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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 03:43 PM
here we go im about to preach
cant help myself i have the need to teach
sick of the fact our trust has been breached
and the powerful live off us like them a leach
this aint no cherry bowl we aint got a peach
so all able minds to you i beseech
attain your goal do what you need to reach
you must realise we need to impeach

our government have left us fer dead
filled there needs while raping our heads
got us surrounded with there twisted feds
who can lock us up without a word said
my hearts heavy like its filled with lead
truly im affraid filled with dread
and over this many tears ive shed
and you would to if you'd seen the things ive read

and it aint no secret you can see it to
just read between the lines that the media tell you
do your resarch to find out whats true
no doubt you will find 1+1 aint 2
and that we the many are ruled by the few
time has come for next foot in them shoes
bring down the mighty and all true blue
cause if we dont we are bound to lose

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