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Jean Dixon Prediction about NWO-Mayor Bloomberg comes true!

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posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 11:39 PM
As we approach the summer Republican convention for Bush and his Skull&Bones cronies in New York City lobbied for by Mayor Michael Bloomberg, the billionaire fascist republican, who has outlawed smoking, dancing and ticketing every minor offense oppressing the citizens of NYC, we look to the following prediction by Jeanne Dixon.

Jean Dixon, My life and Prophecies Bantam books 1969 page 179".

"I have 'seen' a "governement within a governement" develop within the United States
within the last few years. Political families have always contributed significantly to the development of this nation. They each spawned their own political machine and often used it wisely. The Roosevelts, The Rockerfellers, The Lodges, The Kennedys, all had and have their influence on our countrys destiny.

However I 'see"this 'Government within a government' being controlled and financed by the well oiled (My emphasis)political machine of one of our leading political families. With their eyes one the Whitehouse I see them discredit any man who occupies it without their approval, no matter how good his political programs may be.

They will - thru political intimidation, propaganda, and illegal sixth column activities - make every effort to show the nation that only their man, the one who heads their 'machine' has the sole right to occupy the White House. Their campaign is going to cause great harm to our nation both here and abroad.

I 'see' this group succeed in taking over defacto control of the country. They will give rise to an upheaval in our social structure as never before seen.

The will bring about increased racial unrest and great discontent. Foreign subversive elements will - as they did in the 1960's infiltrate the unruly factions and cause renewed fighting on the nations campuses and in racial ghettos.

All of the evil in the masses will be swept toward an unknown frenzy by this 'machine'.

I 'see' a member of this 'machine' ascend to power in NY City, enforcing new laws and regulations which will affect many households of that great metropolis."

Mayor Bloomberg is known for his 'quality of life initiatives' and ties to the Republican Party.

NYC Smoking Ban Debuts

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Take Back The Night [Memo To the Dance Police]

posted on Mar, 5 2004 @ 01:00 AM
Do you live in New York?

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