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So I found out what happens to animals

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 11:38 AM
Only in the antonym translation will you see.

They (the now small and insignificant) all become whatever high up on top and advanced in life form we become when we pass away.

So those pets we all had that passed away are not just in a better place, they are as the highest life forms in the end to a series in the grand sceme.

You have to read Revelation in antonym translation. It's like every thing man wanted to know is revealed in the other books to Revelation. What I mean by other books are those books mentioned in the bible that were opened along with the book of life and etc.

So when you see a creepy bug and mash it, you are allowing it to become best in life form different than bug in it's second life. If it became a bug again that wouldnt be best for it because it could get mashed again or eaten by what would eat it.

Any thing living in this life, great or insignificant, gets upgraded to the best in store in the second life is what I learned. I used to think anything not human got releaved from existing as it's own self. Turns out that wasnt the case.

To all who have a problem with the other books opened: you are limiting yourself in becoming aware of your existence and surrounding. Those who claim they want to learn the truth to more as if it's somewhere, but dont read into the other books are as hypocrites. Hypocrites are so conflicting because they prove in reality that they dont truely want to find out the truth of all truths. Truth is for the true and faithful only. If you aint true and faithful to the Word, then you are worthy being a devil to be given punishment for being cowardly, fake, and stupid in a wicked fashion.

Any questions or comments?

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 09:41 AM
Yes I agree but we must always be humble because all of us have alittle hypocracy in them... so until we are perfect then we will truly be made as a child of God..

But on to the topic.. Many doctors of the church have said that animals do not have souls.. they run on a specific grace and on instinct... which means after death they cease to exist because their souless...

Animals run on instict which means... you know how animals are sometimes heartless and vicious? Well God implanted a grace in humans called (sanctifying grace) which means that we have the ability to love our enemies..

Those animals run on instinct and cannot love that which is outside of their instict, so if they see a prey, they don't say to themselves..: I really care for this creature so I will not eat it today...

God for some reason didn't plant that in animals... But in us he did... and some humans don't have that grace either but it's something spiritual in their souls...

anyways... the new heaven on earth when he comes back will be something we can't imagine.. he said he will make all things new....


posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 05:15 AM
part of becoming perfect (I reckon) is accepting that you have imperfections. But these imperfections do not interact with the way you behave or think.

posted on Jun, 18 2008 @ 08:30 PM
Yes part of perfectness is realizing you can over come those imperfections which many saints did... it's not impossible.. they would be called the less venial sins in our church..

it's hard but not impossible..

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