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How to Contact the Greys

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posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 08:37 PM

Originally posted by son of PC
reply to post by Sickscent

Thanks for your reply. I appreciate your interest. Your intuitive nature must be telling you that I am for real. But, perhaps a few tacos short of a combination plate. Not to name drop about some of my readers, but do listen to late night radio, the quality is superb.

I think everyone is a few tacos short, just depends at what angle you are looking from. Late night radio...? U2U if you want. In the closing process of writing a manuscript, though I won't drop any names...

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 10:59 PM
reply to post by Varrin7

Trust me, you want nothing to do with calling down alien races.

One thing you never go to them, they come to you.

They call the shots not you, just because someone knows them does not mean that the subject is trusted.

If you knew how Greys asses people, they wont go for people who intoxicate their system with drugs. That in their perspective is a human not worth the time or effort.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 01:17 AM
reply to post by Sharr

"This means that, when a being come to OUR planet, and into YOUR space, and you ask them if they are from the light or the dark, they HAVE to tell you because you WILL them to do so. Unfortunately, the majority of people are unaware of this fact and the greys take advantage of that."

Hi Sharr,

Tks for replying,

Does this mean that if the greys show up and I ask them if they come from the Light or Dark they are Bound to tell me and if they tell me Dark I can tell them to take a hike I'm not interested and they must obey me?

Is this correct?

If so this is important information that everyone should know and those who are being abducted should try...

Thanks for taking the time to answer!


posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 04:40 AM
I'm not exactly sure why this topic turned into discussions on angels & demons. This seems highly dogmatic to me .. that a topic about supposed aliens would be put into a religious paradigm. Regardless of whether these entities are conducting experiments or enlightening people .. they are (if they exist) .. a race. Human beings are also a race. Many different kinds of people have come out of the human race. Serial killers .. & the Dalai Lama. Humans are not angels or demons .. & the human race is neither good .. nor evil. I would think that carries over for any other race out there. The balance may be off .. in the positive .. or negative spectrum .. but it is still a very black & white view. Saying a race is good or evil .. is beyond black & white. It's exercising ignorance .. which you do have a right to do .. as I have a right to my opinion as well.

As far as the topic at hand .. the contacting of the Greys .. I believe we should all keep an open mind. Anything is possible. In my opinion .. & I do base this on my own experiences .. it's important to make serious efforts towards your goal .. don't expect an easy way out. You may want to try to explore the out of body phenomenon. It's not any easy thing to learn .. some people try for years & never get anywhere. You can't just expect a magical formula to be out there .. things aren't attained that easy here. Even human communication & connection can be beyond difficult .. & that is just amongst ourselves. Humans communicate in many different ways .. not just with speech. It's safe to say that another race may be the same. I don't have any answers for you .. just ideas .. because what might work for me .. may not work at all for someone else. I'm not a teacher .. or a preacher.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 09:23 AM
reply to post by Anatnahkti

FINALLY, a sensible person!

Thanks Anatnahkti. I was hoping there were some other open minded, intelligent, non-biased people out there that understand life is complex. I have had experiences and wholeheartedly agree with your intelligent assessment. You would think, especially on a site such as ATS, people would be less prone to this type of close-mindedness, but I guess old paradigms are a bitch to break.

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posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 09:38 AM
reply to post by ET_CONTACT

Thank you for your reply
You are exactly right in what you have concluded in my previous message. If you ask and are told what you are speaking to is from the dark, and you tell them to leave they HAVE to. And IF they dont (which is HIGHLY unlikely) There will be serious consequences, and at that time you will receive help from the light the moment you ask for it. And you are right, this IS something everyone should know ESPECIALLY if one is attempting to contact anything. It is very unfortunate, that some people are unaware of this fact and are unaware of the power their mind holds and are also unaware of their ability to utilize their free will to control what enters YOUR reality. ANYONE reading this whos having trouble with the greys or any other type of ET remember to exercise your free will and it will not be ignored.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 09:51 AM
reply to post by Anatnahkti

