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A Shadow Person?

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posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 01:58 PM
I've been reading the abovetopsecret forums for a month or so now and while I haven't read all the threads in the paranormal forum, I didn't find one that was similar to what I experienced.

Firstly I'll say, I'm imaginative, and I could quite easily see a rational side to my story being I was half asleep, dreamt it, imagined it or such. But I just wanted another persons opinion who are open minded to this idea.

I have two stories, which could be unrelated or related. Both which happened while I was in bed about to sleep.

The first one happened around two years ago in which I had turned my light off and a tall shadow like person walked into my room - and I saw this out of the corner of my eye - not full on. And walked around my bed, and I remember my bed creaking as it's a pretty old bed, as if someone was getting into bed with me. As alarmed as I was, I didn't leave my room, but instead just hid under my blanket and eventually fell asleep.

The second story happened around the same time, in which - I have trouble getting to sleep at night as hundreds of thoughts seem to whiz around my head, and i've found reading till I literally fall asleep right then and there help. So, my parents weren't best pleased with this arrangement and would often come in mumble cross words at me,and then turn off my bedroom light. One night I was awake yet too lazy to get up and turn my light off figuring they'd turn it off, and I'm not sure why I was looking at the light switch, if I heard footsteps I don't remember, and I saw a hand reach in and turn my light off in the same angry movement my parents would use. The hand however wasn't my parents, it was a black hand, and after I listened for people moving back to their bedrooms I never heard any noises. And when I asked them the next day neither parent knew anything about this story.

Many thanks for reading

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 09:33 PM
I've never had the experience or heard of where a shadow person turned off a light- that is not their MO.

The first instance when it showed up in the corner of your eye has possibility. The problem is that it could have been a normal shadow. It is so hard to look back and remember something so fleeting and really figure out if it was or wasnt the real thing. It can mess with your mind. Do your research here and on the web and then you will be more knowledgeable if it returns. They tend to return, so if you have one it is highly probable you will see it again. Just dont obsess over it. Every shadow will scare you poopless if you do.

There are a few members here who seem to know a lot more about them, so maybe you will get more information in this thread, but please read the other ones, too. People have written long accounts and may not want to type it all over again in this one.

posted on Jun, 15 2008 @ 09:49 PM
now I've had quite a few small encounters and a few large ones.

story number 1: on the rational side as you said you were half asleep so you couldve been in what is known as a hypnagogic state. hypnagogia is a state between sleep and wake where alot of hallucinations tend to occur from alien abductions to demons (and of course shadow people). now was there any after affects like a scratch on a wall a dent on the bed. something that was there the morning after that wasn't there before?

story number 2: this could have been the same thing however was it turned off the morning after? and this sounds more like a poltergeist. have there been any other types of phenomena happening where you were?


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