1812 - Napoleon invades Russia. Because these bastards had a screaming success with the US, they decide to suicide the France campaign in an attempt to divert more efforts into their cultivation of American culture
1814 - Washington DC is burned and reclaimed by the Camarilla.
1814 - The Canal Project is halted.
1816 - The war of 1812 ends.
1816-1820 - Byron/Polidori's Vampire Lord Ruthven meets popular acclaim (but where is he really?)
1817 - The Erie canal is resumed.
1818 - Solomon Junean founds Juneatown, which will become Milwaukee.
1819 - Mowgli is born. [WW2212, p63]
1820 - The Spanish under go a revolution created by the camarilla to undermine the sabbat.
* - The missouri compromise is reached.
* - A greek revival dominates US architecture for the next couple of decades as an insane Toreador desides to 'improve' America.
1821 - Mexico finally is a free nation from Spain.
1822 - Charles Babbage creates the difference engine.
* - The Virtual Adapts are created.
1823 - The French restore the Spanish Monarchy, and the Camarilla to Spain.
1825 - The Erie Canal is completed.
* - The Camarilla, in an effort to undermine native Garou strenght, has the US adopt a policy of transfering indians across the Mississippi river. the horrible trail of tears starts here as does the demise of the Native American culture, which ALSO allows for the enforcing of Draconian directives. this is another way of destroying the opposition
1831 - Faraday discovers the principle of eletromagnetism.
1831 - The Tremere in Vienna decide to stop this embarrassment and say they will take care of Coventry. She disappears shortly after this. The Sabbat overrun both her new Chantry and the Boston Chantry. The survivors flee to the Hartford Chantry. [WW2212, p17]
1832 - In a great war between the soldiers at Fort Dearborn and Black Hawk, the Indians suffer a grievous defeat. In the process, both Menele and Helena are so injured that they enter torpor. [WW2203, p18,27]
1833 - The US decide to establish a city along the Des Plaines River, called Chicago. [WW3102, p16]
1834 - Rise of the Whig party
* - The Sabbat civil war begins with the death of the sabbat regent.
* - The Carlist civil war begins in Spain.
1836 - Remember the Alamo!
1837 - Maxwell becomes Prince of Chicago. [WW2203, p27]
1837 - The first HIT Mark III's are made.
1839 - The first mechanical leg is given to the Sleepers. again, the sleepers are the same species who was on Earth before the Draconians
1839 - England starts the Opium wars with china. This was an attempt to raise money for the ultimate revival of the Great Terran War
1839 - Britain declares war on China, over their destruction of thousands of chests of opium. [WW2220, p88]
* - The Carlist civil war ends in spain.
1840 - Reform Judaism develops. Possibly another infiltration of Satanic beliefs and Zionism into the Jewish religion
1841 - The Opium wars end with England getting Hong Kong. [WW2220, p88]
1842 - Maureen O'Leary is embraced by Lasker. [WW2203, p93]
1844 - The Whig party falls under the control of multiple Sabbat factions. Remember, the whigs are the predecessors to the Republican party, I believe
* - The Whigs and Nativists elect an anti-catholic mayor in NYC.
* - Anti-catholic riots in Boston are used as a ruse to cover up the increasing conflict between the Sabbat and the Camarilla.
1845 - Potato blight strikes Ireland, leading to great famine. instead of coming up with another Bubonic plague, the Sabbats decide to force starvation and emigration to a territory they are in full control over
* - Poe publishes the poem, The Raven
1848 - Mexico is forced to sign over 1/3 of Mexico to the U.S. for $15 million.
1848 - Marx and Engels issue a Communist Manifesto.
* - The Tremere/Inconnu wars hits an all time High.
* - The California Gold Rush starts.
* - The first womans's rights rally is held in Seneca Falls, NY.
1850 - The first vampire opera is held in Paris
1850 - Difference Engineers build steam calculator, predict invention of telephone, propose 10th sphere; the "Information Sphere". Iteration X takes one of the calculators and begin to experiment on it.
1851 - Spain supresses revolt in Cuba
1852 - The second French republic ends with Louis Napoleon proclaiming the Second French Empire.
1852 - Goratrix is found among the Sabbat. The Council, aided by Tremere himself, brand all Sabbat vampires with the symbol.
1853 - Start of the Crimean War
1854 - The whig party is torn apart from within.
1855 - Biltmore becomes the Prince of Cardiff (Wales). [WW2212, p32]
* - Garou create the NYC central park caern.
1856 - The Crimean War ends.
* - The construction of Central Park begins.
1857 - The start of the India Sepoy Rebellion.
1858 - The Sepoy rebellion is crushed. Britian takes over India.
1859 - Charles Darwin publishes Origin of the Species
1860 - England aquire Kowloon, the tip of China across from Hong Kong. [WW2220, p89]
1861 - The Tremere perfect the Ritual of the Bitter Rose.
* - Lincon is elected president as the Civil War starts.
1862 - Richard J. Gattling creates the revolving Machine gun.
1865 - The American Civil war ends.
* - Lewis Carroll's Alices Adventures in Wonderland is published.
1866 - The Ku-Klux Klan is formed. not very coincidental that this atrocious group is formed after the ending of slavery, is it?
1867 - America buys Alaska from Russia.
1871 - Devil's Night. O'Leary and other Malkavians light the Great Chicago Fire. Lodin takes advantage of the chaos to overthrow Maxwell and become Prince of Chicago. [WW2203, p19,27,92]
1873 - The US is plunged into depression by the stock market panic of 1873. Orchestrated by the gargoyles and/or Rothschild and party
1874 - Central Park is finished.
1876 - Porfiro Diaz rules as dictator of Mexico.
* - Custer gets stomped by a pack of Wendigo garou at Little Big Horn.
* - The HMS Yawdevil puts into London port from India, unmanned, but on time.
1878 - Talaq secretly kills Hussein Ibn Ali and takes his place. He then fathers 4 children. [WW2220, p73]
* - Michalgo determines the speed of light, and disprove the existence of Ether.
* - The Sons of Ether break from the Technocracy.
* - British rule of Cyprus starts.
1879 - Edison creates the light bulb.
1880 - Telephone becomes common among Technocracy, still rare among sleepers. First "Conference Connections" used. Technocracy begins to store information electronically with help from the SoEs. First visions of the Digital Web reported. Shift name from Difference Engineers to Virtual Adepts.
