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Impossible to rationally choose rationality?

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 10:29 PM
Here's one that always impressed me ever since I first ran across it thirty years ago, when I was but a wee lad etc.
The other thing about this trope is that I only ever seem to be the one that brings it up, it doesn't get the press in casual bs sessions that it seems to me it deserves.
Okay, it was in Nietzsche "The Gay Science" (translated Walter Kauffman), I don't have a copy to cite but the phraseology is beside the point, the concept, the essence, is what matters here.
Nietzsche was going on about how you can use the tools of (logic/rationality/deduction/propositional calculus/usw.) to prove this and that, but ultimately you come to a disjunct (not turtles all the way down), because you can't rationally decide whether or not it's better to decide things rationally - you can't use the tools to decide whether or not it's better to use the tools - so that ultimately no matter how much one might usually decry intuitive leaps of faith, you have to make that one big leap of faith naked as you jump into the rational suit of armor that you wear for everything afterwards.
So, I put this out for comment.
Is there a rezipper for this can of worms? Is a seeming paradox caused by inexact language, an actual paradox, or a statement of fact, or something that people in the field have long since found a workaround for?
Anyway I figure it suits the exciting new forum.

posted on Jun, 17 2008 @ 05:04 PM
I think that it is an actual paradox. It has to do with the fact that each of us is of a separate mind. We each see ourselves as important, when "rationally" we are just as meaningless as a grain of sand. We will all die, and after a long enough period of time, we will all be forgotten. If one were to think "rationally", one would feel that all life is meaningless. However, one must also realize that because each of us only has our one life, that we must enjoy it to the limits. Thus, our meaningless life becomes the most important one in our universe, as it is the only one we have (reincarnation aside).

So, I think that inevitably we all are irrational. We put on the facade of rationality, but ultimately if we were all rational beings every action we take would be focused on improving the world for the future. We don't think like this however, for we have an ego. Preparations for the future require complete sacrifice, then who is to say when we have prepared "enough". Personally, I think rationality is an illusion. Nothing in life is black and white, nothing in life is an absolute. We can't even agree on death and what happens afterward, and that is going to be a common experience amongst every single human being on the planet. We all make decision based on feelings and intuitiong, rational thinking is just making excuses for our behavior from a "scientific" point of view. You're still using the human perspective though, so it will be inherently flawed and irrational.

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