Anatnahkti, have you ever done any research on string theory or Quantum physics, reguarding different dimentions? No one is saying that the human race or any other race as a WHOLE is completey good or evil. Nor was i applying any kind of religious context to this discussion. This is not about "demons or angels" this is about energies, the universes, and their relationship to one another. String theory and Quantum physics state that as you advance in dimension, your energies become lgither and vibrate MUCH faster. But as you go lower through the dimensions that energy becomes dense and vibrates slower. Then sometimes, you get a place like Dimension 3. Where we experience intense episodes of duality (This means that we experience extreme good and extreme bad). So yes, no race is COMPLETELY good or evil unless they reside in the higher dimentions where lower vibrational energies (hate) cannot exist. The only thing i was trying to get across was for people to be careful when contacting the greys, and i only wanted people to know that if they ask to be left alone, they will be.

yours in the light

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 11:30 AM
reply to post by Sharr

"and i only wanted people to know that if they ask to be left alone, they will be. "

Hi Sharr,

From what I remember from my experience I feel as If I learned something and just know part of it now.

Asking them to leave you alone is merely not enough!

I feel impressed to say that if one wishes to be left alone they have to let these beings or entities know that you know the law of the universe and it's unchangeable and unalterable and disaccociate yourself to them they are bound to that law and must leave you, but you must not show fear either or they take advantage of that.

I feel impressed to say you can't just say "leave me alone" "Leave me alone" but must let them know that you understand this law and they have no right to take you. If they can see that you are basically willing them to leave because you understand your right and the law of the universe it binds them to this and they are unable to act from there and I do believe that the beings of light are always aware and watching.

Well from my experience I had I was saying alot of things and it had to do with these very things whatever it was that entered our home as I sent you in the U2U we were completely dis-attaching ourselves to them and wanted nothing to do with them but we had to let them know that we understood they had no right and were bound to the laws of the universe to not touch us unless we were guilty of something or attached to them which enabled them to interfere. Something to that effect. We had to be associated with them already or attached to them in some way for them to have right to interact with us otherwise if we disattached ourselves to them completely including fear of them and including any bad thoughts about them basically willing them to leave in peace and that we were full love for them and all life they had to leave and were bound to that. Having even love for them but letting them know they must leave was the final punch line I believe that made them leave but I can't say for sure in my case I sent you part of the story via U2U.

There was alot more words that came out of my mouth at the time but I will U2U when I put it all together from my experience. Again you really hit me on the head in your post with the laws of the universe because of this very experience I had and all the things I was saying I didn't understand at the time and I know it was all coming from somewhere else.

I minds well eventually share it on the board with everyone.

Kindest Regards,

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 11:39 AM
reply to post by ET_CONTACT

Ok Here is a rough draft of basically what happened to my wife and I.,,,

I was reading a book laying in bed with my wife one night and suddenly a thought came to me somehow where I just knew the power and everything was about to black out so I told my wife to not be afraid but that something was about to happen and the power was going out I don’t know why I added that in but it just came out of my mouth, then about 5mins later it blacked out. Blackouts never happen where we are at so my wife said “Oh my G’ she couldn’t believe what I told her really happened.

I had these overwhelming feelings something was about to happen I don’t know why but I somehow felt peace and a sense of calm, we knew something had entered our house just an overwhelming feeling we both had it because this happened in the middle of the night and it was pitch black and we just felt something was suddenly not right something was there with us my wife was afraid and I‘m trying to calm her down but I felt absolutely at peace for some reason. At that time I just started speaking out and again I don’t know why I just felt like I should, something was as if speaking for me because the words coming out were not mine they were just flowing out and I said a lot of things while I started speaking something or a force I felt was attempting to stop me and my mouth and tongue was struggling to speak but I did get the words out and then it suddenly got easier this is when after all this happened my wife told me she heard 2 or 3 voices behind mine when I spoke as if someone else was speaking within me or behind me simultaneously or something.