1881 - The American red cross is founded.
1886 - The Statue of Liberty is unvieled in NYC Harbor, it is the crowning achievement of an elaborate practical joke being played on the Sabbat by Malk Content. What this means is that instead of it being a symbol of freedom, it is really just a testament to the Illuminati. The torch the statue holds is a major symbol that represents the code behind these people, which means "the light bringers". Sick joke, I know
1890 +/- 5 - Dracula visits London (is this connected with the foundation of the Arcanum chapter house?)
1890 - The Ninth Wave is formed.
1891 - Carnegie Hall opens in NYC
1895 - X-rays are discovered.
1895 - Dr. Zoeter of Iteration X, formulates MECHA which is probably another word for androids .
1895 - A group of British kindred invade New England, led by 3 elders (Warwick - Nosferatu, Biltmore - Malkavian, Pendragon - Brujah), calling themselves the Triad. [WW2212, p18]
1895 - Warwich lays the foundation for Biltmore success, by initiating the building of the Boston underground railway system. this is historical acknowledgement of the shuttle syustem that purportedly connects several Deep Underground Military bases
1895 - Pendragon begins a bloody campaign that destroys or drives out 90% of all American kindred from New Hampshire. With the help of his ghouls. this crew comes from Rome, and is obviously one of the higher ups of the Draconian entities
1896 - Pendragon declares himself Prince of Concord. [WW2212, p21]
1898 - England aquires more land from the Chinese, this time on a 98 year lease. [WW2220, 89]
1899 - Electrical computer invented, uses Balsa wood cards and responds only in numbers. Predict that Sleepers will be ready for computers in 50-60 years. The Artificers officially change their name to Iteration X to honor their AI computer. this is another reference that sleepers is another term for the unaltered humans who were here on earth before the Draconian invasion
1990 - Warwick makes his move to control Boston, and the complete Primogen disappear without a trace. [WW2212, p18]
20th cent. - It is rumored that the Cult of Sekhmet will be making at comback at the end of this century. A female exclusive Settite cult. [WW2060, p31]
1900 - The Technocracy decides that there is no Ether in space. This causes the Sons of Ether to leave the Technocracy and join the Traditions. The Sons take the 4 fundamental particles, and turn them in to more than 100 with subatomic physics. In response, all particles are reduced to 4 forces.
1900 - During the Paris Exhibition, the amazing Conversion Engine of Professor Vargo is demostrated, enraged that machinces of war like the Vickers-Maxims machineguns are more popular, he leaves. [WW4058]
1901 - End of Queen Victoria reign. [WW2220, p14]
1901 - The Boxer rebellion ends.
* - Tobin joins the Arcanum.
1904 - The Sons of Ether break from the Technocracy is made public.
1904 - The Washington DC chapter house of the Arcanum is founded.
1905 - Russian suffer a great naval disaster against the Japanese.
1905 - Lord Cyrus Wakefield's commits suicide on his yacht, The Royal Phoenix. Then a vampire relative takes comntrol of the Yacht. [WW2220, p121]
1906 - San Francisce has a massive earthqauke. This results in the yacht "The Royal Phoenix" ending up on land. [WW2220, p122]
1906 - Unions reach new heights in power.
1906 - The Big quake hits San Francisco. Preceptor Cob looses cohesion and Wyld energy surges over San Francisco resulting in mass fires and earthquakes. The Technocracy manages to regain control.
1908 - Ford introduces the Model-T
1908 - Balthazar betrays the anarch of Chicago. [WW2203, p27]
1909 - Vargo disappears along with his acolytes [WW4058]
1909 - Lin Jun is embraced in Paris. This chinese sorceress was a part of a Toreador plot against the Tremere. [WW2220, p93]
1910 - The Boy Scouts of America are founded.
* - The Cubist Art movement takes shape.
1910 - Iteration X accuses the Adepts of leaking information to sleepers like H.G. Wells and making science fiction. Iteration X proposes to land a man on the Moon based on Verne's book.
1911 - The Mexican Revolution begins as the Anarchs rise up against the Camarilla, marking the start of the second anarch revolution.
* - Amundsen reaches the South Pole.
1914, 24/07 - Czar Vargo's airships appear over New York, Washington , Paris, London, and Rome. He demands surrender of all national powers and world rulership for the common good. His death rays beat off an Iteration X robot army but he is finally overcome by Progenitor clones due to his reluctance to kill living beings. The NWO cover up the incident. I have no idea what this means... this is probably where the BS starts to proliferate
1914 - German Ventrue and French Toreadors start WW I.
1914 - The Panama canal opens.
1915 - Adept liaison covers for the redirection of Zimmerman telegram. Predict WWI to have dire repercussions over next 30-60 years. Finally, the Draconian elite decide to revive the Great Terran War as it has become apparent to them that things will not proceed to their advantage due to the proliferation of human community
1917 - The Vampire Club opens, on board the yacht "The Royal Phoenix". [WW2220, p122]
1917-1922 - The Bolsheviks seize control of Russia, with the help of the Brujah. This confirms that the Brujah are the same as the present-day Rockefellers and Rothschild, as those families were one of the primary financiers of the Communist movement in Russia
1918 - The first world war ends.
1919 - WW I ends with the signing of the Versailles Treaty.
1919 - Prohibition is introduced to America, the Settites quickly take advantage of this. again, due to the fact that prohibition was one of the outlined goals in the Zionist document "Protocols of the Learned Elders of Zion", this proves that Settites and Zionists are one and the same
1920 - Talaq son, Faisal, becomes King of Syria. [WW2220, p73]
* - The Boston chapterhouse of the Arcanum is burned down by a Malkavian.
* - The Mexican Revolution comes to an end when the Sabbat screw both the Anarchs and the weakened Camarilla and take control of most of the country. The second Anarch revolution ends.
1921 - Albert Einstein wins the Nobel Prize.
1922 - The Gold Exchange Standard is adopted.
