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The Idea of a God AND Conspiracies

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 05:58 AM
the idea of a god is from a time when people though the earth was flat (thats not 100% true but hopefully you can get my point)

it's an idea from humans AT LEAST 2,000 years ago

the only thing people from 2,000 years ago are better with and smarter with in this day and age is probably math cause they didn't have a texas instruments calculator to do all the paper work for them (abacus in the past right?)

think about it, people from how ever many thousands of years ago thought about the idea of a god, and what did those people know?


point proven

it's amazing that the thinking of a man from over 2,000 years ago still has any weight in todays world

look at a medical book from the 1800's lmao look at all the history of the last 2,000 years and realize that before christ, compared to now, humans were stupid the idea of a god is at least 2,000 years old, and it's the idea of a man who has never read a book from a printing press, all that man knows is what is told to him

why don't we just pull up blueprints for buildings from 1604? heck they should be good now, the world hasn't changed, steel is steel, wood is wood, you can still put that building up just like it was 1604

why don't we do that today? just use old and tried and tested blueprints for our buildings? because the people from the old times were stupid compared to people now

so if you wouldn't use ideas from 2,000 years ago to build a building, a car, a wheel lol

WTF would you care in any way what someone 2,000 years ago thinks in this day and age?

Zeus used to throw thunderbolts down...????? really? what happened to that, because that was a way of life back when, and now people know where thunder and lightning comes from, and the idea of Zeus sitting on a cloud throwing stuff down from the heavens is stupid

so whats the difference between zeus and jesus/mohamed/w/e else did w/e and was written about?

why is the idea of Zeus sitting on a cloud angry tossing down thunderbolts to earth stupid, but the ideas we have of todays "gods" aren't?


everyone here talking bad about bush and the government (9/11 people this is kind of you isn't it?) is conspiring, if this was Zeus times, we'd all be jailed and killed for conspiracy, conspiracy is a crime still is it not? you can be charged in a court with conspiracy to w/e right? well everyone here badmouthing their government in w/e way shape or form is committing that crime when they start with the conspiracy stuff and involve the head of their government

if bush was king arthur, heads would be rolling, so why is it different in this day and age? why does ATS think we aren't conspiring? this is the worlds biggest conspiracy website, what better place to catch people committing that crime than here?

in an older time what we are discussing sometimes on this forum would get us killed, but we freely flag threads and voice our opinions with our IP addresses attached to our log in names like we can hide behind them lol an IP address is basically your home address

so...what are we doing posting conspiracy things, when you can still get jailed with a conspiracy charge

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 08:29 AM
i would like to give my own opinion on your comments regarding CONSPIRACIES.

firstly...why are there conspiracies in the 1st place?

we are definitely not born in the 1st 50 or 100 years of Humanity.
Humanity has been..."here" for so long and i am sure that...MANY things have been it Good or Bad.

Conspiracy is like saying the Truth can be/is a lie.

we are definitely not living in a World that is completely ruled by Good everywhere...are we? Well...i certainly do want to think in that way...but i prefer the World to be in that way rather than to think in such a way.

Humans after all have this Freedom of Choice.
and becos of that, we are not BIND to do something Good.
you have to know, Bad/Evil people are matter what race, religion, color, country ....whatever.

So its very difficult to believe whatever we hear or see now, in this Age of Humanity. Too many things are going on. Too many Lies...Millions and Billions of Lies...but there can only be 1 Truth. and that truth is hard to seek out...hard to differentiate it from the Lies when even a Lie can seem so similar to the Truth. Logical Reasoning can be used against anyone to hide the Truth. And of cos...there are many more other methods.

As a Publican...our eyes and ears are our only Witnesses. whether they are fooled or not, its up to us to believe or not to believe.

secondly...regarding being jailed for someone spouting a conspiracy

Well...if lets say you know exactly what the heck is going on...about everything that has been happening on Earth...and you know its completely the opposite of what the governments are saying to their People...hiding the Truth from them and have a Bad Motive...

Would you:

1) continue living in Conspiracies
2) Go against Conspiracies.

even if our Lifes are at risk, i think most people would rather Live for the Truth than to Live for a Lie...unless in the next 10 mins i find policemen knocking on my door...then perhaps Life would seem more important than the Truth. im guessing not ALL of us are aware of being caught becos of a conspiracy about the Government?

just some thoughts.

posted on Jun, 23 2008 @ 12:21 PM
nice post

also wouldn't it have to be americans jailing americans?

i am not american, but i know how proud americans are of their country and way of life, i can't see a young american soldier jailing hundreds of americans and putting them into camps/jails

but you can still break conspiracy laws...

"the USA is supposed to win everything" - Carmelo Anthony talking about the American Olympic basketball team

why is that? because America and Americans view themselves and their country as the best, nothing wrong with it many countries and their citizens feel the same, but if you think about who would be arresting all the conspiracy people, it would be Americans in America and and so on and so forth around the world, unless there is a secret world army, the european union will probably end up having their own army at some point, they all have the same currency so...just a matter of time

and most working families have neighbours who are police so for them to arrest someone who returns their tools on time and has been to a few family bbq's and carpools and such on a large scale would be pretty far out

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