I didn't realize that part but all I know is I felt an overwhelming sense of danger for some reason and somehow I knew it was important to say what was put in my mouth I started saying things I had no idea what they meant I knew they weren’t coming from me. I was speaking things about the laws of the universe and how these beings must leave, things like that. I won't script you the whole thing unless you really want me to but after this happened the lights came back on and there was a loud noise like a bang on our ceiling at the exact moment the lights came on something hit the roof the sound of something like large rock falling. My wife was in tears crying but somehow I was given something to remain calm throughout the whole ordeal I was absolutely unafraid and calm somehow like I knew everything was going to be alright. Like a spirit was there with me like a de ja vu event where you just know everything’s ok, like I knew this was just something that had to happen but would pass!

Now I believe these were beings or entities that entered our home and there was something there helping us watching over us and directing us. Ever since this event happened I have started searching for answers and viewing websites such as ATS etc.

I will do my best to repeat exactly what I said at the time I should write down the words for future reference something I have never done but they were about the laws of the universe in fact I said that many times, I remember repeating that these are the laws of the universe and are unchangeable and unalterable. There were many things I said about how they must leave, the thing is they weren’t my words so I have to sit down and try and remember them all and write them down.

Kindest Regards,

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 05:49 PM
Intent. Intent is everything. If you have the intent then you will experience that of which you intend on experiencing. If you want to meet a grey(Zeta Reticulans) then all you will need is your consciousness. Ask and you shall receive, however I do NOT suggest the intent of meeting one of these critters. They are an emotionless species that of which the majority are drones (Organic robots[AI]). They are manipulated and basically controlled (telepathically) by another alien species I like to call Lizzys (Lizard Men). If you truly want to see something amazing then why dont you have the intent on seeing your higher self? Or perhaps to astral travel and see the world for what it actually (reality) is?


[edit on 20-6-2008 by awakened sleeper]

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 07:12 PM
reply to post by awakened sleeper

"If you truly want to see something amazing then why dont you have the intent on seeing your higher self? Or perhaps to astral travel and see the world for what it actually (reality) is?"

Awakened Sleeper,

Have you ever done this yourself, saw your higher self of travelled the world for what it actually is?

Please share your experience,

Inquiring minds would like to know!


posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 02:22 AM
Why would you want to contact them?

I guess you have your reasons.

But let me tell you this, unless you are a person who worships evil, don't do it.

I have been having weird dreams since i was young, until recently they were all dreams, until my dreams became so real, and last month i experienced something most people will have a heart stoke and die from.

I have had experience with what you call SHADOW PEOPLE in reality they are JINS as described in the Quran, Black fire smoke beings who live among us on earth.

Its too much to type and to go into detail about my REAL experiences with these things, before they were dreams and then very real dreams, but as i got older my sensory systems have become so strong i started seeing them while i was awake.

These grays you want to meet, are evil, there are two type one are robotic the other taller ones are real alien beings who both are created to do one thing, mutate a being out of mankind and their own to create a mankind type that will be able to live among us humans and then eventually wipe us out by our own will. Everything they do they ask us or create an earthly situation where we willing choose what they want.

This is why they came to us as alien beings to confuse us and make us believe there is no God,but there is God, because when i was experiencing this encounter with them a young girl who knows shadow people well, said that when these things are around so are the "LIGHT BEINGS" from what i know God is Light, and i witnessed a great flash in the sky that lit up everything just before these things would disappear, and people around me never noticed anything.

the things that control these grays are Jins, the Jins are slaves to the Devil, most of them, but there are also good Jins, these are the ones who you will never see or hear about, because they are doing what they have been told too. One more thing i might add, the Jins who are able to appear and disappear, travel from one dimension to another and are aware of God, also follow religion to ours, like Islam, and Christianity, although i have only herd of them following Islam so far. They have been caught in mosques and among young children trying to learn to read the Quran, how? they are 100 times stronger then us, once a child was asked to blow a candle, and he blew it out from 50 meters away. He got caught, and was asked by the imam(priest) what he is doing there, and the Jin replied i want to learn to read the Quran, and if you teach me i will protect your 7 generations.