1923 - A mining operation in Chicago uncovered the catacombs of the Wyrm creatures. All Garou unite to fight the common enemy.
1923 - Howard Carter unearths the inscription 'Voices from the Shadows'. [WW2060, p15]
1923 - Hitler's Beer Hall putsch in Munich fails.
* - The Arcanum's Boston Chapterhouse is rebuilt with added security.
1924 - Lenin dies ("arranged" by the Brujah) and Joseph Stalin takes control of Russia. He starts a program of purges that leave 10 million people dead. [WW2051, p20]
1924 - Talaq son, Ali, becomes Sharif of Mecca. [WW2220, p73]
1924 - Talaq (As Hussein) retires. [WW2220, p73]
1924 - The Sabbat Inquisition is re-established by Julian of the Black Hand.
* - Hitler writes Mein Kampf.
* - Tobin drops off the face of the Earth.
1924 - Based on Prohibition, the Adepts state that the FBI may gain hero status (50%). Predict a take over of Chicago will greatly benefit this plan.
1925 - A old Philodox of the Children of Gaia has a vision, about the release of Jupiter once again. It is dismissed by most. [WW3102, p17]
1926 - The General Strike of London. This was organised by the Anarchs. [WW2220, p14,p21]
1926 - Hirohito becomes emperor of Japan.
1929 - The Wall Street stock market crashes. The great depression begins. [WW2220, p122]
1929 - Adepts predict that Germany will take a hard hit from the Crash. They predict now is the time to construct a world government. they didn't predict anything like that. these adepts are definitely the cream of the crop of the Draconians and are the primary instigators behind these globalization attempts. This marks the time when a lot of new rulers came to power across several influential regions
1929 - Latran Treaty. The Vatican is created.
1929 - Gandhi's civil disobedience campaign begins. Funny this should happen when the Vatican's forces are consolidated once again
* - The Sabbat, having brought about the depression, make their move on the rest of New England from NYC.
1929 - The CommonWealth is created.
1930's - Brujah were preparing to kill Stalin, until they decided that they needed him against Hitler. They got Stalin to sign the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact with Hitler, then tried to replace Stalin. [WW2051, p20/21]
1930 - Aleister Crowley is embraced by Achadramenos of clan Malkavian, but is told that he is a Tremere. [WW2220, p37]
1931 - India gains indepence from England.
* - The Japanese invade Manchuria.
1933 - Hitler comes to power in Germany.
1933 - The revised Code of Milan is signed, signaling the end of the Sabbat civil war.
* - The start of the dust bowl years in the midwest US.
1935 The coven leader (Order of the Golden Dawn) dies, and leaves no successor, so the coven splits. [WW2212, p27]
1936 - Beginning of the Spanish Civil War. Franco is a puppet of the Ventrue. [WW2207, p13]
1936 - The Giovanni clan of Italy 'allies' with the Sabbat.
* - The dust bowl years end.
1938 - Orson Wells Invasion From Mars broadcast is heard. It starts out as an actually invasion planned by the void engineers, but it incures too much paradox and reality rewrites the events so that everybody thinks it was just a radio broadcast. A rift is formed between the Void Engineers and the rest of the Technocracy. The Great Terran War was just a stone's throw away, apparently. For some reason, it is decided to scale down the massive battle into something little more than a regional war. again.
1939 - WWII begins in Europe. [WW2220, p15]
1940 - Technocracy supports Nazis as the government to rule Europe. Mexico develops a massive industrial base under the control of the Technomancer Quetzalcoatl.
1941 - Hitler breaks the Molotov-Ribbentrop pact, and the Brujah have to allie with other clans to defeat the Nazi's. Now all they had to do was bring the US into the war. this is why it was "neutral" before.
1941'ish - Many Gypsies & a lone Gangrel (Talos, 7th generation) are placed in concentration camp, in Glodker. Talos quickly ebraced about 20 Gypsies and took over the camp. proof that the holocaust was not limited to those of the jewish faith
1941 - Adepts denounce Nazis, report the Death Camps, and condemn Iteration X's use of the situation to conduct experiments. Adepts threaten to act. This means that if the mess isn't cleaned up, a revival of the Great terran war is a definte reality
1941 - Pearl Harbor is bombed (by the Japenese) and America enters the War. maybe now it makes more sense as to why the american military allowed this massacre to take place without proper preparations
1941 - Mithras is forced into torpor during a Nazi bombing raid, and is currently in hiding, awaiting for the Tremere to make their move. [WW2220, p32]
1941 - Adepts plot to get U.S. involved with WWII. They make sure that no one believes the spy reports of a planned Japanese invasion.
1942 - Japanese relocation camps are created in America.
1942 - The first self-sustaining nuclear reaction is achieved. Critias comes to Chicago to watch the atomic experiments. [WW2203, p66]
1944 - Toreador Prince Don Sebastian of Los Angeles order his men to punish Jeremy MacNeil (Brujah), they went over the top, and to stop any problems the prince agreed to investigate it. It was a a cover up, and the anarchs revolted, killed the prince, and most of the other cities on the west coast were also caught up in the fights. [WW2051, p18]
1944 - The Domain of Los Angeles finally falls to the Anarchs. and this is how Hollywood was formed
1944 - Technocracy shifts support to the Allies thanks to information on Nazi mystic research provided by the Adepts. All Conventions now work to defeat Hitler.
1944, 06/06 - Allied forces land at Normandy. [WW2220, p15]
1944 - Los Angeles falls to the Anarchs and most of the rest of California quickly falls as well. Jeremy MacNiel is proclaimed Leader.
1945 - Turing and the SoEs build the first computer as the machine that cracked the Enigma codes. This was given to, and dissected by, the British government. Turing predicts that the Digital Web could be created in less than 10 years with the aid of the Sleepers. Turing begins to think of A.I. machines.
1945 - WW II ends. [WW2220, p15]
1945 - Only a handful of the Tzimisce elders survive WW II. [WW2061, p22]
1945 - MECHA is constructed and begins to receive prisoners.
1945 - Yalta.
1945 - Japanese relocation camps are disbanded.
