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Holocaust, Zionist, and NWO connection

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 01:10 AM
We can all agree that the Holocaust is the most taught atrocity. Ever since elementary school, kids are forced to learn horrifying things about the Holocaust. Instead of just teaching it once in high school, it is taught and retaught every couple of years. In elementary school, kids are made to read Anne Frank's Diary, which would be something that is imprinted on their minds. As the children age, they are taught more and more. I remember a field trip to the Holocaust museum. The point is that horrifying images and situations are used to program us through trauma. The excuse for doing this is so that it will never happen again... except it has, some we talk about, some we don't, like Cambodia vs. East Timor. So obviously, teaching it overtly doesn't actually prevent genocide. It is also not the "worst event in history", which is the other excuse. Seriously, at the same time the Japanese atrocities in Asia were equal if not worse. But this is not to compare atrocities.

However, what is key is that the Holocaust is generally associated with Jewish suffering. This is programming. Even though the Jews had made up of about half of those killed (6 of 12 million, though the 6 million figure is disputed), they garnered almost all the attention. With prominent Jewish authors like Elie Wiesel writing about how the Jews suffered and hollywood movies showing the same, little attention is given to the Polish, gypsies, homosexuals, etc. In fact I will guarantee you that 9 of 10 random people on the street will immediately associate "Holocaust" with "Jewish suffering", similar to the way 9 of 10 people will associate "conspiracy theory" with "paranoid nut".

The Holocaust event is also one of the few unquestionable things. In some countries you will get arrested for questioning the Holocaust. Not denying, but rather just questioning the details that were failed to be proven, and the Holocaust has since been used in favor of the Jewish people with the rise of accusations of antisemitism. One who is deemed an antisemite will immediately lose all credibility and are essentially destroyed.

So is it the Jews who set this all up? To teach it so much and program us and all that?


It is the Zionists.

The Zionists have cleverly made the masses confuse them with "all Jews". Israel has also become synonymous with "all Jews". Therefore, if you believe in a Zionist conspiracy or if you are against Israeli, you are an antisemite. Also, if you were to try to explain the NWO conspiracy and the whole Zionist stuff, they will scoff at you and say "Hitler said the same thing" or something. The Zionists have two big things protecting them: sympathy due to the Holocaust programming, and protection from criticism due to the label of antisemite. This is why there is a WORLD Jewish Congress that routinely labels people who oppose them and the NWO as antisemites around the world. For example, they tried to label David Icke an antisemite because they claimed that the Reptilians of his theories actually refer to Jews. And there is the trick again: they say that reptilians refer to Jews, but in reality it should have been Zionists. To further connect the Holocaust with the NWO, Israel could not have been created by the Zionists (who were already trying to establish Israel at the end of the first WWI) without the Holocaust.

There is no Jewish banking conspiracy. There is a Zionist banking conspiracy. The AIPAC does not represent Jews. They represent Israel/Zionists. Jewish people are not trying to take over the world, but Zionists are.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 01:18 AM
And my point is: we need to stop confusing the two terms. Zionist and Jewish must be distinct from each other, because they will use the label of antisemite to discredit you. Not even the label. People will just not listen to you and think you are racist or something, and word of their plans will never spread. And even if it did, we would all look like a bunch of Neo-Nazi Jew-haters to the general bellyfeeling public.

posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 02:41 AM
but most people could be confronted with this information, and not even have it register in their minds. They seem to not understand that the zionist game is a game of chess, not checkers. Stratego, not jenga.
I am not a holocaust denier , nor a racist, nor an antisemite. But I do play chess, I have a passion for history, and I decided to think independently and do independent learning at a young age. I have always, and still do, loathe the current public education system.
The public education system today, spawns from a creation of the Rockefeller family. Teachers really do not teach anything. They mold students into helpless idiots who police themselves and live in a reality based on an education system that does not even educate.

Sometimes it is like Im living in some kind of nightmare. The double speak is ridiculous. Go to school when it makes you retarded. Take meds with side effects worse than the ailment. Slavery is freedom. War is Peace. Ignorance is strength.

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