What im saying is this even if you contact them you will be tricked and mislead, they are fooling our secret governments, and yes things like what John Lear says is all true, but even he is fooled to think that these grays are a actual alien being, they are not, they are controlled by the Dark beings, and the different similar beings like us on Venus, mars, Saturn and all are us originally mutated or mixed with them, when mankind is abducted, with stories of sexual encounters and all, these planets are where they take them and study them, the goal is to find out how God created us so the Devil can take our souls, there is a war going on between GOD and DEVIL.

and the devil is winning right now, because humans have been so dumbed down and our governments tricked that we are all doomed, its everyone for themselves.

believe this or not, thats up to you, but im not lying i want to warn people and help everyone realize that this is happening and has been happening, the grays or their controllers did not create us, they are trying to reverse engineer us just like we reverse engineer their crashed spaceships, if they created us then who created the universe? if they created us how dumb are they to crash their space ships on earth for us to reverse engineer technology they have? we are repeatedly told in religion that God is perfect, and when God says something it is done it is then done. Even they know that there is a universal law set by God.

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posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 06:24 AM

Originally posted by ET_CONTACT
reply to post by ET_CONTACT

Ok Here is a rough draft of basically what happened to my wife and I.,,,

I was reading a book laying in bed with my wife one night and suddenly ............

You are lucky, what basically happened there were light beings around you at the time this incident happened, so they were able to prepare before the Jins came to you, and the light being went behind your shoulders and posesed you temporarily. The Jins were coming to your home to hurt you in some way, they have tried to poses me before, but i wasn't lucky like you, i had to fight them off by myself and this is very rare, like 1 in a trillion, each one of them is strong as 100 men, and fortunate ones like me have the God given ability to fight them off, i'll tell you later a way how.

What you wife saw could have been angel beings making you read the Universal Law, yes everyone needs to understand this there is a UNIVERSAL LAW set by GOD, that no immortal being can communicate with mankind without their WILL or approval, and what these evil beings were going to do was to scar you and you wife and they were the ones most likely who took the lights out, they may have come to posses you, scare you both or something along this line, this is because someone told me who knows SHADOW PEOPLE who is not Muslim that these beings know they are running out of time, now again we go back to my contact with God, he told me 3 times "spend time with you family as there is less time.

i have seen with my own eyes the same thing into my neighbors home one night, i was sitting in the dark on the second level of my house looking at the neighbors in front of my house parking their car around 10pm, i notice a house behind their with the kitchen light awkwardly glowing really bright then back down and then extremely bright, thats when i grabbed my military binoculars, i could see everything clear with my eyes but with the binoculars it was right in front of my face sort a thing, and i saw for a good 20 minutes, two Jins walking around in the kitchen with very glowy red eyes, its a scary sight, and a black cat, they seem to be teasing the cat, then i see one jin climb up the left wall and the kitchen lights start going crazy again this is when their light go out, and all i see is like a nuclear explosion of light light up the sky so i quickly kinda cover my eyes and say oh my god and at the same time look down, done of my neighbors notice anything, i saw their shadows of my neighbors when the bright flash of lightening happened but it had no sound.

I was able to see in a higher frequency dimension, the one they live in normally.

so what happened to you was the good light beings hurt those evil beings with the power of light and told them again that they were breaking the universal law of God, and they they were going to be punished.

This is happening all over, these things are becoming careless, this only proves the end of our time is near and they are desperate.

one more thing, you should know im telling the truth, just like you were speaking those laws by a control of the light being, same thing happened to me when i was able to speak Arabic in front of God, and when i asked God how that was possible he replied i am able to do things you know not.