* - The United nations is formed. globalization begins thus negating the need for another Great Terran war
1946 - Billy Gramham begins his Evangalistic Career.
1946 - Britian grans Transjordon independence due to their help during WWII. Transjordan is also today's palestine, FYI. This is more proof that today's neglect to that region is unfounded and completely biased by sabbats and followers of Set
* - ENIAC is created.
1946 - The Technocracy abandons Mexico's industry. Pentex is quick to grab it. The Technocracy drains all but four of the Nodes in Mexico city. The four Nodes that are not drained are hidden by Shaitan and his forces.
1947 - Iteration X spies discover Turing's plan, the Adepts communications with the SoEs, and accuses them of subversive activities. Not coincidental that this is the same time as the Roswell incident, thus proving these two races or clans are part of extraterrestrial civilizations
1948 - Israel is created. The first Israel-Arab war occurs.
1948 - Britain yeild control over Transjordan. [WW2220, p68]
1948 - Ghandi is assassinated.
1948 - Berlin blockade.
1949 - NATO is created.
1949 - Comecon is created.
1949 - Russia gets the bomb.
1950 - The start of the Korean War.
1950 - The begining of McCarthyism.
1950 - Tammy Walenski is embraced by Khalid. [WW2203, p105]
1950 - A Nosferatu (Jameson) delivered the plans for United States atomic weapons to the Soviets, assuming the shape of Julius Rosenberg (Project Rosenberg). Thus hopefully gaining large underground havens "ex-testing sites". [WW2054, p30]
1950 - The Syndicate threatens Turing with exposer of compromising photos if he does not stop his "Virtual Reality" work. Turing refuses.
1951 - An Assamite kills Abdullah the King of Jordan to bring Talaq in the open. [WW2220, p68, p73]
1952 - The first american H bomb.
1952 - Abdullah son Talah become King, but was taken to Petra by Talaq to protect him from his half-brother Naif. And Talah's son (Hussein) becomes King. [WW2220, p74]
1952 - UNIVAC is created.
1952 - Hoover creates SAD (Special Affairs Department) of the FBI under the advice of Dr. Emil Zotos, his psychaiatrist, (a technocractic mage). Charles Horner is named its head.
* - The first 3-D movies.
1953 - Stalin dies. Krouchtchev arrives.
1953 - The first HIT Mark IV's are made.
1953 - The Korean war ends.
* - Mt. Everest is conquered.
1954 - McCarthy is pranked by the Malkavians, ending his career. as well as his interests in the developing situation in Antarctica
1954 - The Transistor is invented.
1954 - Technocracy sends out all forces to destroy Turing, anyone present at the time, and any machines near him. Bring back the pieces. Turing programs Infinite Creation Loop and creates the Digital Web. He is sucked in to the new Realm and never heard of again.
1955 - TRADIC is created.
* - H&R Block is founded.
1955 - Adepts disappear with any and all information on or about the Technocracy. Orders are given to destroy ALL Adepts. No Exceptions. Time Table pushed back years as a result of Adepts treason. Executions are to be slow and painful.
1955 - SAD encounters the decapitated head of a Brujah Union boss and stores the head in a jar in a high-security vault. One of the few pieces of conclusive evidence of the supernatural.
1956 - The Second Arab-Israel war occurs. [WW2220, p70]
1956 - Soviet Union calm a revolt in Hungaria.
1956 - The start of the cuban civil war.
1957 - The EEC is created.
1957 - The Virtual Adepts break ranks with the Technocracy.
1958 - The NASA is created.
1959 - The Cuban civil war ends with Castro gaining control.
1959 - The Sons of Ether petition the Council of Nine for the Adepts admission. In return for admittance the Adepts will provide the Time Table, projects in planning, and detailed reports on Autochtonia.
1960 - Some Setites join the Sabbat and form the Serpents of the Light. further consolidation of geographically separated Draconian leadership
1960s - The Ventrue and Tremere of England stomp on a sect of Setites. Which was a change as the Ventrue and Tremer are normally fighting each other for control of England. [WW2220, p29]
1960 - The OPEC is created.
1960 - British rule of Cyprus ends.
1961 - The Bay of Pigs invasion of Cuba fails.
1961 - Berlin Wall is built.
1961 - The Adepts are accepted into the Traditions. They were given the Ahl-i-Batin seat on the Council. Probationary period of 5 years is established. They were given the Correspondence Sphere.
1962 - The Cuban Missiles crisis.
1963 - JFK is shot.
1964 - China gets the Bomb.
1964 - the World's fair is held at NYC.
1965 - America gets involved with Vietnam.
* - Malcom X is slain at a Nationlist Rally.
1965 - Ozzy is embraced by Jekyll/Hyde. [WW2214, p49]
1966 - Timothy Leary founds his religion based on '___'.
1966 - The Night of Rage occurs in Chicago. [WW2203, p21-22]
1967 - The Third Arab-Israel war occurs - 6 days war. [WW2220, p74]
1968 - France gets the Bomb.and gives it to Israel because of the ever-present Draconian influence within the catacombs of france
1968 - Martin Luther King is killed.
1968, 28/04 - Lodin obtained permission from the Ventrue Justicar to settle the Anarch problem once and for all. More than 100 vampires are said to have disappeared that night. [WW2203, p22]
1969 - A Nosferatu (Jameson) organised a riot in the Water Street area that destroyed 30% of the buildings so the new constructions will have hidden accesses for Nosferatu (Project Tinkertoy) [WW2054, p20]
1969 - Men land on the Moon.
1969 - The landing on the moon sparks the imaginations of thousands worldwide, resulting in numerous pathways to Arcadia to open. The Sidhe nobles return and attempt to regain control of the commoners in the Beltaine Night of Iron Knives Massacre. [Changeling:The Dreaming]
1969 - First SALT treaty
1969 - The Stonewall Riot in Greenwich Village, NY
1970's - The acension of High King David, formerly True Thomas's charge, ends the Accordance War among the Changelings and stabilizes the court.
1970 - "Black September" Loyal Jordanian Army units drive the PLO out of Amman. this may or may not mean that the PLO's interests are not in favor of the Palestinians. i know, duh, right?
1972 - Cattle mutilations reach 100,000 reported cases - USA
1972 - Talah dies in Instanbul. Talaq 'persuades' Naif to leave Jordon, for ever. [WW2220, p74]
1973 - The Fourth Arab-Israel war occurs. [WW2220, p70]
1973 - OPEC cuts oil supplies, triggerin

