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covert kgb manipulation in school and american society at large

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 02:25 AM
not sure if this vid has been posted here before...but to me it is shocking...yet I feel I already knew this...

posted on Jun, 19 2008 @ 05:25 PM
Thats not all.After talking in depth with a friend of mine who had just gone through the school system in canada all the way up to university level,she said that Canadas education system and media are extremely leftist.They lean too far to the left.Further confirmation from others across the net,is that communists havent left the country ,they just changed their face---called liberals now.More evidence is that the far left is anti-semetic.More evidence is a recent post here where democrats calling for nationalization of the oil industry--communist thinking.
It makes sense.the best to take over America is potray yourself as friendly especially to the masses.Liberals are constantly saying they are for freedom ,justice and human rights,yet they wont allow parents to discipline their kids?WTF?The courts get involved because a kid believes he/she has had some injustice done to them?WTF?
Now if you disagree with these liberals and try to debate them,they get angry ,irritable,denounce you or generally suppress what you say.Free speech my eye!
I also suspect the these liberals are in cahoots with radical extremists whether they are of Islam or communists.South american govts all leftists except for Columbia.
During the Vietnam war,military and govt strategists predictated that if the US pulled out of Vietnam,South east asia would fall.Guess what?Southeast asia is now communist,leftist or under control of radical islamic extremists.The right was right!
Now once again the left is calling for a withdrawl from Iraq.Guess what will happen?radical Islam will take over if we leave.This is not a chance America can mess with this time around.
Now Obama appoints someone who supposedly whitewashes the 9/11 investigation.Hypocrisy of the left?You bet!
So what will happen if these "liberals"get power in the US?Then the NWO will come to life!Communism does not work.This why China is slowly moving away from it.If everyone is given food then who will work to make more if everyone doesnt feel like working?Mass starvation just like what happened in China and Russia.In other words the masses will starve because of believing in communism which is the far left destination.
More evidence?I started out as someone of the left because of the leftist media in Canada.Not once did i get verbally bomb blasted by anyone from the right leaning spectrum.Now im taking bigtime flak from all these leftists who my only crime was disagreeing with them about the war in Iraq or Afganistan!WTF?
I now know something is going on behind the scenes and its has nothing to do with any conspiracies here ,but real life happenings.

posted on Jun, 20 2008 @ 08:14 AM
It is a good thing I never listened in school

I stopped listening after asking teachers simple questions they couldn't answer, there job is not to teach but to follow a curriculum, thats not teaching in my eyes especially if you can't even explain to the student the purpose of the lesson instead I got "just do the work ok" or "quit asking silly questions" my main questions was what am I learning from this lesson and it could not be answered because teachers are idiots that follow a book they don't teach.

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