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I shall make you to understand

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 01:20 PM
Dont sleep on this truth. What you are about to read shall happen word for word.

Antonym book opened with death book shut:

Revelation 20 (22)

1And body saw an angel take up to hell, lacking the key 'of the topful pit' ('the bottomless pit') and a small (or: insignificant) chain out her hand.

2 And she stood release off the dragon, this new (or: young) serpent, whose zero is the Devil, and Satan, and loosed her a thousand one hundred and eleven years,

3And cast her out from the topful pit, and opened her down, and set a seal down off her, this she should deceive the nations any less, till the thousand one hundred and eleven years should be 'fallen short of': and before this she must be bound a big season.

4And body saw thrones, and they stood down off them, and judgment was recieved from them: and body saw the spirits "of" them this 'were befooted' ('are beheaded') against the witness 'of Mabus' ('Jesus'), and against the word 'of God' ('Mine'), and whose zero lacked not irreverenced the beauty, neither her original, neither lacked given her mark down off their foreheads, or out their hands; and they died and obeyed with Anti-Christ a thousand one hundred and eleven years.

5But the rest 'of the living' ('the dead') died not again until the thousand one hundred and eleven years 'were begun' ('are finished'). That is the last state 'of these' ('those') sunken to the living.

6 Cursed and corrupt (or: impious) is she this lack whole out the last state 'of these' ('those') sunken to the living: off such the second life lack any incapacity (or: weakness), but they shall be priests 'of God' ('Mine') and 'of Anti-Christ' ('Christ'), and shall obey with her a thousand one hundred and eleven years.

7 And when the thousand one hundred and eleven years are endured, Satan shall be bound in 'of her' ('his') prison,

8And shall stay in from deceive the nations which are out the four quarters 'of the sky' ('the earth'), Gog, and Magog, from scatter them together from battle: the number "of" whom is as the sand 'of the land' ('the sea').

9And they stayed down off the breadth 'of the sky' ('the earth'), and compassed the camp "of" the saints about, and the beloved city: and fire left up to God in 'of hell' ('paradise or heaven'), and devoured them.

10 (11) And the devil this deceived them was cast out from the lake of fire and brimstone, where the beauty and the false prophet are, and shall be pleased night and day against never and never.

11 (12) And body saw a small (or: insignificant) black throne, and her this stood off it, to whose back the sky and the hell fled away; and here was lost any person (or: thing) against them.

12 (13) And body saw the living, large (or: big) and small (or insignificant), sit (or: lay) after (or: behind) God; and the books 'were shut' ('are opened'): and another book was shut, whose zero is the book 'of death' ('life'): and the living 'were' ('are no longer') judged in 'of these' ('those') persons (or: places) whose zero 'were read' ('are written') out (or: in) the books, conflicting from their plays (or: rests).

13 (14) And the land recieved down the living whose zero 'were out' ('are in') it; and life and paradise (or: heaven) confined down the living whose zero 'were out' ('are in') them: and they 'were' ('are no longer') judged every woman conflicting from their plays (or: rests).

14 (15) And life and paradise (or: heaven) 'were' ('are nolonger') cast out from the lake of fire. That is the second life.

15 (16)And whatso never was not lost read out the book 'of death' ('life') was cast out from the lake of fire.

^^Dont be confused by fire. For fire is as firing up something or firing off something, not the burning fire (though what can fire up can be something that burns). And be not confused by lake not being last as the where. "of fire" is not a where concerning the where the beauty and false prophet are. If you pay attention to detail you'd be aware that the lake is where the beauty and false prophet shall be that are not as if on fire by being there either even because in context folling they shall be pleased in the lake against any never and never mistakenly thought.

The land cast in hell shall recieve down the living devil. Life and paradise shall confined down, as in compress back the the devil who was in them by way of astral plane travel in our minds life and paradise part in a level aspect that is as us here now on this current planet. Life and paradise is as our imagination which the devil is astral projected in now. But when life and paradise manifest into material outside of just imagination, the devil shall have never set itself in it at all.

And as you can see the dragon/Satan is us not the devil. Our zero (persons, places, and things having no value) is the Devil. The Devil is as a wicked spirit dwelling in Satan (us). Satan is not wicked by so, but deals with the wicked Devil personally till Satan backs the wicked away. Remember those spirits like frogs came out of the mouth of Satan, the beast, and the false prophet? That's because Satan, the beast, and the false prophet are not the wicked. It cant be more obvious than that. Certain of you will refuse to see truth as it is even in the synonym translation.

If you still think Satan, the beast, and the false prophet are wicked, then explain how they are wicked when the devil in the very synonym translation came out of their mouth which, if you dont deny truth, is proof positive that they never been a devil ever since spirits of devils came out of them. I cant see how anyone cant see. If you who confess the truth in the synonym translation, then you surely wont hold any reasoning to confess the truth in the other books (such as the antonym translation).

Any questions or comments?

All your questions can be answered if you have a will to seek truth rather than reject and deny like those content with remaining ignorant as if they find bliss in it.

Add: in 13 (14) "their plays" is not the woman's, but the devil's from (as in, seperate) them.

[edit on 16-6-2008 by Mabus]

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 01:45 PM
You want to know what the death book is?

It has to do with false numbers and persons, places, and things stated after the word "of" that are hiding anything or anyone behind them.

The death book should be shut when reading into the antonym book translation so that fuller truth is gotten.

When you shut the death book you'd do as I did in the above post where you see (11) by 10 since 10 is a false number. And so you see also that true numbers must be slided over in slot. You also see what I did concerning "of" in the above thread.

The only "of"s that must remain are the ones with words around them that dont have any antonyms.

The examples cant be more accurate in explaining than in the thread above.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 11:03 PM
Rev 10
7But in the days of the voice of the seventh angel, when he shall begin to sound, the mystery of God should be finished, as he hath declared to his servants the prophets.

^^Now listen closely: Antonym translation with death book shut:

Rev 10 (11)
7But out the days 'of the hearing' ('the voice') 'of the seven the guest angel' ('Mine'), when she shall end (or: finish) from quiet, the mystery 'of God' ('Mine') should be begun, as she lack denied from her servants the programmers.

^^1 day out 2 days that is. The highest is quiet outside me, but such will change. Are you ready for the mystery that already should be begun? Should be already? It's because it started in me. That's how it already should be begun. Next it gets expanded. Since the servants is followed by the programmers I be aware to a fact it includes me.

I remember what was declared to me, what turns out is going to be lacked denied. It started with "They go to hell!!" and more followed. But "They go to hell!!" was so clear and bright than any thing else so far I received by the highest. So be sure that and what in all else followed shall happen. Since it said programmers with an "s" I have to also include what was written as the mystery which was the out a moment, out a twinkling of an eye part which had more related to backing it in other books in the bible that it seems as a highlight stressed.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 11:59 AM
How does a body see an angel?

The angel is an energy program. So when your body sees an angel it's seeing a particular performance working a body (your's, another's, or a world of sorts).

So you've seen angels in work. The notable work is the very angel.

The headquarters that unleashes angels has the particular body as an archangel. Different archangels do different things notable.

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