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Mistery AZF group scares France! Bombs not found!

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posted on Mar, 4 2004 @ 10:11 PM
AZF, a previously to the public unkown group named after a chemical factory that exploded 21 September 2001, killing 30, in southwestern France, have been holding the french public in fear. The big question is who are they?
Claiming they have planted 10 explosive devices along the railtracks (32.000KM). They demand $4m and 1m euros ransom. The massive search for the bombs started Wednesday till now no bomb has been found.
The public was not informed untill a local newspaper, La Dépêche du Midi, broke the news. Law emforcement was not pleased by this and reassured passengers that there is no reason to panic, but are taking the threat very serious. Passengers repond calmly to the news and trains are running as ever.
An advanced explosive device was found the February 21, 2004, under the railtracks near Limoges, nine are supposed to be left and armed.
The French goverment has been taking fire for not being open to the public about it. President Chirac and Interior Minister Nicolas Sarkozy have been receiving threat letters since December last year, February 17 the ransom was demanded. They have been in dialog with the group thru the newspaper Libération using personal ads., AZF is known to use the alias Big Wolf. A drop off failed Monday as police couldn't find the exchange point.

Herald Tribune Story

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[Edited on 5-3-2004 by Hoaks]

[Edited on 5-3-2004 by Hoaks]

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