posted on Mar, 5 2004 @ 01:10 AM
wowo i guess this was a big one. part of it was cut off. here's the continuation:

1973 - OPEC cuts oil supplies, triggering a world wide recession.
1973 - 8 Camarilla Caitiff demand equality at Venice Conclave. They never see another moon.
1973 - In an attempt to infiltrate AIM, SAD loses some of its most experienced agents. Horner dies in a mysterious accident a month later, to be replaced by Andrew Crowe.
* - Skylab placed in orbit.
1974 - Nixon resigns.
1976 - Malk Content gets Jimmy Carter elected as a prank.
* - Viking landers I and II land on Mars.
1977 - The first TRS-80 is produced.
1977 - Juniper, clan Ventrue was embraced by Buckston. Now Anarch. [WW2207, p80)
1978 - Camp David treaty between Istrael and Egypt.
1979 - Margaret Thatcher of the Conservative party, is elected the first female Prime Minister of England. [WW2220, p15]
1979 - The Adept Dante steals information on the HIT Marks, and gives it to the Traditions.
1980 - Ventrue regain the presidency as Ronald Regan is elected.
1980 - Revolution in Iran.
1980 - Solidarnosc is created in Poland.
1980 - Crowe, who led SAD away from Garou incidents, is replaced by George Thomasson due to politics.
1981 - The IBM PC is produced.
1982 - Daliah, Tzimisce Antitribu, was enbraced by Gavriel. Now Anarch. [WW2207, p84]
1982 - Argentina invades the Falkland islands. something was happening in Antarctica, the land of the antedeluvian sleepers
1984 - The first cyborg HIT Marks are built. This level of technology will reach Sleepers in about 100 years. On New Years the Adepts planted the B.B. virus, put '___' in spring water, reprogrammed HIT Marks to dance, and rerouted the Progenitors Q-drainers to life support machines. They also scrambled NORAD channels, and flashed brain burning subliminals on all Advanced Technologies Incorporated terminals. The Technocracy steps up their Pogrom in response. The CoX casts aspersions at the Adepts for this. The Adepts blank out the CoX's bank accounts in response.
1985 - The Society of Leopold loses an operative in Haiti. [WW2220, p116]
1986 - Jean-Claude "baby-doc" Duvalier is driven from power in Haiti. [WW2220, p116]
1986 - Swedish Prime Minister Olof Palme is killed by the Valkyrie Brunhilde. [WW2220, p48]
1987 - Lodin defeats the Anarch uprising in Chicago. The Council Wars ends with the Thanksgiving Massacre [WW2203, p24]
1989 - A Nosferatu (Jameson) proceeds to the Arlington Warren, and finds the kindred hidden within its depts somehow warped, even beyound Nosferatu means. [WW2054, p40]
1989 - A 6.5 earthquake hits Los Angeles. [WW2220, p124]
1989 - Margaret Thatcher was toppled by a coup by her own party, and John Major takes over. [WW2220, p16]
1990 - Sergei Voshkov, KGB Spymaster, is taken under the wing of Baba Yaga, as her Eye and her fist. [WW2054, p64].
1990 - Most Brujah council memebers in Russia send their KGB agents etc, against Mikhail Gorbachev (they were against his reform plans), but all agents vanished without trace. [WW2051, p21]
1990 - Baba Yaga (ancient Nosferatu) wakes up, and claims control of Mikhail Gorbachev. [WW2051, p21]
1990 - Baba Yaha wakes up. [WW2220, p54]
1990 - The Brujah Council in Russia with Ventrue and Toreador elders get diablerised and then eaten by Baba Yaga in only 8 days, there is supposedly only 1 survivor (currently in hiding). During which time Boris Yeltsin gains control of Russia. [WW2051, p21]
1990 - The population of Mexico City is estimated at 20 million mortals, 200 Kindred, 60 Garou, 20 Mages, and millions of Wraiths this may explain why so many paranormal events are witnessed around the surrounding areas north of Mexico city and within the Four Corners area of the US .
1991 - The Brujah Council in Russia with Ventrue and Toreador elders get diablerised and then eaten by Baba Yaga in only 8 days. [WW2220, p54]
1991 - Sergei Voshkov is embraced by Baba Yaga. [WW3105, p96]
1993 - The prince of Chicago declares a Blood Hunt on all Lupines. Garou and Sabbat assault Chicago, destroying almost half the Kindred I dont remember seeing any fairies... but... this is what I meant earlier by possible BS through the end of this document
1993 - Preceptor Cob is replaced by the Weaver entity who now controls the pattern web of San Francisco [Hidden Lore and Loom of Fate]
1993 - The MASK is formed in Milwaukee. Preceptor Cob is destroyed. Nothing happens. The Prince of Milwaukee is killed by the MASK.
1993 - Thomasson is rendered insane on orders from the Camarilla by his psychaitrist. Late '93, Senator's Grubhold's incident with the Garou results in increased funding into SAD, increasing the entire department's activities.
1994, 05/04 - Rebecca is embraced by Gatlin. [WW2057, p9)
1995, 12/03 - A letter is sent from Edwarde Hagger (Vienna Chapter House) to Comte Jules de Marigny (Paris Chapter House), enclosing a copy of a inscription 'Voices from the Shadows' (about the settites). [WW2060, p15]
1995, May - The Isle of Wight fief, in England, was started by Morgan Rune of clan Ventrue. Who was later (March 1996) killed by a Garou.

