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Time =an atom of spinning galaxies

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 06:21 PM
Well out in our world is a huge pendulum of thoughts and sychronicities, well within each Time is three Galaxies bringing in the truth from other corners of realities.

An atom, a pendulum on a stick revolving inside minds. And outside bodies. The truth is -there truth- is just as verifiable as any truth, but the truth seen, depends on what surface you are viewing that reality.

I am here, I exist but I am nothing more then a small cell in a large body, there are many cells that make up this body, truth is just a consensus of reality. How many different views are there?

Three million give or take, now take that number and divide it by the average unit of mass in space, and you will see a clueless person on the street beside you waiting in line, when there are more lines just like it waiting to be observed.

Galaxies represent a space for unified mass to come together in line with the space of large continuing speed cycles and permitting more time holographed change.

I am nothing more then a dot at the end of a sentence, in the void of space, not even the smallest sand can represent the space I am in, the speed in which an eternity revolves could lie in something like a grain of sand.

The free mind of mans potential is non-existant outside the space of man inside free changing courses that expells the notion that existance is standing still and remaining the same yet on a sub-atomic level the light is changing beneath and in that surface of space inside the ears lobe of minds landscape.

A view is nothing but a scene which scenery can be changed by the level of work the spirit of mind evolves into, a nan-second of continuin pushing the endo-synchronicities of space, the mind that is frequent between all hemispheres of life. The cash deposit of a slip in time, resulting in the mindscape being changed forever, the spirit inside and out makes the journey home rewarding, nothing is inside or out of its self but a space in time repeating the program which travel needs to be set, the light changes form inidscrimately but the mind forgets, why do I leave when I am here and those beside me are above, nor below, nor to the side of me.k

The shifts in the pendulum happen when space is void of any makeup made common through the channel of mind that interupts the speed of space with the change of the linear quotient of time representing a singlefied quantum change.

Your heart beats rapidly as you dive into more alive universe beyond this northern horizon beyond any speed or measurement known to man, the thought diabolical of constant speed, or perpetual motion is the wind of man sailing through the oceans of the vast deep knowing and unknowing the world he takes his breath into, the void of man reaks of sleek shallow waters yet his spirit is in dire straights.

Forward he motions as he goes into these deep colors he feels there is no space or time but a feeling that helps him unwind the worlds truth is no more constant then ones mans grasp of reality.

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