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See through the illusion: Critical Themes in Media Studies

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 03:26 AM
In Joseph Dellinger's Paper, "The Total Art Work: A KISS From the Cultural Industy, the use of systematic mechanisms to maintain stability using illusion to ultimately eliminate our individuality.
(Links to this and additional papers here)

"Adorno identifies four main mechanisms used by the culture industry to eliminate dissonance, or unpredictability, as standardization, pseudo-individuality, interchangeability, and necessary contradiction. Through these four primary systemic mechanisms, the illusion of the unpredictable individual capable of free will can be maintained yet it is in actuality subsumed into the larger aim of the dominant economic system itself, namely that of stability by any means necessary including maintenance of the necessary contradiction of the illusion of the unpredictable individual whilst working to standardize and thereby eliminate the individual"

Therefore, I submit to you that; just as a horse's blinders focus it's vision as it races down the track oblivious to the others around it, through repetition, contradiction, fear, terrorism, propaganda, aesthetic representation, censorship and any other means necessary, the elite dominate our lives through media control striving to achieve the ultimate goal of worldwide Global complacence of every society and every physically work-able human, the eradication of all others, all traditional values, family, community, to change perception of history creating global views in harmony with the two-way mirror created and distributed as real, but rather reflects the illusion created as an accepted as reality. Meanwhile, we are nothing more than property; Slaves stumbling through the labyrinth of mazes with no chance of escape from constant changing, blurring and twisting untruth.
Media provides the cover and disinformation contradicts the fantasy of freedom we are programed to enjoy.

Snippets of other papers links on the abstracts page:
"The study documents the ways in which mobile work places are sites where traditional dichotomies such as work and play, online and offline, public and private, presence and co-presence, individual and community, and local and global are blurred."

"Adorno fears that popular music, through its standardized format and endless repetition facilitates the creation of individuals who are more susceptible to the kinds of authoritarian government from which he fled."

"Your Oldest Guilty Pleasure: Gay Male Horror Pulp and the Shifting Paradigms of Queer Media"

" blogs destabilize the modern conceptions of knowledge, most especially that image of the intellectual as knowledge-embodied?"

"The on-going civil war in the Democratic Republic of Congo, which began in 1996 after the effects of 1994 Rwandan Genocide spread into the Great Lakes region, has now claimed over 5 million lives. The war, which is now being referred as "Africa's first world war" has received little attention from the American media."

"...investigation in the way the news media (mainly American channels) presents its audience with conflating representations of Islam, Evil and Terrorism. Its goal is to deconstruct –and hopefully undermine– these discursive representations,"

"’s media culture increasingly facilitates the communication of propagandistic messages by means of aesthetic representation, or what I term the “televisual news spectacle.”

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 12:18 PM
reply to post by imd12c4funn

It seems that your post is too controversial for people to react to.
I have seen more posts unanswered, when they came too close to showing people that theye are totally manipulated into believing nonsense.
But the sad truth is that we have even been 'grown' to accept a life in slavery.
Most people do not doubt one minute that we have 'evolved' into modern society and that it is a totally natural state to be so limited. Little do they know.
We can be so much better and happier, healthier and smarter. Most of the circumstances in which we live today are totally counterproductive to evolution, to growth.
We concentrate focus upon silly little maths. The maths of profit.
Whcih ofcourse makes it clear that it is DEvolution, at best.
Religions claim to be for the betterment of man and man's soul. In reality they are repressing the divine potential of people.
People do not understand that living a 'productive life,' meaning a life of labour and subservience, means to totally set aside ones individuality.
Entertainment and television-based reality are eroding our autonomy, replacing it with peer-pressured fear of being different. We are supposed to enjoy the same things every day, never growing. We are supposed to have an average opinion; different opinions are frowned upon and ridiculed.
In times of war, government feeds us lies. In times of peace, government feeds us lies. In times of abundance, governments feed us lies. Government defends the interests of the economically important companies /corporations /multi-
We are supposed to believe that society is more important than all the individuals. Which is a crock of crap. A society can only be anything if the individual elements are satisfied. The potential of a society is greatly dependant on the individuals potential.
All around the world, all over history we have seen that a society in which the people are not free enough will diminish and eventually collapse.
Ofcourse, tyrannical leaders do not give a fork about that; they only want for themselves what they can grab in THIS life, never mind the damage to those who come after them.

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