I made a mistake when it first happened to me, i was awake and all i though was how should i call for help i count even scream i though im awake if i can maybe only scream for God or my family members once, so i called with all the energy i had my mom, but i should have called for God, even if i though of God it would have all gone.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 06:44 AM
So yes Do not be afraid, these things are evil mischief beings, and they basically want to do this either create a human lookalike to fool our own kind into doing exactly the opposite of what God likes, and if it gets to late, send as many Jins available to posses human bodies and make them do evil, and yes they can posses our souls, and make us do evil things. Their whole purpose is this to eliminate the power of Light or to eliminate God, as God promised the Devil, that if he could make the majority of God creation do what evil wanted then God would give up his thrown to the power of light. And even though God created the devil, the devil uses his being a fire entity and knowing everything there is to know about heaven and hell and the universe to take power, remember the world, universe, even us humans only exists because of balance, what is balance? its two opposite parts that create equilibrium, so if there is evil how come there cant be good, and if there is the devil hows is it possible there is no God?

I can't warn people enough, God is real, and what God is doing is all true, he teaches us through religion to do good, because God is making a higher elite soul beings out of the good ones from us, but the evil jins, greys, reptilians are tricking everyone to saying that it is they who are doing this, infact they are not they are abducting us and stealing our body parts blood dna trying to figure out how god made us, at this same time then God sends human beings with missions on earth, and prophets to teach us and let us believe. Because God cannot break his own laws. While the evil use trick to create loop holes to break the law, like God said Jins cant appear in front of us and each time they do they get punished hard, so they created the greys, these reptilians could be jins, because jins can appear as anything, to indirectly appear infront of us and communicate to deceive us.

Do people actually believe these ugly greys who can barely speak, they look like they will have brain damage if they can say hello, created the beautiful flowers, birds, animals, the grass, trees, beautiful women, men, the mountains, and such, when they can't even keep their million years advanced spaceships in the sky, only to have them crash. I'm telling you its all a lie, the greys are not our creators and neither did the ELDER beings create the greys, GOD created us, God is the absolute truth and the LIGHT.

Look at your right hand reverse side with your thumb on the left side. Your sizes of you fingers read in Arabic "ALLAH" meaning GOD. Another proof there is GOD. And i noticed one thing any where there is true God you will find the one and only word in Arabic "ALLAH".

The true language of God is ARABIC.

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posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 08:38 AM
reply to post by Varrin7

What a loser you must be. Go read some fairy tales.

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 12:23 PM
just an example..

..."if you make a phone call but the user has caller ID and doesn't answer, since they don't want to talk to you, whats the use in trying?"...

You ever think they might not have a care in the world to "contact you, EVER!"??????

So keep searching for your contact methodology since you already have weeded out those that might know and their stories, BY your statements of Proven only, no other posts, you might as well be getting that busy signal already!....

just my 1 cent worth.....

posted on Jun, 21 2008 @ 03:15 PM
reply to post by ET_CONTACT

I have seen the world for what it is, and I am truly amazed. At one end we have been lied to our entire lives and reality is not reality at all. At the other end we are connected to the entire cosmos and LOVE is the answer to everything. We are all God. This is what they do not want you to know. They want you to follow, and not lead. In the end we each have to find our own connection to everything. You cannot be told this, you must find it out for yourself.

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 10:47 AM
reply to post by ARC22

Hi Arc22,

I believe we could have been lucky and honestly am not really sure what it was that came to us, I am not really familar with Jins or even know what they are or are capable of.

I would be interested to hear though how you fought them off when you said they came for you?

Please tell us more about your experiences!

Kindest Regards!

posted on Jun, 22 2008 @ 10:56 AM
reply to post by awakened sleeper

Hi Awakened Sleeper,

Many people out there think the same way you have expressed. Did you have a personal experience that led you to feel this way? I also feel we may all be one and part of something bigger. I believe everything on this planet is created of light and that we are all part of each other and perhaps all part of what God is.