White Wolfs 'World of Darkness' Timeline
Earliest occurrence of a clan!
[Actually mentioned (with date) within the White Wolf source books]
Ahrimanes -
Assamite 106AD
Predecessors to Rockefellors, likely to be Draconian elite Brujah 1000BC
Caitiff -
Cappadocians 146BC
Daughters of Cacophony -
The original Draconians who landed on earth Followers of Set 7000BC
Gangrel 1200BC
The predecessors to Native Americans, possibly Garou 1252AD
Giovanni - (1444AD - Not confirmed)
Kiasyd -
Lasombra 1205AD (439AD - Not confirmed)
Malkavian 200BC
A reformed draconian party Nosferatu 5000BC
Panders -
Ravnos -
Salubri 1133AD
Samedi - (17th cent. AD - Not confirmed)
lower-ranking Draconian kinship Serpents of the Light -
Toreador 600AD (146BC - Not confirmed)
followers of Set who decided to continue his genetic experimentation workds Tremere 1022AD Become a vampire clan.
848AD Earliest appearence as mages.
Tzimisce 982AD
Ventrue 1258BC

posted on Mar, 5 2004 @ 08:55 AM

Originally posted by AlnilamOmega
-149 - The third Punic War begins.
-146 - Carthage is betrayed and sacked. The Brujah face a coalition of the Cappadocians, the Toreador, and the Malkavians all under the control of the Ventrue of Italy. They burn the city for 17 nights. With the aid of Mages, they salt all the Earth around the city to keep the vampires in the ground. The vampires are genetic offshoots of the Draconian elite
-33 - Set destroys the cult of Isis. her cult was obviously a follow-up to those who were displeased with Tiamat's murder by Marduk, a follower of Set

Although the text is way too large for me to totally review, these two points are not correct.

First, Carthage's land was covered with salt by Romans to stop any plant from growing there again. This was to ensure Carthage could never again become a threat to Rome. The Romans didn't really need the third Punic war, but they really had a grudge against Carthage. So to finish any problems for ever they made sure nobody could live there anymore.

Second, the cult of Isis remained very popular until the third century. This article says the last recorded festival of Isis was in 394. I also remembered it being mentioned in Tacitus' Anales, which is about the end of Augustus reign until the middle of Nero's reign. Anyway, it was certainly not destroyed in 33 BC.

There are probably a few more errors in the parts of the text you use to tell a story about aliens, but I noticed these two especially because Roman history is my specialty in the subject of history.

posted on Mar, 5 2004 @ 09:24 AM
i didn't read all of this either, just the parts where you added your own stuff in.

"1519 - Cortes arrives in Mexico with 600 men, a cannon, Helena, Quetzalcoatl, Motolina, and Bernardino. Motolina is Blood Bound to Helena and will eventually change his shape to match that of Helena's. Cortes claims Mexico for Spain, with the help of Helena and Quetzalcoatl. Shaitan call to his masters for help. They answer by spawning the Pandemonium. Helena find Shaitan in Torpor and is scared away. She runs north. Helena leaves behind one of her Progeny, Galbraith, who becomes the Prince of Mexico City. Shaitan takes control of Galbraith. This is confirmation that Quetzalcoatl is part of the same elite of the Draconian race and that the politicians of Europe were still in leage with members of this alien race "

uhh... how about no? quetzalcoatl was the aztec leader at the time, and thought that cortez was the aztec god returning as promised.

1941'ish - Many Gypsies & a lone Gangrel (Talos, 7th generation) are placed in concentration camp, in Glodker. Talos quickly ebraced about 20 Gypsies and took over the camp. proof that the holocaust was not limited to those of the jewish faith

yeah, that's already a very well-known fact. thanks!

* - The United nations is formed. globalization begins thus negating the need for another Great Terran war

just beginning? HELLO: League of Nations, Wilson's 14 Points, WWI... any of that ring a bell?

1990 - The population of Mexico City is estimated at 20 million mortals, 200 Kindred, 60 Garou, 20 Mages, and millions of Wraiths this may explain why so many paranormal events are witnessed around the surrounding areas north of Mexico city and within the Four Corners area of the US .

the population of mexico city affects the four corners area? please, do explain.

posted on Mar, 5 2004 @ 01:23 PM
I think I lost the last attempt at a reply...

i was trying to submit a footnote to your nice post..

somewhere in here:

*...Scythian invaders weaken Assyria

I propose that in this 36 year period-> the Serpent cult/subculture flourished on the shores or general area of Caspian Sea-Black Sea....and this is when the 1980s movie depiction of Conan the Barbarian, the adventure myth was to have transpired.

[which, by no coincidence, outlined the actor A.Swarzeneggers' future ascention to power ala Governor of California--> thru the alignment with
the Kennedy clan no less>which corresponds with
your premis of bloodline elites]

for the few that will read thru this thread, there is
interesting correspondences between the Conan
the script & Arnold the Person...& the life journey,
which will not include a future presidency...revisit
the movie for the answers.


AlnilamOmega....have you considered? that all the history times be Punctuated with mythic & mystery?
Then, at some future completion: each generation
will have its
own boldface rider, like you have already started.

onward..& upward...

posted on Mar, 5 2004 @ 01:57 PM

Originally posted by AlnilamOmega
Other happenstances of this major war include the massive canyons of Australia which could not have been forged by anything other than an airborne particle beam or laser or other directed energy weapon

I don't know how a canyon can be create ( naturally speaking, of course ). Do we have a geophysicist on ATS ?

posted on Mar, 5 2004 @ 05:10 PM
Wow okay I find this to be completly insane and yet facinating. Are you saying there is an on-going sub-plot to "our" world in regards to what is currently happening ???

That there is something going on that normal humans can not percieve ???

