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Black Triangle UFO video

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 08:49 AM
Apparently Southampton has had a number of these sightings recently. Black triangles in the sky. Here is a video by a backyard observer.

Full story:

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 09:10 AM
I think thats a good sighting that. Its not no kite anyway

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 09:11 AM
that thing resembles a kite, probably a fake. too many videos are hoaxes and fakes or just misunderstandings. but thanks for posting, still waitin on that one video that truly proves the case, it'll take a huge public sighting to sway the beliefes of the people anyway.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 09:13 AM
haha... why isn't it a kite? xD To be honest I do see a kite...

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 09:14 AM
I will be interested to see a perfessional's point of view (someone in the field of CGI and stuff). There seems to be a pixel mess up on the "UFO" at certain points of the video. I think it is a hoax or an advance military object. Don't get me wrong I believe in aliens and spaceships, it just takes more than that to believe it's not ours or fake.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 09:54 AM
It does appear to be a kite, however, it also appears much too high to be a kite. Altitude is difficult to tell, however. I'd be interested to see the full video. The fade out at the end seems to imply that the original video was longer.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 10:18 AM
Looks like a kite to me, at several points in the video you can see a visible apendage hanging down as if it's where the string is attached.

Having sighted a black triangle before, it is my perception right or wrong that a genuine sighting would have 4 points of light, one point on each corner and one in the center.
Again, my perception only...

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 10:19 AM
Although it does look kite shape it seems to be way to high to be just that.
If anything it is military not alien, in my opinion but hey what does a REAL alien spaceship looklike anyway arent our craft back engineered anyway!

Also nice to see some action in the uk.
It would be nice for someone to analyze the video to see what they can see. But with it being on youtube to quality is low and very pixelated anyway so any conclusions drawn couldnt be 100% conclusive unless they could get hold of the original.

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 11:07 AM
Just wanted to mention that the object, whatever it is, looks similar to the Southampton footage taken from a cellphone:

In the beginning of this clip, you can almost make out the appendage sticking out on the bottom, which is clearly visible in the original poster's clip.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 11:55 AM
I would say that this is a kite, there is no REAL limitation to how high you can make one go, besides the amount of string you have, so to the people who say it CAN'T be a kite... use your brains, tell us WHY it isn't a kite, other than because you don't want to believe it is one.

to me it kind of resembles either a kite, or a glider (the kite you can lay in the bottom of and fly around in) either way, i highly doubt this is some kind of actual craft.

oh and altitude is REALLY hard to tell without some kind of point of referance, and there i none in that video, so we have no idea if this is a small object at a relatively low alititude, or a large object at a high alititude.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 12:15 PM
My first thoughts that it is a kite.
But it does this weird turn thing about 20 seconds in.
And looking at it again it seems to be pyramid shaped to me.
It does a strange turn or something at around 20seconds.
Could be just bad video that gives the illusion that it's turning.

I'm not sure. Interesting to say the least. I'd love to see the original video.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 12:23 PM
My first inclination is that it's one of those low level odd shaped weather balloons. Here's a pic of what I'm talking about.

Smart Balloon

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 12:40 PM
reply to post by grey580

kites can come in all shapes and sizes. but i did see it turning as well. so you aren't crazy on that front

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