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Aladygma - Amygdala

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posted on Jun, 16 2008 @ 01:04 AM
So i recently stumbled across '' Aladygma '' Quickly re-arranging it into '' Amygdala '', as many educated people will have. It's a part of the brain which controls some form of emotion.

I understand people have been looking for clues for what this Aladygma website may be, and a quick search into google with the following sentece '' tapping into the Amygdala '' ( Dont ask me why i searched this, it was just a feeling that's all ) I stumbled across this website -

It's filled with symbolism such as the all seeing eye / pyramids and refers to secret knowledge and '' englightenment '' and what not. I found this unusual since its a part of the brain and i wouldn't assume it was relevant with all this imagery and referances to the egyptians, but they have also been known to have had previous contact with aliens in ancient history ( whether you choose to believe it ) so i wouldn't assume why it was necessary to ever place those images in it. People will most likely dismiss it as some sort of hoax and what not.

But i have found some very unusual and astonishing inter-connectiveness of alot of information which doesn't seem connected at all on first glance.

I think the Aladygma subject needs a bit more research and i believe what i've wrote and information i've shared is only a small piece of the puzzle.

I hope you enjoy my views on this subject and if it does turn out to be a hoax then i apoligise for wasting peoples time on the subject at hand but felt it was necessary to give my own take on it.


- This was wrote by me after not having any sleep for a while, so if there's any mistakes you know why. =]

( Also, this was confirmed by the person who made as real life and not some sort of movie trailer and other rumours that have been spread )

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