An interesting side note the only Nosferatu that I was aware of was a movie from the 1920's (silent) and was the inspiration for the famous novel Dracula.

By the way I am an "ancient" being of the 12th sign.
I use the tag NosferatuVI on the internet
And I have a dragon tatoo on my "power" side.

Very odd to think I could have some crazy connection to this "draconian" bloodline ??

posted on Mar, 5 2004 @ 11:19 PM
All of the information was a lot to take in. I had never heard of any of it before.
Were these the exact given names from the "script"?
I've heard of Nosferatu, from the film of course, but Brujah, if it is pronounced the way it looks means "witch" in Spanish...

posted on Mar, 5 2004 @ 11:49 PM

Originally posted by ultra_phoenix
I don't know how a canyon can be create ( naturally speaking, of course ). Do we have a geophysicist on ATS ?

no on really knows, but the most likely answer would be erosion over several millenia i would think.

posted on Mar, 6 2004 @ 12:45 AM
Just goto - they create some of the best Role Playing Games around and this "histories" is based off of most of their RPG worlds. This is essentially all that AlnilamOmega is referencing (they have the "history" of their RPG worlds on their website). His reference to ADD (Advanced Dungeons and Dragons) is because White Wolf competes with Wizards of the Coast (they manufacture Dungeons and Dragons and many other RPG's). I personally prefer the White Wolf line of RPG's - I tend to like their stories better.

[Edited on 3-6-2004 by EmbryonicEssence]

posted on Mar, 6 2004 @ 01:02 AM

Originally posted by ultra_phoenix

Originally posted by AlnilamOmega
Other happenstances of this major war include the massive canyons of Australia which could not have been forged by anything other than an airborne particle beam or laser or other directed energy weapon

I don't know how a canyon can be create ( naturally speaking, of course ). Do we have a geophysicist on ATS ?

Just a geologist here, though it does not take a geophysicist to dispel the absurdity that, "anything other than an airborne particle beam [et al.]" could carve particular canyons. Generally, running water over time erodes deeply through formations of various hardnesses. Particularly during the uplift of regions, streamcuts can form very narrow yet deep chasms. Such are noted all over the world, especially in areas undergoing tectonic uplift. It is likely that one familiar with the effects of the highly advanced weaponry mentioned would mistake these erosional phenomena with tracks of the Battleship Galactica. While weapon systems of that type are beyond my expertise, anything that could cut a deep swath into earthen material would leave thick glass along both sides. Perhaps that is why the poster asserts that the canyons' genesis was as described. Apparently, some 'special' knowledge presented, as I am not familiar with such formations anywhere.

posted on Mar, 6 2004 @ 01:06 AM
Nosferatu, Brujah, Malkavian etc are the names of clans in the White Wolf RPG Vampire: the Masquerade'

Its a pretty good game actually. I know a few people in the UK who do it as a LARP too.

[Edited on 6-3-2004 by Pisky]

posted on Mar, 6 2004 @ 02:31 AM
very interesting replies so far!!! I am very pleased to see so many of you taking a reaction towards this, despite it's huuuuuuuuuge length.

ok, now I'll try to respond to all of your questions to the best of my ability as well as clear up any curiosities made apparent by the comments.

amantine, there may be segments in there that don't make sense or seem inaccurate because of several cuts I have made. I made no alteration to the original texts, but I did cut out what I felt was not part of the larger picture. not much was removed; only about 10-25% of the entire document was edited on those terms. Moreover, it may not be 100% accurate, obviously, BUT it does present a good amount of pieces to the great puzzle of history. I would estimate this representation, chronologically speaking, is at least 70-90% accurate based on my own education of international history.

cmdrkeenkid, apogee games wern't always so bad!
but more seriously, yes, you're right... quetz was the leader for some time, but that does not disprove that the entity was in league with Cortez's master. How else would the entity be able to accurately predict the appearance of cortez, or at least construe it in a manner that would appeal to that form of logic.

the answer to your other query is thar becaause the territory of the four corners area was once predominantly mexico, and was civilized by the same kind of cultures that the native central americans consist of today. You will find lots of weird happenings within that regions, up to and including the aptly-named Superstitious Mountains.

riffraffalunas, that is a very intersting "coincidence". I think your idea is accurate, considering the amount of value these secret societies place in keeping continuity with numbers and dates as well as genealogy patterns. Good job!!

I also liked your candid comment about my take on history. You are absolutely right, and I make no claims on absolute accuracy because I am limited by my own perspectives. But what I am trying to do is at least "decode" these silly names into scientifically appropriate markers that can be compared and verified more easily based on today's cultures and previously-identified civilizations. Often, I find that instead of just going away, the Devil will run and just change his name, completely fooling the people into thinking it's not the Devil. Do you see my point?

ultra_phoenix, well... I felt a little hindsighted about that phrase. I thought that my wording was a bit strong, as for all I know it very well could have been erosion. but have you SEEN those canyons? I don't think there was any local body of water that could have that much influence over the local terrain, even if it were the Pacific and Indian oceans. Those characteristics of the canyon are too... well.. seemingly man-made, so to speak.

robertfenix, to an extent, that is exactly what I am saying. However, not because as humans we cannot perceive it, but because it has been hidden from us for so long due to secret societies and so-called occult practices. these people have the arrogance to think that the general population shouldnt be "privileged" enough so as to be aware of all this. And documents like these are also responsible for this blatant attempt at covering up, because ... well... just look at these silly names of these clans and how historically inappropriate they seem! But once you decode them into possible predecessors and/or agendas that are being enforced even to this day... aHAaaa...

I am NOT completely sure that Nosferatu is connected to the same alien race, nor am I sure that the clan is related to alien race. All I am saying is that it is possible because the majority of these clans seemed to be indeed extraterrestrial. I would recommend you discuss the matter of your past with your family based on your knowledge and make your decisions from there. Only you can know better than I in this regard.

chesirecat, all of the names NOT in bold are the original names from the text. Of course, lots of these names are lost in translation and lots of these names are changed from their original sources due to practices of the secret societies. It is my belief that they do this to instill confusion into the populous and to keep the wrongdoers from ever being caught and exterminated as a whole. the only names I added are the ones in bold. none of the original names were changed EVER. I am not one for any sort of censorship.