There are too many possible definitions of what God is and what creation really is all about. Perhaps it is beyond comprehension of the human mind.

Well I would be interested to hear more if you have a personal story your willing to share on what made you learn this or feel this way about the world and everything.

I have read into alot of NDE (Near death experiences) and people talk about dieing alot going to the light and joining others in the light and somehow feeling one with them as if they all come from one source of light and are the same. I mean if you look at light in general and can imagine a small light on a flash light jumping out of the flash light and joining sources with say a larger light then perhaps that is how our souls are little light sources that all come together in one accord when we die. Perhaps each and everyone one of us is just a small piece of that gigantic puzzle and everyone of us is no greater than another and all needed by each other from this main source!

Just A Thought!

Kindest Regards!

posted on Jun, 24 2008 @ 11:12 AM
reply to post by ET_CONTACT


Jins are the other kind of beings allowed by God to exist on Earth among Humans. We cannot see them, because God said that they are not allowed to appear infront of us if they do they get punished brutally. Many of them are evil or mischief. They live in trees or sleep in trees at night. They roam the earth after i think evening prayer, Sun set. There are some good ones, these are the ones that either gave up to God when this all started or currently at this stage of time, practice good behavior and worship God, and you never see them.

They are much stronger then humans. They are this strong, because they feed off human emotions, this is why in religion it says be kind and peaceful don't get angry. Every time you curse, hit someone, become furious, they come around you and feed of your spiritual energy, this is why after a long verbal fight or physical fight you feel drained. They also provoke your thoughts, the thoughts your hear in your head, like "dude just do it common" are them.

They usually watch and learn, there are few types, some just watch you and study you from the corner in the dark to find a weakness so they ca take over your life, and if you are suddenly awake in the pitch dark in your room they will run into your closet "keep your closet clean" and if possible put a bible or a holy book in there.

the other type is the type that just wants to mess around with people. If you were ever sleeping and felt your foot being smacked or picked up and thrown to over the other foot, or wake up with bruises or scratches, they try to see how far they can go with you, at the end they will try to posses you as they tried with me, and they failed, thanks to God, it was them, they can sit at the foot side of the bed and mess around with you, sometimes pull your blanket when you are deep in a sleep, and then you wake up a little not knowing. Also depends in what kind of house you live in. This is very important, this is why we never move into used homes, if there were dirty people who lived there, the place could be infested with them, living in attics, basement, and making life pain in the butt, just enough for no one in the house to notice, example would be "i know i kept my keys there, where are they, you ask both children and they don't know, and then you yell at them, everyone has a fight over where things get misplaced" while it was a Jin that moved it on purpose. Just like humans get an adrenalin rush from sky diving or racing, they get the same pleasure by making us hurt other humans, appearing in front of us and scaring us to bits, making daily life stressful and so on.

one more advice, regardless of religion or faith, do not sleep with your feet facing towards Mecca, if you do, even if you pray, they will one do something really horrible, it is an insult to God to sleep with your feet facing towards the Mecca, because this is the same direction millions of people in the world Bow down to God.

These Jins are able to travel in different dimensions, if you ever see them its two ways either they allowed you to see them or you some how were able to see them as a protection from God. They Trick you men usually who are alone alot in early 20's into a dream to create a contract with them.

There is also the Hatman, who now people think to be the Devil, because when he is around the fear endorsed is unimaginable, and he does not run away when you spot him, he sticks around and has been see at car accident sights, and even in broad daylight in the same shadow figure.

they are made of black smoke fire, as stated in the Quran.

here is a link this lady is not a muslim but she is 90% accurate if not more, because what she says being a Christian, im assuming she never read the Quran, she explains what these things are from experience, but exatly how its told in the Quran, thats how i know she

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