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Bring about a tax massacre

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 09:56 PM
Those who dont work shouldnt have to pay any sales tax. Those who do work shouldnt have to pay any income tax or slaes tax.

The gov needs to pump new money more and more into the economy, not try to get citizens to keep juggling the same money around with one another since there comes newcomers to the American Dream (like the more and more ppl who graduated yearly and need to find work by whom is enabled to create paying jobs).

Who agrees? Who disagrees?

Cant make it new jobs for mostly for ppl left out the luck of being able to find and land a job if there is no new money.

So no taxes, more new money! By the way, money needs to also be backed by labor besides the faith by somebody that appoves what you're intending to do when you know ppl who'd finance what you make them think can bring back money with interest can be biased and etc. Plus, how can they expect you to bring back any money with extra nowadays if there is no new money being pumped into the economy for ppl to hold a continuing buying power? Right now knowing what I know you'd be trying to save your money than risk spending it when there is nothing to provide a return with even extra even. Money is in jail doing time basically when no new money is being pumped in due to the very faith bullcrap thought to would work for America.

Overall tax massacre is needed in this modern moment for man who is multiplying and looking for a peice of American Pie.

All the areas/sector/etc that rely on taxes can be given (funded with) new money by the gov instead.

[edit on 15-6-2008 by Mabus]


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