EmbryonicEssence, you are correct with the source, HOWEVER, I tried to illustrate that the idea behind these RPG's is that they are based on ancient ideas but are mixed up to a point that they will barely be recognized by even an educated player. Also, no self-respecting historian would ever look into a stereotypical game such as this one... correct? The comparison to ADD was to reinforce this idea, though personally I am not familiar with any of the things that go on between White Wolf or ADD. What I do know is that this document seems to have a bit more truth in it than is intended, and what a better place to hide it in a you-know-who's game?

Aeon10101110, thank you for confirming what my intuition warned me about after I made this post with that phrase. What I meant to say is that it is likely that it may have been created via directed energy weapon. I apologize for leaving fewer options outside of this possibility, but if you look at pictures of the monstrous and currently untouched canyons of Australia... you'll start to think "how... the... hell?".

and, finally, pisky... Yes, as stated, those are identified as "clans". These clans had to have existed. We all remember learning about feudalism and how clans were involved in that... The names given in this document are more than likely inaccurate, again as a testament to secret societies keeping secrets, but when you compare their behavior in the past with their behavior in the present, as stated in the document, you can see what angle I am trying to uncover here. The Brujah, or whatevers, could not have been anything other than the same kind of group that is a part of today's Illuminati due to their patterns both in the past and today.

posted on Mar, 6 2004 @ 03:05 AM
AlnilamOmega, I definately get what you're saying. The people behind the WhiteWolf RPG's are very, very intelligent and the information they put into their RPG's is very well researched and that research comes from the real world. I was just mentioning where the information comes from.
I think the people behind the RPG's actually kind of intended to subtly hint at a greater truth. I have noticed this with many great works of writing, electronic games (computer and console), and of course movies - and of course many other things. The great creators of the game Deus Ex inspired to take many of the conspiracy theories we know about and extend them further with new ideas about what's really going on in this world. Thankfully there is plenty of material to choose from for the "truth," whichever form it may take.

[Edited on 3-6-2004 by EmbryonicEssence]

posted on Mar, 6 2004 @ 04:14 AM

Originally posted by AlnilamOmega
amantine, there may be segments in there that don't make sense or seem inaccurate because of several cuts I have made. I made no alteration to the original texts, but I did cut out what I felt was not part of the larger picture. not much was removed; only about 10-25% of the entire document was edited on those terms. Moreover, it may not be 100% accurate, obviously, BUT it does present a good amount of pieces to the great puzzle of history. I would estimate this representation, chronologically speaking, is at least 70-90% accurate based on my own education of international history.

OK, but I think you shouldn't use pieces that you (now) know to be inaccurate to draw conclusions. I only commented on pieces where you added your own comments. I think if you really want to take this idea further, you should compare it with real history textbooks. There are huge series of books with almost all we know about history. A real historian would compare different sources instead of relying on one source (especialy if the source is a gaming company). But that's just my opinion, you don't have to agree with it.

posted on Mar, 7 2004 @ 04:25 AM
Of all the threads I've read on ATS, this has got to be the most assinine I have ever seen. I couldn't understand where this was comming from, until someone mentioned RPG,s & ADD. Dungeons & Dragons!?! Read a Real Book.

posted on Mar, 7 2004 @ 04:33 AM
Ummm...yeah. Those White Wolf folks are simply AMAZING writers. Which book did you reference this from? Despite being all or mostly fiction based upon real events, I've seen seem it told like this. Not once in my study of Cainite history has there EVER been mention of aliens.

AT any rate, this is fiction, albeit excellent fiction.

Oh yeah...oen more thing.Unfortunately, WW is killing the World of Darkness series this April. Pour a forty on your choice curb in sadness folks.


posted on Mar, 9 2004 @ 08:25 AM

Originally posted by AlnilamOmega
often, you'll find what you're looking for where you least expect it.

But not in this document. What it shows is that they write for games and they aren't writing history.

this is from a "white wolf" document, which I suspect to be something similar to ADD or something designed for you-know-who's but the information it contains is incredibly accurate and informative.

It's designed for a roleplaying system, yes. White Wolf is one of the big gaming companies and has a number of products, including card games and fantasy novels based around VAMPIRE: THE MASQUERADE, WEREWOLF: THE APOCALYPSE, CHANGELING: THE DREAMING, and WRAITH: THE OBLIVION.

It's a game.

Here's one of many sites dedicated to the game:

Note the disclaimer at the bottom:
This website is based on a fictional game. It has no connection to any real world religions, people, or settings

This means that the people who created the game have gotten both tired and disgusted with people who think this is real and symbolic.

The history is about as valid as Harry Potter or Monopoly.

Now... I hear you say "Aw, c'mon, Byrd... how do you know this?"

I go to science fiction conventions. I know the gamers. Furthermore, I sit in on the game announcements. I talk to the authors who write this stuff. I talk to the game developers. I have seen some of the trial scenarios and the brainstorming sessions.

If you go to science fiction conventions and gaming conventions, you can meet these folks and they will be glad to explain to you (with much eye-rolling and "I can't believe you think there's anything to this") that it is something they made up.

posted on Mar, 9 2004 @ 08:28 AM

Originally posted by ultra_phoenix
I don't know how a canyon can be create ( naturally speaking, of course ).

Running water, gradually rising land, millions of years. Really. You can get some spectacularly big ones. You get faster ones if you have tektonic plates separating or moving together.

posted on Mar, 9 2004 @ 08:31 AM
I love sci/fi and fantasy timelines. My personal favorite is from Robotech, with the Invid. Anyway...

Seems to me that most time lines are researched, at least in part, so that the maority of the information is true or true-like.

But, it's still fiction.

No one would ever print the whole truth about the world in a fictional role-playing game. That'd be silly!

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